Jangchungdan Park
in Namsan Mountain

jangchungdan-parkA glimpse of Jangchungdan Park on autumn season

Jangchungdan Park

Jangchungdan Park is a perfect place to experience tranquility and to get a great view of the Seoul area. The park is on Namsan Mountain dedicated, especially as a shrine for those who died trying to protect Empress Myeongseong during her assassination.

The soldiers safeguarding the Empress suffered death at the hands of the Japanese imperial army, who invaded the nation at that time.

Today visitors to the park can discover numerous statues and memorials consisting of one for the 1919 Self-reliance Movement of Korea.

Brief Background

On August 20th, 1895, Japanese soldiers attacked Gyeongbokgung Palace. The Empress was killed during the attack inside Geoncheonggung Residence.

Korean soldiers such as Palace Minister Yi Gyeongjik and Head Royal Guard Hong Gyehun quit their life trying to hold back the trespassers and to secure the Empress.

In honor of these brave soldiers, Emperor Gojong bought a shrine to be built in this area in November 1900.

The shrine and stone tablets were eliminated by the Japanese during their occupation. However, the shrine was restored after Korea gained independence in 1945.

seoul-city-wallReconstructed the old Seoul (Hanyang) Wall on Namsan Mountain

Jangchungdan Park Today
Today, you can enjoy the serenity of the park with all its features developed by the government's local officials.

You can find a human-made stream with calming effects. You will find water lilies, lotus, and more verdant plants and flowers everywhere.

In 1920, cherry blossom trees were planted in the park. It would help if you did not miss this park, and all of Namsan Mountain, during Spring, when cherry blossoms show off their delightful pinkish and whitish colors spreading all over the mountain.

Jangchungdan Park is the converted shrine for the dead soldiers and is the 374th park you can enjoy in South Korea.

As a park located on the side of the mountain, you can see a lot of Seoul and its skyline during clear days.

Hiking from anywhere in Seoul to the park is an ideal thing to do. It is not a steep trail because you can follow the pathways leading to the park.

In fact, Seoulites and other people do their exercise and light regular hikes along the trails of Namsan Mountain, where you can find Jangchungdan Park.

Other interesting historical artifacts, sites, parks, and exciting features in Namsan Mountain awaits your presence and curiosity.

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