Guryong Falls of 'Nine Dragons'

guryong-fallsGuryong Falls near the topmost tier

Guryong Falls

Guryong Falls ('guryong' means nine dragons) is one of the most captivating natural treasures in Jirisan National Park, North Jeolla Province, South Korea.

And I am one of the blessed ones who have been there.  I have fully experienced and savored with all my senses its majestic beauty. It's FREE!

Its mesmerizing white and refreshing water endlessly flows over the patient granite rocks. It made me forget things momentarily, and I was daydreaming a fantasy world.

WHERE & HOW: It takes around 4 hours from Seoul by bus or train. Start from Gucheon-myeon, the closest place with places to stay. Take the Course 1 trail to get there. From the entrance to the Falls, it takes about 1 hour.

I was absorbed by its thundering sound but soothing effect amidst the lush green forest. Lucky that not many souls were around yet to interrupt my reverie!

You need to be able to hike some elevated areas, but children aged five and above can easily make it there! I saw a family with their children around that age.

Indeed, any able- and not-so-able-bodied person can get there easily or quickly. Along the way, you can enjoy the fresh and crystal clear stream, pools, and cascades.

Introductory Background of Guryong Falls

Along the Guryong  Valley of Jirisan Mountain, the Woncheoncheon (Stream) flows. It comes from Manbokdae Terrace, which is located on the Western side of the mountain.

The Woncheoncheon Stream flows down gently through the Unbong Basin in Gogi-Ri and Deokchi-Ri of Jucheon-Myeon in Namwon. Then it makes a deep turn that creates the Guryong Falls.

The legend has it in Namwon during Buddha's birthday (in April) nine dragons descend from the sky and play in the fresh and crystal stream water. Then they disappear again to the heavens.

That is the legend that gave the name of this falls--Guryong Falls or the 'Nine Dragons' Falls.

I have seen the Falls, and it looks like its flow is embedded as one piece on the face of the granite rock.

guryong-fallsTaken from its sideview

Guryong Valley, where this Guryong Falls is located, has nine magnificent sights. I have just realized upon reading other sources that Guryong Falls is composed of the other nine falls (or cascades since others are much smaller) and pools.

These beautiful falls and cascades include...

  • Songyeokdong Falls
  • Ogyongchu
  • Hakseoam
  • Seoam ("the reading Buddha")
  • Yuseondae
  • Jijudae
  • Bipokdong
  • Gyeongcheonbyeok
  • Gyoryongdam
guryong-fallsInviting pools flowing from the lush forest in Jirisan Mountain

I am just so happy that I have hiked and explored this part of Jirisan National Park. Yes, it is worth your time and effort. You won't regret any bit, and you'll miss something if you are here and don't see what I'm trying to describe with my finite words (my photos are maybe helpful:).

If you plan on visiting this area, make sure that you don't come during peak seasons. It will be very crowded!

Getting to Guryong Falls
Please, find the related page here to learn how to get there from Seoul, Incheon Airport, and Incheon Bus Terminal.

Thanks for reading this short article. Enjoy your travels!

Return to Namwon City from Guryong Falls
Return to Korea Attract from Guryong Falls

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