Exciting Tourism In South Korea 

Tourism in South Korea

Tourism in South Korea kicked-off when it hosted the 1988 Summer Olympics Games in Seoul. Through the games, the whole world is watching South Korea and started to see the country’s hidden treasures—tourism resources.

Among other various reasons for South Korea’s tourism ‘explosion’ is the recent year phenomenon known as the “Korean Wave” or ‘Hallyu.’

Hallyu (or Hanryu) swept most of the Asian and other regions in the world attracting visitors, tourist, immigrants and investors to the country.

This phenomenon is fundamentally driven by the popularity of South Korean films, soap opera, music (K-pop), food, and other cultural aspects.

Generally, tourists and travelers to Korea flock to various places they like especially such attractions promoted through advertisements, social media, and tourism or travel sites including blogs.

The exciting tourism in South Korea includes...

And more below...

cheonggyechon-streamLights show at Cheonggye Stream, Seoul

Is South Korea safe to visit?

Yes, South Korea is very safe to travel even for solo travelers. Security and safety laws are well implemented. Police presence and security or emergency centers are readily accessible in various places.

South Korea has one of the lowest crime rates in the world. Literally, you can leave your phone (or other belongings) on a coffee shop’s table, go to the washroom without any worry of losing it.

However, better keep your belongings and other valuables with you at all times especially when you are traveling in most visited places where various groups of people come and go.

dongdaemun-gateDongdaemun Gate, Seoul

Most Popular Tourism in Seoul

Most of the tourists land at Incheon International Airport (Terminals 1 & 2) for all international flights, while Gimpo Airport serves most of the domestic fliers and some international ones.

Tourists mostly come to Seoul area to enjoy their explorations in Seoul’s famous travel attractions. The most visited places in Seoul include…

Now, having seen some famous travel destinations in Seoul area, get ready to see more of Korea by exploring outside the capital city.

Start scanning the must-visit and must-see nature, historical sites, traditional places, entertainment destinations, beaches...

Where Should I Visit in South Korea?

Tourism in South Korea (e.g., places and activities) is fun. Activities, facilities, and related services are accessible and available all over the peninsula. You can travel from northern provinces down to the southern parts. Travel and tourism facilities are well-organized.

Traveling is made easy in South Korea. Thanks to the efficient transportation system with the best and latest technologies in the market. Alright, let’s check out the popular destinations in the country for tourists…

Busan is one of the fast developing cities in the country. Some of its top tourism destinations include Beomeosa Temple, Haedong Yonggungsa Temple, Gamcheon Culture Village, Seokbulsa (Temple), Haeundae Beach, Songdo Marine Cable Car, Songdo Beach, Dongbaek Island Park, Taejongdae Park, and Gwangan (beach area; other beaches—Haeundae, Dadaepo, Songdo, Songjeong, Ilgwang, Imnang)

busan-haeundae-beachAmazing sight of Haeundae Beach area in Busan City

Jeju-do (Jeju Island)
Some years ago, Jeju Island was considered the ‘honeymoon island’ by many Koreans. However, due to the adventurism and economic capacity of many Koreans, they travel more nowadays to other countries. However, still, some travel to Jeju Island during the holidays.

Some of the most popular sites on the island include Jeju Museum of Art, Jusangjeollidae (coastline with lava rock formations), Cheonjiyeon Pokpo (waterfalls), Jeju Folk Village, Sanbanggulsa Cave Temple (Buddhist temple), Jeju April 3 Peace Park, Arario Museum, Seongsan Ilchulbong (sunrise peak), Hallasan (highest peak), among others.

songdo-central-parkSongdo Central Park, Incheon

Songdo Island, Songdo Central Park, Songdo Tri-Bowl, Jeondeungsa Temple, Chamseongdan Altar, China Town, Wolmido Island, Gwangseongbo Fortress

Daegu-hyanggyo Confucian Academy, Old House of Lee Sang-Hwa, Gyeongsang-gamyeong Park, Dalseong Park, Daegu Cathedral of Our Lady of Lourdes, Donghwasa Temple, Palgongsan Mountain

Gwangju Folk Museum, Mudeungsan National Park, May 18th National Cemetery, Gwangju National Museum, Jeungsimsa Temple

seoraksan-mountainUlsanbawi Rock of Seoraksan National Park

Tourism in South korea: travel destinations

After exploring the popular places in Seoul area, if you spare time and resources to see South Korea's more attractions, you are so fortunate!

Why? Simply because there is more to Korea than Seoul. Seoul is more modern and most traditional and 'real' cultural aspects can be experienced outside the capital city--in the provinces.

So, I encourage you to take a look at some major destinations below and decide for yourself whether you would want to take the opportunity to fully enjoy your visit tourism activities in South Korea.

gyeonggi province

Gyeonggi Province
Suwon Hwaseong Fortress, Namhansanseong Fortress, Donggureung Tomb Cluster (Kuri), DMZ & Panmunjeom (Paju), Yongin (Everland, Korean Folk Village, Yongin Daejanggeum Park), Hwaseong Fossilized Dinosaur Eggs Site, Garden of the Morning Calm (Gapyong)

namhansanseong-mountain-fortressNamhansanseong (Namhan Mountain Fortress), Gyeonggi Province

chungcheong provinces

South Chungcheong Province
Tomb of King Muryeong, Gongsanseong, Magoksa Temple, Donghaksa Temple, Gapsa Temple, Seonhwadang, Gongju National Museum,  Buyeo National Museum, Jeongnimsa Temple site, Gungnamji, Baekje Royal Tombs, The Independence Hall of Korea, Gakwonsa Temple, Rock-carved Triad Buddha, Haemieupseong Fortress, Mireuk-bosal at Gwanchoksa Temple

