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Welcome to South Korea's popular travel guide website!

Get ready to embark on a journey like no other. From the bustling streets of Seoul to the serene countryside, South Korea is a land of contrasts and adventure.

Let me be your guide and show you the hidden gems of this fantastic country.

You'll be able to experience Korea's rich history and modern culture, taste the delicious local cuisine, and witness the breathtaking natural scenery.

Imagine wandering through ancient temples, exploring colorful markets, and hiking up majestic mountains. Or you might be more interested in Seoul's vibrant nightlife and shopping districts.

South Korea offers various activities and attractions to suit everyone's interests.

This site will allow you to see through the eyes of a traveler who has lived, worked, and experienced the Korean landscape, development, and exotic culture and traditions.

seokchon-lake-cherry-blossom-side-view-2024-3Seokchon Lake, Seoul
incheon-grand-park-cherry-blossom-closeup-4Incheon Grand Park

Here, you can expect that…

Koreattrack will describe places, famous attractions, adventure areas, national parks, mountains, templesmuseums, and more unexpected sites and experiences you will get.

You will also get excited to find sites where famous Korean operas and movies are shot. 

You will discover exotic Asian Korean cuisine. Try the popular Bibimbap (mixed veggies and side dishes) or Bulgogi (meat over fire). Or challenge yourself by eating exotic seafood or live octopus.

Photos on each page give hints of what you will see and experience. I've been to these places and done such activities!

A solo traveler—man or woman—does not have to worry about safety issues. This is Korea, and you don't need a buddy to watch your back. You can stay alone in a hotel, hostel, minbak (family house stay), or villa without worries. 

baegundae bukhansan sunset view2Baegundae Peak, Bukhansan National Park, Seoul
bukhansan-munsusa-temple-left-side-viewMunsusa Temple
bukhansan-munsusa-temple-daeungjeon-front-viewMunsusa Temple's Dharma Hall

Of course, traveling with friends or family members could be very fun. Here, you will discover great theme parks for kids, adults, families, and friends. Everything you need for fun is here!

Don't worry! Because you will get here and there safely and quickly using our guide map (flying to South Korea).

South Korea is one of the safest places in the world. You can hike or backpack anywhere and go out anytime - night or day!

You can go anywhere in South Korea and find your dream destinations. You can also spend days hiking freely and not worry about getting lost.

Road maps and hiking courses are available everywhere. No need to worry… stay anywhere you want to…

In villages and small towns, you can always rent a room. Moreover, you will probably be welcomed with free accommodation and offered a traditional meal from a local family.

Hotels are available everywhere. Of course, local and world-class hotels (e.g., SeoulBusanIncheonJeju Island) are accessible in all cities. 

geumneung-beach-jeju-island-black-white-photoGeumneung Beach, Jeju Island
geumneung-beach-goers-rocksGeumneung Beach, Jeju Island
geumneung-eutteum-jeju-beach-1200px-black-rockGeumneung Beach with black lava rocks, Jeju Island

You can pitch a tent in public and designated areas.

In a nutshell, you will find pages on…

Being your guide who lives here…

I can provide you with information and insights that I have learned through my own experiences, but I cannot offer you anything beyond that.

If you have any pressing concerns, please let me know, and I will do my best to respond as quickly as possible. This is a dynamic weblog that is constantly growing and evolving.

Please feel free to browse the site safely and enjoy all that Korea has to offer!

In a nutshell, you will find pages on…

Being your guide who lives here…

I can only tell you what I know and have experienced. Nothing more nothing less. So, let me know if you have urgent concerns and I’ll gladly respond as soon as I can.

This is a living and growing weblog (website + blog). Join me while I am expanding this.

Go ahead and safely search this site… and explore...enjoy Korea!

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