Jeollanamdo Travel Attractions

yeosu-odongdoOdongdo Island Park of Yeosu City is facing the Hallyeohaesang National Park's islands in south Jeolla Province.

Exciting Jeollanamdo Travel Attractions

Jeollanamdo (or South Jeolla Province), also called Jeonnam, is a province of South Korea that has around 2,000,000 residents. It is on the southwestern tip of the Korean Peninsula.

This warmer part of the country has beautiful cities with travel destinations. Yeosu is the largest city among them. The others being Suncheon, Mokpo, and Gwangyang.

Gwangju was the largest among the cities in South Jeolla. But it became a metropolitan city in the mid-1980s.

Jeollanamdo has a lot of stories to tell its visitors. It has both sad and beautiful stories to tell. Aside from its colorful history, Jeollanam-do also offers fantastic tourism sites, including nature--islands, forest, cliffs, beaches, blue seas.

This article is not complete (and might not be completed in my lifetime) because it is a living page. I mean, I will keep on updating it by providing more Jeollanam-do attractions.

So, please keep checking this article to see my recent experiences, photos, and thoughts about each attraction.

Without further chattering, let me share with you what I have done so far...

Odongdo Island Park
Odongdo is a small but fantastic island perfect for a day's outdoor leisure time with friends or family members. It is a favorite destination among locals and non-locals to get refreshed by observing the fantastic views of Hallyeohaesang National Park's islands.

Having explored the island, I really enjoyed the bamboo groves, trees, winding paths, camellia trees, and the sea that seems to applaud the beauty of Odongdo Island.

Take the lighthouse's lift to see higher... read more here.

jinnamgwan-hallJinnamgwan Hall, Yeosu City, South Jeolla Province

Jinnamgwan Hall in Yeosu City
Jinnamgwan Hall was the military central command office of Admiral Yi Sun-sin, who defeated the invading Japanese forces in the area.

Jinnamgwan is designated as a national treasure. It is considered as Korea's most massive single-story wooden structure -- 75 meters long and 14 meters high.

This historic hall lies at the foothill facing the city of Yeosu. First constructed in 1599, Jinnamgwan has 68 strong pillars supporting its massive roof.

(Please note that it is under renovation but will be reopened to the public sometime this year-2020).

mudeungsan-national-parkMudeungsan National Park is one of South Jeolla Province's main travel destinations

Mudeungsan National Park
Mudeungsan National Park is a beautiful mountain in Gwangju that has perfect hiking paths. It is most popular for its two famous rock formations that were formed millions of years ago. (See my hiking experience :)

These two outstanding groups of rocks are named Ipseokdae Colonnade and Seoseokdae Colonnade. Looking at these towering rocks seem to give you a glimpse of how life was millions of years back.

mudeungsan-national-parkIpseokdae Colonnade at Mudeungsan National Park

National Maritime Museum
This museum is the only dedicated museum in Korea to its maritime achievements. You will be amazed to see its two exhibitions of shipwrecks, among many items and relics.

One of the ships is from the 11th century while the other from the 14th century.

Unjusa Temple was believed to have house 100 Buddha statues and 1000 pagodas. The purpose of such numbers was something about 'balance' which is based on traditional geomancy.

Hongdo (Island) is the most famous island in west Mokpo due to its attractive features and beauty. The island is only about 6 kilometers long and 2.5 kilometers wide. Its cliffs, rocks, and forest areas captivate visitors.

Naganeup-seong Folk Village
It is a unique folk village being surrounded by fortress walls built during the Joseon Dynasty period.

Hyangir-am hermitage is a Buddhist structure with around 1,350 years of history. This religious structure offers stunning views of Yeosu's surroundings.

Yudalsan Mountain Park
Yudalsan Park is a mountain located at the heart of Mokpo City. It is the most beautiful place to explore and where you can get a fantastic view of the city and surrounding islands. Its flowers during the Spring are adorable!

