Gwakji Gwamul Beach

gwakji-beachGwakji Gwamul Beach

Gwakji Gwamul Beach

Gwakji Gwamul Beach is one of the favorite beaches for Jeju Island residents and visitors, not from this beautiful island located in Aewol-eup.

Gwakji Beach is known for its expansive beach area and sandy shore. Being away from the Jeju City and populated area, the beach is proud of its crystal-clear water.

During the summer, you will undoubtedly enjoy the cool breeze and the serene and relaxing atmosphere of the area. The fresh seawater will keep the hot sunshine away.

You can do anything you wish to do on a beach...

  • do a sunbathing
  • stroll along the sandy shore and walk over black rocky areas
  • pick up stones or collect clams
  • enjoy swimming
  • eat and drink, etc.

Accessible Facilities

Although Gwakji Gwamul Beach is not a super luxurious public beach, it offers anything you need for an enjoyable beach experience. Some of the facilities available include...

Spring Water Bathhouse
You can find an open-air spring water bathing area on the beach. It is handy to wash down the salty water after your swim and make you feel much fresher.

They call this freshwater spring bathhouse as "Yongcheonsu Nocheontang", which is located right at the end of the beach.

Most people who have just swum the beach immediately bathe themselves. Korean people are used to washing themselves bare in front of other people just like they do in bathhouses.

If you are a foreigner and are not comfortable in bathing without your swimsuit or shorts, you can choose to keep wearing them. But, you will get some curious looks from locals or those who are totally bare.

Of course, there is a men's bathhouse and a separate women's bathhouse.

Fresh Fountain
If you prefer, you can use this fresh water fountain to wash down the salty water from your body. It is located near the bathhouse.

Public Bathrooms
You can find these facilities behind the beach area.

Another option to wash off the salt is by the fountains located near the bathhouse, where the locals enjoy running through trying to dodge the water. Public bathrooms are located on the raised bank area behind the beach.

Beach Location:
914 Gwakji-ri, Aewol-eup, Jeju-si, Jeju-do, South Korea

gwakji-gwamul-beachGwakji Gwamul Beach (image: tripadvisor)

Attractions Nearby

While in the area, you can also try to explore exciting places nearby. Some are close, while some are about 10 kilometers from the beach area.

  • Aewol Coast Road
  • Noah Yacht Tour
  • Geumneung Eutteuwon
  • Biyangdo Island
  • Hyeopjae Beach
  • Hallim Park
  • Teddy Beach Safari
  • Theme Park Psyche World
  • Saebyeol Oreum

Comfortable Accommodation

You can book any hotel or guesthouse near Gwakji Beach in advance. Please, search the suggested following accommodations...

Jeju Marevo Beach Hotel
Wasup Guesthouse Jeju
Badasaem Guesthouse Jeju
Drama 2015
Viento Pension Jeju
Jaju Olle Pension
Jeju Imber House Pension
EQuinoxe de Kwakji
Pm6 Pension Jeju
Sunsetlodge Pension Jeju
Jeju Track & Unshared House

Getting to Gwakji Gwamul Beach

Some buses regularly ply by the area of Gwakji Beach. You can take a bus or a taxi to any of the two intercity bus terminals from Jeju International Airport.

Jeju Intercity Bus Terminal to Gwakji Beach
Take a bus from this terminal (Seoilju Bus) that will bring you straight, with some stops, to Gwakji Beach in an hour and ten minutes or so.

Seogwipo Intercity Bus Terminal
From this terminal, take the Seoilju Bus that will also bring you to the Gwakji Gwamul Beach area. Since Seogwipo is farther, it will take around an hour and thirty minutes to reach Gwakji Beach.

Therefore, if you are around the Jeju City area (or have just arrived at Jeju International Airport, better take a bus for Gwakji Beach from Jeju Intercity Bus Terminal to cut your travel time.

If you wish to make your travel shorter from Jeju Airport, you can also hire a taxi straight to the Gwakji Beach area. It should take around 30 minutes to get there.

You can also rent a car (in advance or upon arrival at Jeju Airport) and drive yourself more freely and at your own pace while exploring the island's sights, panorama, and subtropical environment.

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