Yi Sun-Sin Square

yi-sun-sin-square-statueYi Sun-Sin's statue facing the Square

Yeosu Yi Sun-Sin Square

Yi Sun-Sin Square in Yeosu City is a pleasant public space to explore during your first visit to this beautiful and historic city in South Jeolla Province.

Yeosu City or the area is where the famous Korean admiral Yi Sun-Sin fought bravely and drove away the Japanese invaders in the country.

Due to his gallantry and patriotic achievements, he earned this honor. He is being remembered as a savior and hero by his compatriots and more so today.

Yi Sun-Sin Square in Yeosu City could be your starting point when exploring the exciting travel destinations in the famous area. Let me describe a bit below the things you will find in this Square...

Statue of Admiral Yi Sun-Sin
Geobukson "Turtle Warship"
Dragon Observation Deck
Public Stage
Tourism Information
Yi Sun-Sin History Blocks

Eplore these...

Statue of Admiral Yi Sun-Sin
Admiral Yi's statue is standing bravely in a rotunda across the Square. The bronze statue with expressive gaze is facing towards the port and sea of this city.

I think it is an excellent idea that they installed this hero's symbol in the crossroad for all to see and not at the center of the Square, where its view can be limited only to those who explore the Square.

The statue is an excellent background for your selfie or group photo ops when you are at the Square. ^^

yi-sun-sin-statue-yeosuStatue of Admiral Yi Sun-Sin. Notice the Jinnamgwan Hall (on his lefthand side) where he used as his central command office during the war

Geobukson "Turtle" Battle Ship
The famous Geobukson is, of course, also replicated and available at this Square. It is sitting on the dry ground of the Square with its right side towards the sea.

Located just a few meters from the sea (by the port), Geobukson looks impressive. You can imagine and feel how it glides on the sea loaded with brave soldiers fighting the invaders.

This ship used to be an information center about its history. That is why you could still see the ladder going up for visitors to explore the ship inside's structure. For a more detailed description, you can see the exhibition at its museum in Jinnamgwan.

yi-sun-sin-geobuksonThe Geobukson or "Turtle Battleship" on the Square

Dragon Observation Deck
This observation deck is facing the sea and port area of Yeosu City. It is creatively built, and the structure is elevated a few feet above the ground so that you have a higher and better view of the sea, islands, city area, among other sights.

It is located on the edge of Yi Sun-Sin Square on the opposite side of the Yi Sun-Sin Panels, also part of this Square.

yi-sun-sin-squareDragon Observation Deck on the Square

Admiral Yi Sun-Sin Blocks
These blocks are imprinted with pictures and descriptions describing and depicting the events, including the battle between Yi Sun-Sin's army and the Japanese fleet.

These standing blocks are made of metal panels located on the opposite edge of the Square. Since these standing panels describe the events (briefly), it is an excellent place to start and learn about the significant history of Yeosu and the importance of the Geobukson battleship.

Just on a few meters from the blocks, you can find the Information Center. I'm not so sure if the staff can fluently speak other foreign languages, but you can freely get guide maps and pointers from this center.

yi-sun-sin-squareSchool children practicing their performance at the Square
yeosu-city-port-viewView of the port of Yeosu City and the Square

Sometimes, I guess, public performances are being held here. I was lucky to have seen a bit--small kids practicing their piece through dances and playing the traditional musical instruments.

Aside from those items I mentioned, I believe you can stay at the Square and have your picnic or small party.

There are more things to see if you look around from Yi Sun-Sin Square. From here, you can embark on your next destination either by public transport (buses and taxis are accessible here) on by foot!

Among the attractions in Yeosu, you may proceed to Odongdo Island Park, Yeosu Expo Park, Jinnamgwan Hall, Yeosu Cable Cars, and more exciting places.

If you decide to stay overnight or a few days more, make sure you book a reliable and safe room. I booked this hotel and was very satisfied with its facilities and views.

yeosu-bambadaNight view of Yeosu City from the hotel

Getting to Yeosu Yi Sun-Sin Square

If you are coming from Seoul, or anywhere in the country, you can find a bus terminal that serves rides for Yeosu City. Trains also travel to Yeosu but on a limited schedule.

By Bus
Take the express bus at Seoul Central City Bus Terminal to Yeosu Bus Terminal. Travel time is around five hours in total. Then transfer to a taxi or local bus for the Square.

By Train
Go to Yongsan Train Station and take the KTX to Yeosu Expo Station. It will take more than three hours to get there, which is quicker than the express bus.

Of course, you can also fly from Seoul (e.g., Kimpo Airport) to Gwangju City and transfer to a bus for Yeosu Bus Terminal.

Good luck, and I hope you have a fantastic journey to Yeosu.

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