Geumjeongsan Mountain

geumjeongsan-mountain-beomeosa-templeIn the background of Beomeosa Temple, you can see Geumjeongsan Mountain

Amazing Geumjeongsan Mountain

Geumjeongsan Mountain is a beautiful mountain range belonging to Busan City, Gyeongsang Province, South Korea. From its peak, you will enjoy the panorama of Busan City and its surrounding mountains and blue sea in the distance.

Geumjeongsan Mountain is a top destination for hikers who love to trek its spiny trails covered with limestones and rocks of fascinating formations and sizes.

Locals and travelers hike the Geumjeongsan all year round. Depending on your taste and hobby, you can enjoy the technicolor foliage in the Fall season and the delightful flowers in the Spring season.

A die-hard hiker walks to the peak and comes down with his or her two feet. However, for those who do both hike and leisure would do it differently. He or she hikes to the peak and comes down by taking the cable car.

Yes, there is a cable car for those who want to visit the peak and enjoy the feeling and the views around. Indeed, the service is also intended for anyone who is not able to hike for some reason.

How Geumjeongsan Came About

Geologist found that Geumjeongsan Mountain was formed by a magma 70 million years ago. With time, all elements of nature shaped the mountain with gentle slopes and various rock formations.

Many events occurred in the past, and myriad of stories created within and around this mountain. Such events and stories include wars and invasions, stories about families, monks, and lovers.

Geumjeongsan Mountain provides perfect trails for mountain enthusiasts and adventurers. You will enjoy not only its beauty and shapes but also the stories told and the historical attractions within it.

geumjeongsan-mountainPeak of Geumjeongsan with a panoramic view of Busan City

Somewhere along the sides of Geumjeongsan Mountain, you will find the remnants of the ancient fortress. It is called the Geumjeongsanseong Fortress.

And one of the most visited attractions by the foot of the mountain is the famous Beomseosa Temple, which I proudly have explored and totally enjoyed. Beomeosa is on the north-east side of the mountain.

More Exciting Features

Geumjeongsan Mountain extends into Dongnae-gu (district) in the south, Buk-gu in the west, Geumjeong District in the east, and Yangsan City in the north.

Geumjeongsan's highest peak is Godang-bong (Peak). It is the highest one in the province, standing at over 800 meters.

On the valley of the mountain lies a small rural community called Sanseongmaeul (literally, mountain fortress village). Although isolated from the more developed community centers, Sanseongmaeul produces its own agricultural products and livestock.

Among its dishes and unique food, Sanseongmaeul is known for its specialty dish--barbecued goat meat.

geumjeongsan-mountainTechnicolor tree foliage attracts more hikers during the Autumn season

Hiking Geumjeongsan Mountain

If you love hiking, you can find various choices of hiking trails on the backs of Geumjeong Mountain. The following are the recommended hike courses...

Trail 1: It is about 8 kilometers and takes 3 hours and 30 minutes to accomplish. Busan Nat'l Univ. - Gobyeoldae Cliffs - Dongmun Gate - Buchaebawi Rocks - Bungmun Gate - Geumjeongsan Mountain

Trail 2: It is about 7 kilometers and could take 2 hours to accomplish. Dongnae - Mandeokgogae Hill - Seokbulsa Temple - Sanggyebong Peak

Trail 3: It is 6 kilometers and takes 2 hours to accomplish. Start from Geumgang Park - Nammun Gate - Sanggyebong Peak

Trail 4: This is also about 6 kilometers and could take 2 hours to accomplish. Busan Nat'l Univ. - Dongmun Gate - Sanggyebong Peak

Trail 5 is about 6.5 kilometers. Start to finish: Beomeosa Temple - Bungmun Gate - Dongmun Gate.

Trail 6: Botanical Garden - Dongmun Gate - Bungmun Gate - Beomeosa Temple

Trail 7 is about 8 kilometers and could take around 2 hours and 40 minutes to accomplish. Start at Jung-ri (Sanseongmaeul) - Gukcheongsa Temple - Bungmun Gate - Godangbong Peak

After hiking Geumjeongsan Mountain, you can relax by visiting the nearby attractions. Some are the following...

