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south korea hotels guide

Welcome to South Korea Hotels Guide!

This page provides you with the best hotel offers you can get. Deciding where to stay, what kind of hotel and, above all, getting the worth of your money is very challenging.

In fact, most people spend not only hours but even days in choosing the best accommodation: accessibility, safety, and comfort, attractive, and close to tourist attractions and business districts.

This is the mission of this page: to meet your needs. Please, use the links for hotel details.

In here, you will be guided by introducing you to the best places, and other places you prefer. For example, I feature hotels here which are close to landmarks, attractions, and popular tourist areas.

In a nutshell, here are the contents: 

  • To introduce hotels with big discounts & best offers
  • To show hotels near landmarks, tourist attractions, shopping & favorite places
  • To Introduce cheaper accommodation
  • To introduce vacation rental hotels & apartments

Are you ready? So, let’s begin with…

hotels in seoul, south korea

Seoul Hotels

Most travels to the country go to Seoul right after their arrival at Incheon International Airport. That’s because most of the hotspots, actions, business, and entertainments are ripe and fecund in this capital city.

The best places in Seoul are in Myeongdong, Gangnam, Yeouido, Dongdaemun, and Jongro areas. Of course, other districts close to the ones mentioned are also excellent.

See the hotels through the links below (coming up soon)…

Myeongdong Hotels, Gangnam Hotels, Yeouido Hotels, and Jongro Hotels

regional hotels

After having visited and explored Seoul’s great places, some travelers also visit other cities and provinces in the country. While others actually planned to go straight to these places.

Therefore, below, you will find the best hotels established in specific cities (and regions) outside of Seoul.

There is no harm in checking out the links per city. You will be shown respective pages with hotels and relevant details. For example, you will discover hotels close to the tourist attractions, hot-spots for travelers, natural attractions, entertainment, cultural and local sites. 

south korea hotels

The South Korea hotels guide also provides hotel and accommodation categories which be of use for your search. 

There are three categories for these types of accommodation. Since the categories are a bit too general, feel free to see their respective links: 

jeju-south-korea-hotelsLotte Hotel Jeju Island

korea hostels

Of course, aside from the ‘expensive’ and luxurious hotels, you can also find cheaper accommodations—hotels in South Korea, especially in the Seoul area.

They are not only cheap but also provide clean and strategic locations for your activities and travel plans. Here they are…

  • Hostels in South Korea
  • Youth Hostels in South Korea
  • South Korea Hostels

vacation rentals in korea

Vacation Rentals

Sometimes, renting the whole place for your vacation could be a more practical and reasonable action. That is because it could be cheaper, safer, better, more spacious and more privacy for your family, friends or partner. Right?

See them below…

More Popular Cities & Hotels

Besides the cities and areas mentioned above, you can also explore other popular destinations with superb hotels and some with very affordable rates.

These areas also offer beautiful scenery of Korea, including winter season skiing resorts, mountain resorts, cultural and historical sites, UNESCO Heritage areas, national parks, famous beach, and mountain sights.

So, try checking out the hotels in the following great places…

  • Seogwipo
  • Pyeongchang
  • Jeonju
  • Gyeongju
  • Yeosu
  • Sokcho
  • Suwon
  • Andong
  • Gapyeong
  • Seongnam
  • Suncheon
  • Busan City
namhan-sanseong-north-gateNamhansanseong North Gate, Gyeonggi Province

Resorts, Villas, B&Bs

Finally, other resources for your preferred accommodation are the following…

  • Resorts, 
  • Villas, 
  • B&Bs

Hope that South Korea Hotels Guide has been useful to your needs. Please, let me know should you have specific concerns or advice to make this page more helpful to travelers like you!

Thanks, and have safe journeys!

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