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wonju-travel-attractionsGuryongsa Temple area and mountain view

wonju travel attractions

My Wonju City travel was a good memory for me. I did it in only more than two days. The best things about it are that Wonju is not far from Seoul. And it only took me around two hours by to get there.

I heard a lot about Wonju but did not really seriously think of going there that soon. The main reason that brought me there was the famous Chiaksan National Park.

Yes, that’s right, and that’s my honest answer. Actually, Wonju City is the flat area of Chiaksan mountain range. You can check it out on the map.

So, for me, being in Wonju is an exciting thing. I was close to the park and all its goodness.

What I am going to tell in this article is about the places, exciting and interesting sites, I have been to and the activities I have done. In other words, I just want to share my experiences with some description and, of course, photos of them.

And I want to say that I highly recommend those places I have been to as a list...

1. Birobong Peak at Chiaksan National Park
I planned ahead and decided to climb Birobong Peak at Chiaksan. Although this peak is one of the main attractions in the park, not everybody can or willing to get there because it is quite challenging.

To get to the peak, my course is like this…

Guryong Information CenterGuryongsa TempleSeryeom Falls (or cascades) → Sadari ByeongchangBirobong Peak

wonju-travel-attractionsBirobong Peak (1,288 meters), Chiaksan National Park, Wonju

2. Guryongsa Temple
It is an old and famous Buddhist temple located just 6 kilometers from Birobong Peak on Chiaksan National Park. It is known that Monk Uisang of the Silla Kingdom (BC 57-AD 35) first established this temple in 668. Later on, King Sukjong of Joseon Dynasty (1392-1910) rebuilt the temples.

It is a great place to sight-see and relax with family or friends. The surrounding area is very accessible even for those who have some physical difficulties or older people. I highly recommend this area as a light and easy hike for all age ranges. (A page will be linked here).

wonju-travel-attractionsGuryongsa Temple (668 AD), Chiaksan National Park, Wonju

3. Ganghyeon Rocking Bridge
Ganghyeon Rocking Bridge was the second main reason why I decided to pay a visit to Wonju City. This bridge is quite interesting, and I believe this is the first one of a kind that I crossed. This is a very memorable site for me.

You may read my article here.

wonju-travel-attractionsGanhyeon Rocking Bridge, Seogeumsan, Wonju

4. Seogeumsan Peak
Seogeumsan means a smaller version of the famous “Geumgangsan” in North Korea. Honestly, the peak is not so interesting but a decent hike for light hiking activity. But I think that what is great is the verdant trees and red pines, among other tree species. Fresh air and good canopy protection for hikers from sunlight.

wonju-travel-attractionsSeogeumsan Peak, Wonju

5. Rail Bike, Ganghyeon Park
I have been to this place but decided not to take the offer (yet) at this stage. It is wise (and economical) go with a friend or friends (or family members) because the rate starts from two persons. I didn’t only want to pay for two but also because of the time. I promised myself to experience this next time around with my wife or somebody to enjoy the rides.

wonju-travel-attractionsGanhyeon Rail Bike

6. Wonju History Museum
Since I wanted to learn a bit more about this place, I allotted time to see this museum. Old relics of the ancient settlers, historical data, and records, family tree records, religious artifacts finds, among others can be found here. The museum is small and should not be compared with the bigger National Museum of Korea, which is in Seoul.

wonju-travel-attractionsBuddha statue at Wonju History Museum

7. Gangwon Gamyeong
I visited this historic site three times while in the city! Why? Because I thought that photos would be much nicer when taken in the evening similar to what I saw online. This important place was Wonju’s ancient site, where the governor performed his daily public responsibility. You will see the governor’s office, family house, and related public structures inside the area. What is interesting are the structures build within the garden area’s pond (see the photo).

You may read my article here.

wonju-travel-attractionsWonju Gamyoung was the ancient office of Gangwon Province's governor. Wonju was the former capital area of the province.

My travel to Wonju's attractions is not complete. That's why I listed below the more popular and worth visiting places. I'll be there again...soon!

wonju travel Attractions for updates

Among some of the exciting places and activities you can find in Wonju, I heard that the following are also highly recommended…

  • Museum SAN
  • Park Kyongni Literature Park
  • Hanji Theme Park
  • Ganhyeong Yuwonji
  • Wonju Climate Change Center
  • Baegunsan Natural Recreation Forest
  • Mureung Bangmulgran (museum)
  • Sangwonsa Temple

I will keep updating this page. So, please keep checking!

Where To Stay

Wonju City is the most populated city in Gangwon Province. I mean that it has more facilities for visitors and travelers alike who plan to stay overnight or longer.

Various accommodations such as motels, hotels, minbak, homestay, temple stay, and other methods are available even in remote areas.

I stayed in the city near the historic place--Gangwon Gamyeong, and near the culture street where the fun begins (usually in the evening).

I stayed at a very comfortable, clean, friendly, and very accessible hotel. I was here… it was very cozy^^. It's actually a motel, and my room is the one below.

Getting To Wonju city

If you are coming from Seoul, taking a bus is a good idea because it only takes about 2 hours to get there. A train is also fine (fast and fastest are available).

Thanks for visiting this page. Have a pleasant journey always.

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