Jeongnamjin Saturday Market
It is the place to get a glimpse of both old and new sides of a Korean market.

Along with Haeinsa Temple and Tongdosa Temple, Soggwangsa Temple is considered one of the three jewels of Korean Buddhism.

Duryunsan Provincial Park
Duryun-bong, the highest peak of Duryun Mountain (630 meters), offers spectacular sights of Korea's southern coastlines.

Uijae Museum of Korean Art
The painter, Heo Baekryeon (1891-1977), painted landscapes, flowers, birds, and nature. It is at Uijae Museum (near Jeungsimsa Temple), his pen name, where you can enjoy his masterpieces.

Daehan Dawon Tea Plantation
Bosesong Tea Plantation is an icon for tea farms located on the hillside of this area. Its spectacle makes a soft and dramatic background setting for TV dramas and movies.

Myeongsasim-ni is a beach in Wando (island) with a golden sandy coast that stretches almost four kilometers long.

Gwangju Folk Museum
This museum showcases various traditional life features, including clothing, courtship, shamanism, kimchi, etc.

Daein Sijang is a market that is adorned with colorful murals to attract people when it started to get shuttered as a traditional market.

It is a weekend-popular serene area. It is known for its soft and sandy walking paths that lead to the bamboo grove. It is made famous by local movies and Korean soap operas.

Mokpo Culture & Arts Center
Visit and wonder about the works of local artists of various genres. You can enjoy traditional ink paintings, modern paintings, photography exhibits, among exciting items.

May 18th National Cemetery
It is a memorial for the May 18, 1980, Democratic Uprising in Gwangju City.

Wolchulsan National Park
Wolchulsan is South Korea's smallest national park. Climb its 52-meter long steel bridge and see the 8-meter high Buddha rock carving in Suncheon.

It is a natural reservation as a wetland by Ramsar. It is famous for sunset views and birdwatching.

Heuksando is an island of fantastic views belonging to the Dadohaehaesang National Park. 'dadohae haesang' means a marine archipelago.

Daeheungsa (Temple) is a Zen temple that existed since millenniums ago. Legend has it that it has a famous monk who fought against the Japanese in the 1590s.

Goryeo Celadon Museum
Be amazed by the 800-year-old celadons of the Goryeo dynasty.

Gatbawi Culture District
Gwangju Museum of Art

Seonam-sa Temple is a hermitage established in AD529. Below the temple is an ancient granite bridge with dragons guarding the sides.

Gwangju National Museum
This museum houses collections of Gwangju's history--artifacts, paintings, calligraphy, etc.

Gugyedeung is a beautiful coast with amazing views of cliffs, islands, and shiny pebbles. Great for nature-hiking.

Asian Culture Complex (ACC)
This complex collects various Asian cultural and art items, including music, architecture, paintings, among many art forms.

Mokpo Natural History Museum
This is more interesting among children. It exhibits dinosaur skeletons, butterfly samples, and even live animals such as lizards and fishes.

Namnong Memorial Hall
It is a memorial for the five generations of the Huh family who are famous for their Korean art style, which was somehow influenced by Chinese art.

Gwangju Biennale Exhibition Hall
This 8,100 square meters exhibition hall offers international and local arts and designs of various sorts.

Orchid Exhibition Hall
See orchids and other local fauna on display here.

Mokpo Modern History Museum
See Mokpo through the displays of the Japanese colonization period in the early 20th century.

Mokpo Ceramic Livingware Museum
See the Korean ceramics from ancient to the most recent ones.
Expo 2012 Yeosu Korea Memorial Hall

Damyang Bamboo Crafts Museum
See the beautifully crafted bamboo items exhibited here. You can find both traditional and modern bamboo works of art on display.

Wando Tower
This 76m-tall tower offers views of Wando harbor and to the islands beyond.

I hope you keep checking this article to discover exciting updates. As I said, this is a living page that will be continually updated with experience, reflections, photos, and stories.

Thanks for reading. Enjoy your day and safe travels!

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