White Hamdeok Beach

hamdeok-beachThe serene sight of the beach and a verdant hill are perfect areas for a relaxing holiday on Jeju Island

Hamdeok Beach

Hamdeok Beach is one of the best and famous beaches on Jeju Island. It is one of my favorite and memorable beach areas in the country. Its white sandy beach is the best attraction among its best features.

Both young and old alike flock to this beach, especially during holidays or when the warmer weather hits the travel destination island.

Due to its accessibility to public transportation, people can easily get there without any hassle and quickly.

People would enjoy the beach earlier compared to other beaches on the island. That's because its water gets warmer more first, even in early summer.

The beautiful white sand soothes your feet and makes you feel the benefit of being on a beach already. Nearby, you can rent lodging places if you decide or plan ahead to stay. Be assured of the residents' hospitality.

Great Beach Features

People often enjoy kayaking in Hamdeok's calm waters or fishing from the rocks at both ends of the beach.

Hamdeok Beach is famous for swimming its safe and shallow water, strolling its soft sandy shores, and collecting shells and snorkeling.

Bringing your small children would make the best days of their summer holiday. They can swim with floats and play sandcastle-building by the shores.

You can rent parasols from the shops that provide such facilities, including swimwear, floats, goggles, towels, and more beach gears.

A small footbridge nearby is also delightful. You can take it to a rocky islet to observe the sea and any living creatures in it.

On that facility, you can find the bronze fishermen statues with their fishing nets. You can also sit with them on a bench under the shade of a palm tree.

hamdeok-beach-jeju-islandFantastic strolling destinations at Hamdeok Beach area

Accessible Facilities

Beach guests can use the shower rooms and dressing rooms along the beach area.

Motorboats and Banana Boats
You need to rent any of your preferred exciting water activity facility at a shop located just along the beach area.

Pubs and Restaurants
You don't need to worry about getting starve or parched because you can easily find numerous places to satisfy your thirst or hunger.

You can purchase local food and drinks. However, you can also find some, although limited, fusion food, Western, Asian, or some burgers and pizzas.

No one will stop or prevent you from bringing your supplies for the day. We used to wrap our drinks with our towels to keep them fresh as we didn't really bring our coolers then.

In case you need the full address of its location, here it is:
1008 Hamdok-ri, Jochon-eup, Jeju-si, Jeju-do, South Korea

hamdeok-beachBlue sea and skies on Jeju Island

Getting to Hamdeok Beach

You can either take a bus or taxi to Hamdeok Beach. Below, buses going to the beach are also available.

From Jeju International Airport
Take bus #38 to Hamdeok Beach. You need to find the waiting point as you get out of the airport. Ask someone to point your direction.

Also, you can take any bus for Jeju-si (City) Jungang Rotary area. From the Rotary, cross the road and take bus #10 to Hamdeok Beach.

If you are renting a car, you can park for free at the beach's parking area.

I hope you'll have the best holidays on the Island.

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