Seoul's National Assembly Building

national-assembly-buildingFacade and lawn views of the Assembly building

National Assembly Building

The National Assembly Building of South Korea is not only an essential structure in that area but also a necessary building that adds beauty and attractions along the famous Han River.

The National Assembly Building completed its 6-year construction duration in 1975.

The building is particularly unique in terms of design. You can easily distinguish it from among other buildings in the Seoul area.

Its roof is a round blue dome, which is quite conspicuous to anyone whenever it is visible even in the distance. I believe that its splendid blue dome is what makes it stand out in the area.

People recognize that it is a beautiful piece of architecture with a white exterior. Particularly, you will notice its gigantic 24 granite pillars, which somehow similar to the Athenian building's columns.

If I could say more about the blue dome and giant columns, aside from the other physical features, they both represent the various opinions of the citizens being merged into one in this public building.

Of course, you might have to visit and scrutinize a bit more to see the symbolism of other items you will find around and inside the building.

If I may, you can start exploring the National Assembly Building first and continue exploring the nearby attraction--the Han River or Hanggang.

national-assembly-building-south-koreaFountain and flowers of summer fronting the Assembly building in Seoul, South Korea

WElcoming Visitors

The building has a visitor center area. Just like in other countries' government buildings, this visitor center lets you register to be allowed to go in and explore some public sections in the building.

You only need your identification card (ID) or passport to be accepted.

Among other places, you can tour to various sections and main conference area in the building.

If you are curious to see the politicians, I mean the policy-makers, some sessions are open to observers.

Please, check out the National Assembly's website to find out schedules and specifics regarding sessions and other opportunities.

national-assembly-building-gardenPeople take a stroll on the pathways of the National Assembly building's vast lawn and garden
national-assembly-buildingSculpture at the National Assembly Library beside the main Assembly building

Available Facilities

Obviously, the front area of the building is a spacious garden where you can stroll and enjoy the plants, flowering plants, fountains, and statues around.

Since the Assembly Building is located near the main road and subway stations, you can take public transports. However, if you decide to drive in because you have small kids, a disabled member, or a really old senior family member, then you will be allowed to park.

Parking your vehicle is usually allowed at the Hangang Riverside Parking area, where most Han River visitors do.

Admission to the NAB
As you have already guessed, yes, there is no admission fee to get inside and explore some sections of the building.

Washrooms or restrooms are also available for free.

national-assembly-buildingFacade of the Assembly building facing its green and vast lawn

 Where To Stay?

The National Assembly Building is not far from hostels, apartments, hotels, and condos. Therefore, you can book at any accommodation available in the area.

If you book a hotel nearby, it would be a fantastic idea. That's because you can access and explore many exciting sights, places, and attractions without spending time traveling and spending fares.

Staying nearby would be like hitting not just 'two birds' but a flock of birds with one stone. (I'm just saying that, but I am an animal-lover myself!)

Right... If you are traveling to this area, you will need the following transportation information...

Getting to the National Assembly Building

You have at least three choices of cheap public transport to get there quickly: bus, metro (subway), and taxi.

By Subway
Take any subway available wherever you are in Seoul (or any line connecting to Seoul subway). Then get off at the National Assembly Station (Line 9), then come out from Exit 1 or 6.

Alternately, get off at Yeouido Station (Line 5), then come out from Exit 5. From the exit, you might need to take the FREE Shuttle Bus for the building.

By Buses
You have many choices or possibilities of buses depending on your point of departure. Here we go...

  • Blue Bus: 153, 162, 260, 262, 263, 362, 461, 8153
  • Green Bus: 5615, 5618, 6623, 7613
  • Red Bus: 10 (Bucheon), 70-2 (Bucheon), 108 (Goyang), 1002 (Gimpo), 7007-1 (Gwangju), M7613 (Gwangju)
  • Airport Limousine: 6030

Check if any of the numbers are available in your area. If you are staying in a hotel, inquire from the Front Desk any available bus as they are used to answering such questions.

Either subway or bus, you need to listen to the announcements. Better yet, you can use your smartphone's navigation apps!

Thanks for visiting and reading this page. Please, let me know should you have any questions. If you have additions to update this page, you are most welcome to offer kind suggestions! ^^

Enjoy your travels always!

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