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I love exploring places. I love seeing beautiful places and discovering uncharted paths. I do not only love doing them but also records experiences. Taking photos of them.

It is for these reasons that I am building this website.

I have been living in South Korea for almost two decades now. Living here that long does not make me an expert about this country and its people. However, I presume this qualifies me to say that I know enough about this place.

I found the country interesting…

It has spiky and green mountains under the blue skies during summer.
Its mountains are wonderfully clad with white virgin snow during cold winter.

The same mountains become alive and flashing with brightly-colored flowers in spring.

It has fresh and sparkling rivers, and springs murmuring as they obediently flow towards the wide blue sea of the peninsula.

Yes, I know that my words are not even close enough to painting this page with the country’s amazing setting. Its four seasons did not bore me nor stopped me from exploring and discovering new things each day. However, let me try painting this site with my limited expressions and imperfect words.

I did not only fall in love with the country but also found the love of my life here. Since then, I have been living here 'til this moment. And, will be so in the future.

To learn more deeply, I studied the local language. I tried all the local food. And have learned much the customs and exotic culture.

I have witnessed the changes and progress that South Korea has gone through. I am part of that change.

As part of Korea’s history, I can tell you much about it. About what it can offer to its visitors. In other words, I can be your guide. Let this website be your guide.

Thank you for reading this!

Best Wishes,

Abbie Sue


More About Me

I believe that you want to know more about. So, let me tell you more...

My hobbies...
I used to collect post stamps.
I enjoy cooking my favorite cuisine-Kimchi Chigae, Ttakdorittang, Spaghetti, Adobo, Golush, Lasagne, etc.
I love photography... ALL (99%) of the photos/pictures on this site are taken by me--a newbie!

I enjoy nature, forest, plants and flowers...
Surfing... the internet!
I play the guitar... watch TV!
Cappuccino is my favorite... homemade!
I love watching movies--actions, Sci-Fi... and warm popcorn and softdrinks!

Hmm... Yes, I still do and planning to keep one or two for the rest of my life!
I used to do gymnastics!
I love hiking-mountain hiking. That's why you'll find many mountain hiking articles on this site...
I love bicycling since I was little (My mountain bike is now 20 years old/ It is still working fine).
I wish to become a vegetarian!
I go to church.
I pray, meditate, and contemplate about anything.

Gathering and parties...
Yeah, sure. Who doesn't?
I love dancing on my own. Somebody told me that I picked the wrong profession (or major-career)
I enjoyed singing with friends at the Noraebang (Singing Room, or Karaoke) after a dinner and some 'hanjan' of beer.
I used to invite classmates and friends and cook for them. Nowadays, I still invite friends and cook for them!

I did international studies, linguistics, religious studies, and psychology.

Belief and convictions...
Mutual understanding and peaceful co-existence with all.
Respect all humans regardless of their backgrounds.
Treat nature with utmost respect and let them be because it keeps me alive!

That's it. I hope you can also share about yourself if you like this website by any means possible!

Thanks for visiting and please check out again, and again, for new articles. Contact me if you want or need to!

Have a fantastic journey in life!

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