North Chungcheong Province
Beopjusa Temple, Songnisan National Park, Samnyeonsanseong Fortress, Seon Byeong-guk House, Guinsa Temple, Gosu Cave, Danyang Ondal Cave, Dodamsambong Peaks, Cheongju National Museum, Cheongnamdae, Sangdangsan Fortress, Bell Museum Botapsa Temple

gyeongsang provinces

South Gyeongsang Province
Yeongnamnu, Pyochungsa, Eoreumgol Valley (Miryang), Upo Wetland, Tomb of King Suro, Tomb of Queen Heo Hwang-ok, Gacheon Daerangi Village, German Village (Namhae), Historic park of Geoje POW Camp, Sinseondae (Geoje), Jinjuseong, National Jinju Museum, Dongpirang Wall Painting Village, Haeinsa Temple, Tongdosa Temple

North Gyeongsang Province
Bulguksa Temple, Seokguram Grotto, Anapji Pond, Cheonmachong Tomb, Cheomseongdae Observatory, King Muyeol Royal Tomb, Yangdong Folk Village, Hahoe Folk Village, Hahoe Mask Museum, Wollyeongo Bridge, Buseoksa Temple, Mungyeong Saejae Park, Ulleungdo Island/ Dokdo Island

jeolla provinces

South Jeolla Province
Yeosu Jinnamgwan, Hyangiram, Yi Sun Shin Square, Odongdo Island Park, Songgwangsa Temple, Seonamsa Temple, Nagan Eupseong Folk Village, Mokpo History Museum, Gatbawi Rock, Yudal Mountain, Ttangkkut Village, Mihwangsa Temple, Hwaeomsa Temple, Soswaewon Garden, Damyang Juknokwon, Boseong Green tea Field

North Jeolla Province
Byeonsanbando National Park, Tapsa Temple, Dongguksa Temple, Geumsansa Temple, Mireuksaji Pagoda, Gochangeupseong Fortress, Seonunsa Temple, Pansori Museum, Silsangsa Temple, Gyoryong Sanseong Fortress, Gwanghallu Pavilion, Chunhyang Theme Park, Jeonju Gaeksa, Royal Portrait Museum, Hanji Museum, Gyeonggijeon Shrine, Jeondong Catholic Church, Jeonju Hanok Village

Chaeseokgang Cliffs, Jeokbyeokgang Cliffs, Gyeokpo Beach, Gyeokpo Port, Gosapo Beach, Byeonsan Beach, Dalkibong Peak Observatory, Jikso Waterfalls, Naesosa Temple, Wolmyeongam Temple Hermitage

Hanbat Arboretum, Yuseong Hot Springs, Expo Park, Daejeon Museum of Art

What is the Best Time To Travel?

You can travel anytime to South Korea and see lots of exciting things and experience exciting events and travel activities. However, depending on your preferences, particular seasons of the year may or may not work out well for you.

Therefore, as a quick tourism in South Korea guide, let me explain a bit about the four seasons and describe what you need to know for each season.

korea-winter-seasonSnow in Namhan Mountain Fortress, Gyeonggi Province

   Winter  Season

From December to February
During this season, as you already know, the weather is cold and icy. This is not the preferred season for tourists from such environment. However, it is quite attractive for no-winter season (or no snow) country people.

Like myself, I had been dreaming of a white Christmas since I was little. It became a reality when I first came to Korea.

What I am saying is that many tropical country people, especially youngsters and middle-aged tourists want to see and experience the white snow. The snow is amazing and something mysterious, and it makes almost everybody see snow falling! Right?

korea-spring-seasonCherry blossom Festival in Yeouido, Seoul

   Spring Season

From March to May
Yes, this is the ideal season to visit South Korea for most people. During the spring season, you will experience the refreshing cool air and somewhat warm and sunny days. Besides, you will see blue skies and with almost no white clouds at times.

Spring in Korea is ripe for sightseeing. The spring flowers, especially the Cherry Blossoms, are amazing! You will discover many places organizing Cherry Blossom Festivals.

In Seoul, the famous place for this festival is in the Yeouido area, by the Han River. This area is the center for events and festivities during the spring season. At times, amazing colorful fireworks competition are being held here.

korea-autumn-seasonColorful maple leaves at Dobongsan, Seoul

   Autumn Season

September to November
These months belong to the autumn season in South Korea. This time of year, the temperature is perfect for all combined with the colorful leaves of the trees all over the country.

This is the best time to explore and hike mountains and forested areas. Locals and foreigners alike, love this season and never miss to see the maple trees metamorphose their leaves from green to yellowish, then slowly to pinkish, to reddish, and finally to brown colors.

With only such limited descriptions, they are not sufficient enough to paint this season that is considered the ‘queen of seasons.’

   Summer  Season

June to August
From June to August is summer time in South Korea. Yes, it is hot! Humid! It would help if you did not stay in Seoul area as it is quite physically challenging.

Tourism in South Korea during summer will bring you outside of the capital city to the rivers and beaches!

Stay out of the city and head for the rivers, swimming pools, and forested areas to cool off!

The problem is that every Koreans also go to the rivers and streams, swimming pools (both outdoor and indoor), and beaches.

Hope this page is helping you learn more about tourism in South Korea and how to travel here. Should you have questions about anything, let me help whenever I can.

Thanks for the visit!

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