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Feb 17, 2019

Ancient Cheonmachong Tomb of Gyeongju

Cheonmachong Tomb is an ancient tomb of an (still) unknown royal of Silla Kingdom. The tomb was lavishly adorned and a white horse painting is named after it.

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Feb 16, 2019

Ancient Cheomseongdae Observatory

Cheomseongdae observatory is an ancient Korean astronomical stone observatory or platform to study heavenly bodies. It is a highly-valued and popular relic.

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Feb 15, 2019

Mysterious Seokguram Grotto

Seokguram Grotto is a very popular religious site not only among Buddhists but also non-believers. It attracts both domestic and international visitors.

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Feb 15, 2019

Ancient Bulguksa Temple

Bulguksa Temple is one of the greatest treasures in Gyeongju handed down by the religious and skillful Buddhist monks during the Silla Dynasty. Beautiful site!

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Feb 14, 2019

Exciting Gyeongju Travel Resources

Gyeongju Travel Resources article offers you a glimpse of how the prosperous Silla Dynasty made the region known to the world. Buddha carvings, temples, tombs.

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Feb 07, 2019

South Korea Hotels Guide & Travel Attractions

South Korea Hotels Guide and travel attractions page offers the best and affordable accommodations you can find in South Korea. The page describes sample hotels and accommodations highly recommended by travelers due to its facilities, and exciting sites nearby.

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Feb 05, 2019

The Heunginjimun or Dongdaemun Gate

Heunginjimun or Dongdaemun Gate

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Feb 05, 2019

National Folk Museum of Korea

The National Folk Museum of Korea is a great place to learn and enjoy Korea's past and traditions. It exhibits exciting materials for both children and adults alike. The museum is beautiful and very accessible to the public transports and close to other Seoul's attractions.

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Feb 04, 2019

Charming Samcheongdong Tradition

Samcheongdong is a popular leisurely area with charming shops, chic restaurants, traditional Korean food, modern arts and Korean style houses. Locals and foreign visitors come to enjoy the calm but inviting atmosphere due to the perfect balance between the new and old...

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Feb 03, 2019

Confucian Seoul Jongmyo Shrine

Seoul Jongmyo Shrine is a Confucian shrine that holds the Spirit Tablets of the royals that ruled the Joseon Period. The site is a well-preserved attraction that has green and old trees. Buildings and other structures showcase the period's Confucian arts and practices.

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Feb 03, 2019

Hangnimsa Temple 학림사 鶴林寺

Hangnimsa Temple is a Buddhist temple tucked in a tranquil mountainside of Suraksan or Surak Mountain in Seoul. The Hangnimsa area is complete with Buddhism facilities including its priceless relics from Silla and Goryeo periods. Its serene atmosphere is worth hiking for.

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Feb 03, 2019

Jiksopokpo Waterfall of Buan County

Jiksopokpo Waterfall is a beautiful sight located at the heart of Byeonsanbando National Park's towering granite mountains. The falls is created by the streams that gently run above it. It is a rewarding destination after you have hiked the mountains of the park.

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Feb 03, 2019

Seoul City Wall Museum

Seoul City Wall Museum holds the historical records and artifacts of the city wall of Seoul which protected the royals and people from outside invasions in the past. The wall is now one of the best tourist attractions aside from being a hiking course within the city.

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Feb 03, 2019

South Korea Tourism

South Korea Tourism page introduces to the varied tourist attractions located in South Korea. The page also provides you specially selected favorites travel attraction in the country. Check them out and see which ones you wanna discover and enjoy.

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Feb 03, 2019

Blissful Naesosa Temple in Buan

Naesosa Temple in Byeonsanbando National Park is a serene and beautiful temple ground. It is perfectly established amidst towering mountains with varied rock formations. Naesosa is filled with old national religious treasures worth anybody's pilgrimage.

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