Odongdo Island Park

odongdo-island-parkOdongdo Island as seen in the distance

Odongdo Island Park

Odongdo Island Park is conveniently linked to the mainland of the Yeosu Port area in Southern Jeolla Province, South Korea.

The park boasts not only its ecological diversity but also its strategic position to view the stunning sights of Hallyeohaesang National Park.

Hallyeohaesang National Park is one of the most various and vast national parks in the country. Above all, it is known for its beautiful islands, beach areas, sea views, and voluminous flora and fauna.

odongdo-island-parkView of Hallyeohaesang National Park's islands among many

Great Facilities and Accessibility

I've been there! So I know that the place is not only enjoyable but also has comfortable facilities to access everything there is on the island.

Concrete Breakwater Road
Seaside Strolling Paths
Bicycling Paths
Park and Green Lawn (Lee Sun-Shin Statue)
Dancing and Musical Fountain
Hiking Path
Restaurants and Convenience Shops
Fun Train Ride

odongdo-island-parkMusical Fountains on Odongdo Island

Of course, there is more to what is written here and much more exciting and refreshing than you can imagine.

I think that linking Odongdo Island Park to the mainland of Yeosu was a beautiful idea. I said beautiful because it is not only practical but looks nice, despite its being a human-made link.

And yes, the link (which also functions as the breakwater wall) makes the island more accessible in a quick and practical manner.

Odongdo is famous for...

Odongdo Island is famous for its wildflowers. Researchers accounted for at least seventy (70) species of flowers that flourish here for a long time.

One of the most prominent flowers is the Camellia flower. I assume you know its attractive and exotic red flowers that bloom not during the Spring season (usually in November here) when the temperature begins to get colder.

The flowers of Camellia blanket the island with scarlet color in November until the following April. People say that this spectacle seems to make the island like an enormous Camellia flower in bloom.

Since Odongdo Island Park is adorned with various plant species, many primary schools bring in their young students to learn about ecology outside their schools' walls. Yes, I saw them, kids!


Accessing Odongdo Park

It is open all-year-round to all visitors of all ages.
There is no entrance fee!

The hiking paths have access to people who have some physical disabilities, including wheelchair users.

Tour Course Information
In case you want to explore other exciting places in Yeosu City, the following sites could be useful...

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* Geomundo Island → Baekdo Island
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* Geomundo Island → Sambudo Island → Baekdo Island → Geomundo Lighthouse

* Odongdo Island → Dadohae → Hyangiram Hermitage → Dolsan Bridge → Gyeongdo Island → Sogyeongdo Island

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Please, do your research for each place mentioned. However, you can also freely cherry-pick destinations that are more popular and appealing to your taste and time availability.

Traveling to Odongdo Island Park

To reach Odongdo Island, I presume that you know you have to go to Yeosu City, where this island lies waiting.

You can reach Yeosu via the comfortable public transports: trains, buses, boats.

I took the bus from Gwangju City (bus terminal) as I was already in the province. It took only over an hour to reach Yeosu Intercity Bus Terminal via express bus.

But then you need to take a local bus or a taxi to bring you to the Odongdo area. A cab would only take between 10 to 15 minutes to reach the area. But it would approximately take 20 minutes for a bus to do it.

Take Bus #333 that will bring you near the gate from where you can start walking the concrete link between the mainland and Odongdo Island.

yeosu-expo-stationYeosu Expo Station

You can also take any train from any available stations in the country. It would be best if you reached Yeosu Expo Station (train) where you can catch Bus #2 or 333 to Odongdo Island area.

If you took the train, you could take a walk to Odongdo, which will take around twenty minutes.

Yes, you can also reach Yeosu and Odongdo by boat if you are visiting the nearby islands or cities in South Jeolla Province.

Now that you have some information about this impressive island, you may either start preparing for your travel or study further. Let me know if you have questions ^^.

Thanks for visiting this website.

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