Exploring Nearby Attractions

Geumjeongsanseong Fortress (금정산성)
When you are hiking Geumjeongsan, you can pass through the Geumjeongsanseong Fortress area. It is an ancient wall built to protect the locals from foreign invaders long ago. Formerly called Dongnae Mountain Fortress, it is located around 800 meters high on Geumjeongsan Mountain.

Busan Beomeosa Temple (범어사)
Monk Uisang initially built Beomeosa Temple in the 678 century. It is located on the eastern side of Geumjeongsan Mountain.

Its resident monks are maintaining the temple area. Its background hillside all the more makes the Buddhist community's facility more serene and spiritual.

geumjeongsan-beomeosa-templeBeomeosa Temple area with an ancient three-layered stone pagoda

Busan Marine Natural History Museum (부산해양자연사박물관)
This Marine Natural History Museum is established in Dongnae District, Busan City. Opened in 1994, Busan Marine Natural History Museum is believed to be the most extensive one in South Korea. It has a collection of around 25,000 marine species, among other exciting features.

Geumgang Park (금강공원)
Geumgang Park is located in Dongnae District in this city. It is also established at the foot of Geumjeongsan Mountain at an altitude of around 800 meters above sea level. The Park extends over a three million-square meter land with greens and lush forest.

Hurshimchung (허심청)
Hurshimchung is a hot spring facility area in Dongnae-gu (district) in Busan City. It is gaining popularity as a new type of tourist destination among health-conscious visitors. This hot spring zone supports the idea that the minerals of the hot spring water can heal various illnesses, and make one feel better and relaxed.

Comfy Accommodation

Geumsaem Homestay
This homestay accommodation is located in Geumjeong-gu, Busan City. It provides foreign guests with a lodging service. It is located some twenty minutes on foot to Busan National University.

Happy Mom House
Happy Mom House is a homestay apartment facility located in Dongnae-gu (district), Busan City. It is very accessible to Busan's subway system, a minute from Minam Station. Homestay is a great way to experience the local culture.

Nokcheon Hotel
Nokcheon is an inn/motel type of accommodation finely located in Dongnae District. Staying at this hotel gives you the advantage of accessing the hot spring in the area. Dongnae Hot Spring's history went back to Samguk Yusa in the 13th century.

Hotel Nongshim
This tourist hotel is also located in Dongnae-gu (district) in Busan, where the famous Dongnae Hot Spring is found. Hotel Nongshim is one of the original modern hotels in the area with friendly facilities for tourists.

Useful Information

For further details, you may use the following information about Geumjeongsan Mountain and other resources...

Location: Geumseong-dong, Geumjeong-gu, Busan (부산광역시 금정구 금성동)
Phone: 1330 Travel Hotline: +82-2-1330; +82-51-888-3636. You may communicate with the reception in Korean, English, Japanese, or Chinese language.

Website: (only Korean & English)

Facilities at Geumjeongsan Mountain

Most mountains in South Korea that are recommended for hiking activities have facilities for hikers at specified places only.

These facilities include potable spring water, washrooms, resting areas with benches and tables, as well as emergency communication points.

At Geumjeongsan, including the above facilities, you will can avail...

  • mountain cabin (needs to be booked in advance)
  • cable car (purchase your ticket on site)
  • camping site

Getting to Geumjeongsan Mountain

Finding Geumjeongsan in Busan is pretty easy. You can have two choices...

By Subway & Bus
Take the Busan Subway Line 1 from your nearest station, then get off at Beomeosa Station. From this station, head to either Exit 5 or 7. From there, go towards Samsin Bus Stop. This was, actually, what I followed when I first visited Beomeosa Temple a year ago (in April 2019).

At Samsin Bus Stop, take bus 90 to Beomeosa Temple Ticket Office. It only takes 15 minutes from the station to the temple area.

By Taxi
If you want to go more quickly to the Beomeosa Temple area, you can take a taxi, which is inexpensive in Korea.

Taking the Cable Car or Bus
If you have no plan on hiking from the base to the top of Geumjeongsan Mountain, you can take the cable car or a bus. Here are the two choices you can pick from:

Go to Oncheongjang Station and find Geumgang Park, where the cable car is available.

Go to Oncheongjang Station and then take the bus from there to Saseongmaeul (Saseong Village), which is on the top of Geumjeongsan Mountain.

If you have done any hiking activity in your life, maybe it is time to try once at this mountain. I hope you like this article.

Have fun and stay safe as well!

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