Triple Samneung Tombs

samneung-tombsSamneung Tombs during early summertime in Namsan (Mountain), Gyeongju, Gyeongsangbuk-do (Photo:

Samneung Tombs

Samneung Tombs burial area is one of the royal historical graves worth visiting in Gyeongju City, the ancient capital of Silla Kingdom. Visiting this tomb is like hitting three birds (or finding treasures) with one stone.

That's because Samneung contains three kings buried in this royal graveyard. In fact, "samneung" means "three royal tombs" ('sam' for three, and 'neung' for a tomb primarily referring to a king but not to a queen or prince) buried together in one place.

So, who are the kings? The three sepulchers belong to the Silla Kingdom kings, namely...

King Adala (8th king of Silla Dynasty)
King Sindeok (53rd king of Silla Dynasty), and
King Gyeongmyeong (54 king of Silla Dinasty).

If you ask where the other kings have been buried, I can only say I don't, honestly, at this stage. (I believe I can respond to that particular question when this website grows and dig deeper into Korean history primarily on its kings.)

gyeongju-royal-tombsOne of the mound royal tombs that dotted Gyeongju City

Let me continue with additional information about the kings here...

King Adala
King Adala, who cared deeply for his people, went to war after the invaders of Baekje abducted his citizens. However, when Baekje requested for a peace treaty, King Adala released the detainees he took during the engagement. Throughout his reign, a kingdom in Japan sent an envoy to ask friendly relations with Silla.

King Adala's tomb is 58m in circumference at the base, 5.4 m in x_height, and 18m in diameter.

gyeongju-gold-braceletA gold bracelet uncovered in one of the Gyeongju royal tombs

King Sindeok
When King Hyogong passed away without any heirs, the individuals of the kingdom crowned his son-in-law as their next king-- King Sindeok.

Throughout his reign, King Sindeok devoted himself to safeguarding his kingdom from invasions by Gyeonhwon and Gungye.

King Gyeongmyeong
King Gyeongmyeong, the son of King Sindeok, together with Wanggeon, the founder of the Goryeo Dynasty, effectively beat Gyeonhwon's attack against Daeyaseong Fortress.

Throughout his reign, he tried to establish diplomatic relations with the Hudang Dynasty of China; however, it was not successful.

Gyeongmeyong's tomb is 50m in the total area at the base, 4.5 meters in height, and 16 meters in diameter.

Useful Travel Information

You may use the additional details below if you want to check out further information before visiting this historical and exciting travel destination.

You may inquire with this number: +82-54-779-6100
Contact and Information : 1330 Travel Hotline: +82-2-1330 (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)

Homepage (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese) (Korean,English, Japanese, Chinese)
Address: Bae-dong, Gyeongju-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do

Getting to Gyeongju's Samneung Tombs

Many roads lead to Gyeongju. But I recommend that you take either of the two mass transportation: bus and train.

By Train (Speed train)
Visit the KTX online train booking website for your ticket in advance (preferably). Korean, English, Chinese, Japanese, and other languages are available for your convenience.

Then head for Seoul Station where you can take that train. It would take around 2 hours and a half to get to Singyeongju Train Station. As the station is not at the heart of Gyeongju City, you may take a taxi (takes less around 10 mins) or a bus (#50 and it takes 15 mins) to get to the city center.

By Bus
Take an express bus from Dong Seoul Bus Terminal in Seoul. It will take more than four hours to get there. Although it sounds like a long haul trip, you can sleep while on your way. There are one-stop areas (midway) at an expressway stopover called "hyugaeso" (sort of resting areas) where you can access washrooms and buy snacks or eat food at a cafe (or small restaurant).

You will arrive right at the heart of Gyeongju City, which is a significant advantage when taking a bus. That's because Gyeongju Express Bus Terminal (and its intercity bus terminal) is at the city center.

It means that you can immediately explore the ancient tombs--because they are mostly located in the city.

I hope this helps with your search. Please, let me know should you need more details before you travel. Thanks for reading this article.

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