daejeon hanbat arboretum park

hanbat-arboretum-parkRose Garden and park inside the vast green park of Daejeon City

green hanbat arboretum park

Daejeon Hanbat Arboretum Park is a vast and diverse public park with green and well-being facilities.

This Arboretum Park occupies the central part of Daejeon Government Complex and Expo Science Park.

After having a great time at KIGAM Geological Museum, I was curious and excited to visit Daejeon Arts Center. And I just realized that Daejeon Arboretum Park is at the heart of all high places in the city.

This Arboretum park is being surrounded by things about arts and science. Such facilities include Daejeon Arts Center, Pyeongsong Youth Cultural Center, Daejeon City Art Museum, Lee Eungno Museum, and Daejeon Expo Park.

As the most significant 'man-made' arboretum, it is being utilized as well as educational space and facility for the youth. Besides, it serves as a green relaxation space for the locals and visitors.

The arboretum park is composed of...

  1. Seawan (West Garden - north of City Art Museum)
  2. Dongwan (East Garden - north of Pyeongsong Education Hall)
  3. 19 themed gardens, such as Nammun Square, flower gardens including rose, magnolia; herbal garden, rock garden, fruit tree garden, and more.

You may enter into the park from 6 AM up to 9 PM during summertime (from April to September), and only from 8 AM up to 7 PM during cold and wintertime (from October to March).

Closed Schedules:
Dongwon (East Garden) & Tropical Garden: closed on Mondays
Seowon (West Garden): closed on Tuesdays
Notes: Both gardens are open to the public if Monday or Tuesday is a holiday.
For inquiry: call +82-42-270-8452~5

hanbat-arboretum-parkChildren having the best time of their lives cooling off in the fountain inside the park

Facilities and fees

Hanbat Arboretum Park has various facilities and relaxing resources for all visitors...

Parking Area: Available
Admission Fee: Free for all

Mugunghwa Garden, Autumn Foliage Forest, Queritron Forest, Pine Tree Forest, Eco Forest, Coniferous Forest, Forest for Meditation, Garden of Senses, Wetland Garden, Willow Tree Forest, Grass Plaza, Outdoor Learning Center, etc.

Convenience Facilities
Fountain, drinking water fountain, hut, parasols, rest area, children's playground, wall fountain, pavilion, cafeteria, restrooms

Exploration guide, if needed, you have to register in advance so that a guide will explain the areas to visitors of around 10 participants.

hanbat-arboretum-parkChildren's amusement park and playground
hanbat-arboretum-parkArch of the rose garden and park

Getting to Daejeon Hanbat Arboretum Park

You can reach here by Subway, Bus, Taxi or private vehicle. Here are your choices if you decide to take either the subway or bus...

By Subway

  • 1. Take Daejeon Subway Line 1, then proceed to Exit 3.
  • Go straight for 80 meters then turn right at the intersection (4-way).
  • 2. From the intersection, go straight ahead for 800 meters, then turn right until you reach Peongsong Youth Center.
  • 3. From the youth center, go straight ahead (again) for 700 meters and reach the entrance of Hanbat Arboretum.

By Bus

  • The bus #911 and then get off at Daejeon Culture & Arts Center Bus Stop (예술의 전당 정문 앞).
  • Also, you can take any of the buses: 104, 604, 301, 318, 705 or 918 and then get off at Seogu Health Center Bus Stop.
  • Another bus is #606 and then get off at Peongsong Youth Center Bus Stop. Once at the youth center, follow the #3 instruction for the Subway above.
hanbat-arboretum-parkBicycle rental service at the park

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kigam-geological-museumA dinosaur fossil at KIGAM Geological Museum, Daejeon City

Overall, I love the place.

But it's a pity that I didn't much time to spend and enjoy everything it has to offer. I should be and promised myself to explore deeper this green park in the near future.

In Daejeon City, you won't have to worry about your place to stay. Lots of choices of hotels, pensions, B&B, one-room, among others are very much accessible at various rates.

Thanks for visiting this page and I hope it is helpful. Safe travels then!

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