Hangang Riverside Park

hangang-riverside-parkSebitseom (or Three Lantern Islands) is composed of three island structures that hold events and with varied facilities.

Hangang Riverside Park

The Hangang (or Han River) Riverside Park is one of the places I love about Seoul. With friends or alone, I always enjoy various events by the riverside such as fireworks, cycling, strolling, cherry blossom festival, concerts, and more.

Hangang Riverside Park was developed from 1982 to 1986, with the government's launch of the Hangang River Development Undertaking.

The primary objective of the undertaking was to create an environmentally friendly area that the citizens of Seoul, Koreans, immigrants, and travelers can take pleasure in.

Hangang Riverside Park (한강공원) is a park in Seoul, South Korea. It is made up of 12 parks, which is Gwangnaru Park, Jamsil Park, Ttukseom Park, Jamwon Park, Ichon Park, Banpo Park, Mangwon Park, Yeouido Park, Nanji Park, Gangseo Park, Yanghwa Park, and Seonyudo Park.

In 2007, the Hangang Renaissance Undertaking was introduced with the same goal and will terminate in 2030. The undertaking will change the Hangang Parks and the locations around Hangang into a place of culture, leisure, riverside, and art facilities.

The main style is production and restoration, and each of the park locations is designated a unique theme that will be utilized as a basis to develop the park and surrounding area.

In Hangang Riverside Park, sporting centers are abundant such as soccer fields, skateboarding, in-line skating parks, tennis courts, hiking/biking tracks, among others.

There are also lots of pools, and many water-related sports such as water-skiing, yachting, boat racing, and fishing are accessible in the Hangang Riverside Park.

Yeouido Park
Yeouido Park is situated in Yeouido. Besides, the Bamseom and the Yeouido Island River are protected in a relatively natural state, making them an environmental learning center and nature-friendly park.

hangang-riverside-parkYou can see the Banpo Rainbow Bridge in the background in Han River

Banpo Park
Banpo Park lies between Hannam Bridge and Banpo Bridge. It is 7.2 km in length, and the location of the park is 567,600 m2.

Nanji Park
Nanji Park is located in Sangam-dong in Mapo District, in between Nanjicheon Bridge and Hongjecheon Bridge.

The Nanji Park, newly built as part of the Hangang Renaissance project, has improved the accessibility of the citizens.

han-riverCherry Blossoms Festival in Yeouido, Han River, is a popular attraction during the Spring season in Seoul

Part of this project is an amusement park, the main connection bridge linking with the sky park, and a complicated connection passage.

Mirror Fountain
The Mirror Fountain, situated in the front of the bridge linking Peace Park, is a landmark element of the Nanji Park.

In the summer season, the riverside waterpark is equipped with a pool with a maximum water depth of 80 centimeters to rejuvenate memories of the past.

Nanji Park is also famous as holding the 'Nanji Hangang Park Celebration.' It holds lots of music festivals.

Sebitseom (Three Lantern Islands) is an artificial island situated in Banpo Hangang Park. It is a complicated cultural space located in the center of Seoul. You can find more details in my article here.

Banpo Bridge
Banpo Bridge is a 6-lane bridge with a length of 1,490 m and a width of 25m, linking Seobinggo-dong in Yongsan District and Banpo-dong in Seocho District.

Banpo is a two-story bridge. On its second layer, it has the Moonlight Rainbow Water fountain, created by the Hangang Renaissance Undertaking.

Saetgang (샛강) is the river in between Yeouido and the mainland. In Saetgang, there is Saetgang Bridge, which looks like a crane.

63 Building
The 63 Building is one of the tallest structures in Seoul, which was built in 1985. It has a sky lounge on the topmost floor. Please, see my article here.

hangang-riverside-parkThe 63 Building can be seen in the middle of this photo taken from Bongeunsa Temple's ground

The Coffee Shop of Light
The Cafe of light lies near to Yeouinaru Station. The panorama of the Hangang Park enters into sight and the 'Waterfall of light' links to the image of Hangang. Beverages of impressive quality and taste are offered here.

The main style is creation and repair, and each of the parking areas is designated a unique style that will be used as a basis to establish the park and surrounding location.

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I hope this is useful in your search.

If you come to Seoul, you should never explore the Hangang Riverside Park as its many parks are part of what makes Seoul the soul of South Korea.

Keep safe and enjoy your travels!

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