Busan Dadaepo Beach

dadaepo-beachAerial view of Dadaepo Beach area and its surrounding sights (Getty)

Dadaepo Beach

Dadaepo Beach is a popular relaxation and holiday-makers' paradise in Busan City, South Korea. The beach features soft sand, a spacious area, and beautiful views around.

It is located at the estuary of the famous Nakdonggang River. Most of all, it is only a few kilometers to Busan's downtown area (about 8 kilometers to be exact).

Around Busan City, Dadaepo is one of the chill-out destinations, the other beaches are Gwangalli Beach, Songdo Beach, and Haeundae Beach (the most popular one).

Exciting Features

I know that when you hear the word 'beach', you will react positively unless you are among the few exceptions!  Anyhow, I believe that you already expect somehow lovely about this beach. Here are my descriptions...

Dadaepo is excellent for chilling out either with friends or family. Visitors and pilgrims come to have a picnic and enjoy the refreshing breeze and views around.

Since the sand is shallow, it is very safe for all ages. Some would simply stroll by the shores, while other search and collect seashells.

Being at the estuary of the river, migratory birds come to rest and replenish for their next long flights on the horizon. The marshes provide the migratory birds plentiful of food for their long journey ahead. This site is one of the best places to see them!

dadaepo-beachBeautiful golden sunset on the beach

Dadaepo Beach is made from sands deposited by Nakdonggang River and features shallow water and broad sand fields suitable for children to enjoy.

Dadaepo Park, located nearby, is another perfect place for a family vacation as various facilities such as a foot bathing facility, shower facilities, and parking places are available.

The beach serves as a venue for several events, such as the Busan Sea Festival and daljip (brushwood) burning event on Jeongwol Daeboreum.

Useful Information

The complete address of Dadaepo Beach is 14, Morundae 1-gil, Saha-gu, Busan City.

Entrance Fee: Free

Dadaepo Beach is a popular hangout and holiday destination, especially during summer but except winter.

It is famous for its dancing musical fountain and lights called the "Fountain of Dream". The Dadaepo Fountain attracts both locals and other travelers to this part of the city.

Other facilities that visitors can use for free (mostly) include restrooms, bathrooms, changing rooms, waterfront park area, drinking water, feet-washing area, basketball court, soccer field, and other spaces and facilities in the beach area.

For further information, you may call (051) 220-4161.

dadaepo-beachFountain of Dream near the beach area

Getting to Dadaepo Beach

Dadaepo Beach is not quite far from Busan City's central and busy area. You can easily take a taxi or bus to get there without any delay.

By Bus
From Busan Station, you can take Bus 2 or 98.

By Subway
Take the subway line and get off at Sinpyeong Station, or take Subway Line 1 then get off at Dadaepo Station. Very easy!

Proceed to Exit 2 and walk towards the beach in less than 5 minutes.

By Taxi (cab)
You can also flag a taxi to bring you there quickly. Taking a cab in South Korea is very safe and reliable. They cannot overcharge you because they are using a standard meter counter.

The good news is that taxi fare here is much inexpensive compared to other countries such as Japan or the US.

Enjoy your travels, and have a beautiful day!

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