Haeundae Traditional Market

haeundae-traditional-marketPeople exploring the products inside Haeundae Market

Haeundae Traditional Market

Haeundae Traditional Market was right across the hotel I was staying in Haeundae District, South Korea. The array of local food on both sides as you enter is totally fascinating to look at, and more so if you relish them.

The sight of mouth-watering cooked and fresh fish, seashells, meats, veggies, fries, kimbap, kimchi, rice cakes, and the array of Korean cuisine is just irresistible.

It was the center of cultural activities, as the famous beach (Haeundae), restaurants, shops, metro station, and all things that a traveler could find.

Haeundae Traditional Market is a famous market, conveniently situated near Haeundae Beach on an alley next to Seacloud Hotel in Busan.

haeundae-traditional-marketA restaurant serving the traditional Busan delicacy - Eomok (or fish cake dishes)

The market is actually by the main cultural street where people gather, meet, and experience anything there is to see around (such as LED lights, street performances, among others).

It is popular among travelers and tourists alike who prefer to see cultural and traditional features of the area.

This market has a lot to offer to curious travelers and locals who frequent to purchase various items. It has lots of shops on delicious take-away.

There are also many restaurants serving a variety of fresh raw fishes such as eel, sea squirt, and fresh seashells, clams, and such seafood.

The market offers an abundance of fresh veggies, meat, and seafood, along with snacks consisting of kimbap (seaweed rice roll) and tteokbokki (rice cakes in a spicy sauce).

Such street markets can be a great location to experience Korean culture firsthand while trying new foods. I did try to eat Busan's famous Pork Porridge (dweji gukbap) to compare with the one I usually have in Seoul.

Hmm... I guess Busan's dish is still very traditional in taste!

Need to you want to refuel, the many dining establishments, offering delightful local fare, are dotted all around the market. These features lure visitors to dine while they peruse the different stuff that is being promoted.

Extremely busy and packed with fellow thrifty spenders, the market offers travelers an insight into the more rural side of Busan.

haeundae-traditional-marketView of Haeundae Market
haeundae-traditional-marketShop selling local food such a ttokpokki (rice cakes), fries, etc.
haeundae-cultural-streetEvening sight of Haeundae's cultural street

Fast Food, Convenient Stores & Restaurants

Where the market is located, one can find all sorts of daytime and evening time entertainment and gourmet places.

You can see fast-food chains, Korean food restaurants, convenience stores, outlet stores, street vendors, bars, and hotel entertainment facilities.

Many foreign travelers gather and explore this cultural street. In fact, most businesses here are somehow used to dealing with foreign visitors.

The great thing about visiting Haeundae Traditional Market is that after your excitement and exhaustion, you can head straight to the beach area and breathe the refreshing sea breeze at Haeundae Beach.

haeundae-beachSerene view of Haeundae Beach located close to the traditional market area

Getting to Haeundae Traditional Market

If you need a complete address of the market, you can use both Korean and English addresses as follow...

부산광역시 해운대구 구남로41번길 22-1 (중동) | 22-1, Gunam-ro 41beon-gil, Haeundae-gu, Busan

Know that the market starts at 9 AM and closes around 10 PM.

To get there, in case you are not staying near the area, you can take all available public modes of transportation, which are the subway, bus, and taxi.

By Busan Subway System (Metro)
Take Subway Line 2 and then get off at Haeundae Station. Proceed to Exit 3 and walk towards the Haeundae Beach area, which will take less than 5 minutes.

If you take the subway from Busan Station, it will take around 50 minutes to arrive at Haeundae Station.

haeundae-beachRelaxing atmosphere of Haeundae Beach in Busan City

By Bus
From Busan Station, you should take bus 1003 at the bus stop near the station. It takes around 45 minutes from Busan Station to Haeundae Beach Bus Stop. The market is just a 5-minute walk from the bus stop.

Other buses that traverse near the market are numbers 39, 139, and 1001, aside from some mini-buses called Maeul Bus.

I hope you enjoy your exploration at Haeundae Traditional Market, just as I did.

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