Sarabong Park on Jeju Island

sarabong-peakA grand view from Sarabong Peak just close by the Park

Sarabong Park

Sarabong Park is an excellent small hike for anyone who loves views and serene atmosphere on the island. You will be delighted by the Spring's cherry blossom everywhere.

Sarabong's peak is only 143 meters high. It is located east of Dongmun Rotary and accessible by public vehicles or private and rented cars.

Aside from the beautiful natural landscapes, it is famous for its spectacular sunsets. Its sunset is regarded as the perfect complement to Seongsan Ilchulbong's sunrise scene.

From the park, you will see Jeju Island's blue seawater's spectacular sight to the north and Hallasan Mountain to the South. Such spectacles are the irresistible attractions of Sarabong Park.

As you will learn more about the park below, you can hit two birds with one stone (make sure that you eat them!) by enjoying the views and doing a bit of physical exercise.

sarabong-parkSunset view from Sarabong Park, Jeju Island (photo:

On the Way to the Peak
You will already enjoy the peak before you reach it. You will see sights and structures that tell stories about the place and the whole island along the way.

Mochungsa Temple, a Buddhist temple, is one of the structures you will see on the way.

Byeoldobong Peak is located in the east of Sarabong. It is another peak which is famous for the paragliding runway.

sarabong-parkAmazing sights from the park - cherry blossoms and blue ocean!

Accessible Facilities

Sarabong Peak is a place to reach and enjoy spectacles and where one can do a few other sports. Since the officials of the area thought it is a place for the residents to be invigorated and do exercise, they established useful facilities.

The exercise facilities include...

  • Badminton Court
  • Soccer Field
  • Exercise Equipment
  • Acupressure Trail
  • A Pavilion
  • Washrooms, etc.
  • Parking area

More Useful Information
You can also contact directly or scan their website to see more details.

Phone: +82-64-728-4643
Website: (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese, Malay)
1330 Travel Hotline: +82-2-1330 (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)

The park is open to all visitors, and there's no entrance fee.
Location: 74, Sarabongdong-gil, Jeju-si, Jeju-do

sarabong-peakA pavilion at Sarabong Peak located close to the park

Nearby Attractions

Sarabong Peak (Sara Peak Oreum)
It is the main oreum (a small volcanic mountain in Jeju language), which distinguishes Jeju City from the sea. It is popular among hikers due to amazing views from its vantage point.

Sanji Lighthouse
This lighthouse gave light in the dark when the village did not have enough brighter lights yet. The name 'Sanji' came from the village's name, 'Sanjichon,' literally means the mountainous town.

Byeoldobong Peak (Beri Oreum)
This peak is located along the coastal area in the east of Hwabuk-dong. Byeoldobong Peak was born out of siliciclastic sedimentary rocks and lava elements. You'll get lovely views of the surrounding areas and the blue sea from its vantage point.

Jeju National Museum
This museum was established and opened to the public two decades ago. It is a history museum that features exciting historical facts of Jeju Island, including items of high value and cultural relevance.

Sanjicheon Stream
Sanjicheon Stream flows across from Dongmun Market in Jeju City and is home to freshwater fish, including sweetfish, gray mullets, carps, and amur goby.

Getting to Sarabong Park

You can take public transportation to get to the foot or nearby the parking area of Sarabong Park.

By Bus
If you come from Jeju International Airport, head for the exit and the bus waiting shed area. Look for bus number #38 that will take you to near the park by checking the numbers on the screen.

Listen to the stop announcements while inside the bus. Get off at Udang Library Bus Stop. Then cross the road to start your hike towards the park.

By Taxi
You can get a taxi in most places on the island. You can call one wherever you are to pick you up and ferry you near Sarabong Park.

If you want to move freely according to your pace, you can rent a car or motorbike. Bicycles are also available for rentals.

I hope this is useful for your research. Have a great trip!

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