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Lotte World Shopping Mall is one of the most prominent shopping places you can enjoy in Seoul. One can spend an hour or day enjoying its facilities and other resources.

Located at the heart of Seoul, South Korea, Lotte World (for short) offers an array of shopping as well as entertainment and amusement facilities.

Lotte World is not only for parents and adults to shop but also for families with young members!

In particular, Lotte World has shops, malls, indoor swimming pool, bowling lanes, sports centers, folk museum, fashion and accessory products, health center and health products, among others.

Let me describe the facilities briefly by describing each Floor and the facilities, products, and services they each offer...

Happy Floors and Offers

1st Floor (1F)
If you come to buy a shirt for summer or a warm jacket for the Winter, you can proceed to the First Floor of Lotte and explore the fashion area.

This area is bedecked with both sports and casual wear, fashion accessories, and related products primarily for the younger and current generation.

Sportswear for men and sports equipment are available on this Floor.

Before or after exploring the shops, you can enjoy a hearty meal at a restaurant on this Floor.  You can find a Korean, Western (e.g., TGI Friday's and Time to Time), Thai, Vietnamese, among other restaurants to enjoy your favorite dish.

2nd Floor (2F)
One of the largest bookstore in Gangnam area (upscale district of South Korea) is Sejong Bookstore on the Second Floor of Lotte World.

It is on this Floor that you can find all you need for writing, reading, and enjoying arts. There are a stationery store and a Gymboree Store that offers spaces for children that need to enjoy crafts, music, and other creative and intelligence-promoting activities.

The spacious Floor also displays new and relevant products for your homes. You can explore the luxurious and popular furniture products and home decors.

Also, you can find beautiful pottery, jewelry, clocks, and more bits and pieces that can make your living and dining area livelier.

Either you are Korean or a foreigner, you will be tempted to 'eye-shop' the colorful traditional Korean dress called 'Hanbok' found on this Floor. Not all hanboks are expensive.

In fact, you can also purchase the cheaper versions which can be worn as casual clothing and not for those work for special events.

lotte-worldKorean 'hanbok'

3rd Floor (3F)
Here you can explore the Lotte World Folk Museum. In here, try the traditional Korean food on Market Street.

Traditional art products are also available here for souvenirs or home decors. The traditional art shops sell handicrafts being products by skilled artisans. You can also watch them create the items.

You can also purchase postage stamps, 'hangwa' (traditional Korean sweets), oriental medicine clinics, and other products and services.

On this Floor, you can watch various exciting performances, including traditional songs and dances. If interested, proceed to Nanjang - the Performance Hall that offers such a fascinating cultural feature.

Now, since you have seen the upper floors of Lotte, let me bring you back to the ground and the underground levels.

Here we go, down...

1st Basement (B1)
You can find various and miscellaneous products here. You can explore the International Market Street and find inexpensive but functional quality clothing, accessories, souvenir, and gifts items.

At this market street, you can enjoy your meal of choice--Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Thai, and other international cuisines you can find.

At this basement floor, you can find 'Young Plaza' that has five movie houses and at the same time sell fashion goods.

More products are available at the 'Traditional Market' that sells fresh groceries at affordable prices.

lotter-worldCarousel at Lotte World (Photo: KLOOK)

And more interesting attractions...

SBS Theme Studio
This studio manages exciting events, including game competitions, which are more enticing among younger generations (and older if you are young at heart!).

Skating Rink (and my side story!)
A long, long time ago... This is where I struggled to learn my first skating lessons above the slippery ice rink.

Yes, my experience was definitely unforgettable--because it was a 'painful' experience. By that, I mean I stumbled and fell many times that my knees turned blue then black! But, of course, I learned how to get up and glide again after an hour! Yeezy!


It's not free, but you will enjoy it. As it is located inside the building, you will not worry about feeling too cold. Besides, you are being surrounded by the fancy decors of the building.

In the same area, you can also bring your family or friends to the Lotte World Adventure facility to enjoy any game or activity you like or want to try.

After struggling (or simply harnessing your skills) to learn, you can proceed with an array of cafes and get refreshed.

3rd Basement Floor (B3)
Again, you can find more popular restaurants that serve anything you like or will like. Here you will discover Sizzler, Marche, and more familiar restaurants.

On this Floor as well, you can practice your favorite sports and hone your skills. Or you can try and learn a new game. Entertainment and sports facilities available include bowling lanes, airgun shooting range, arcades, and other light but exciting things to be indulged in.

Useful Information

Address: 240, Olympic-ro, Songpa-gu, Seoul [서울특별시 송파구 올림픽로 240 (잠실동)]
Phone: +82-2-411-2111, 3111; 1330 Travel Hotline: +82-2-1330 (available in English, Japanese, Chinese)

Business Hours: 10:00am~8:00pm
Closed once a month (varies each month)

Locating Lotte World Shopping Mall

Since Lotte World is situated at the heart of Seoul, you can quickly get there without any trouble. You can take various choices of public transports as in the following...

By Subway
Take Seoul Subway Line 2 or Line 8 and get off at Jamsil Station. Come out from Exit 4.

By Bus
You have several choices of buses you can take depending on your point of origin. If you are not sure, ask your hotel's Front Desk, and I believe they will be happy to give you the right directions.

Green Bus: 2225, 3217, 3312, 3313, 3314, 3315, 3316, 3411, 3412, 3414, 3414, 3415
Blue Bus: 301, 360, 361, 362, 730
Airport Bus: 600, 606

Thanks for visiting this website and I hope it has been useful for your search.
Have safe travels!

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