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changdeokgung-palace-hall-seoulChangdeokgung Palace Hall, Seoul

south korea travel info

Welcome to South Korea travel info brief guides. Think of this page as your introductory and comprehensive travel guide to the “Land of the morning calm.”

Exciting and relaxing travel activities will be briefly mentioned on this travel page. You will discover South Korea’s travel activities including those you have not even thought about.

Without any further chattering, here there are…

  1. Amusement and theme parks
  2. Backpacking travel
  3. Camping out
  4. Cycling and biking adventures
  5. DMZ tours
  6. Entertainments
  7. Educational & business tours
  8. Guided tours
  9. Health and beauty
  10. Hiking and mountain climbing
  11. Island travels
  12. Leisure and sports
  13. Shopping spree
  14. Trekking, etc.

Certainly, you will discover more as you continue scanning the available travel activities on this website.

So, just to describe a little bit more about the items above, please let me provide some descriptions and examples. Of course, you can see some photos below.

bukhansan-mountain-climbingBukhansan Mountain Rock Climbing, Seoul

Amusement and Theme Parks

Amusement and theme parks are highly developed in South Korea. They are one of the best destinations especially among groups and families. Of course, you can travel there solo!

You can find amusement parks and theme parks in Seoul, Jeju Island, Busan City, and other cities and provinces through South Korea. All you need to do is click our links or simply search online.

Famous themes in Korea include...

Everland, Caribbean Bay, Seoul Land, Children’s Grand Park, Ocean World, Petite France (Gapyeong), Gyeongju World, Yongma Land, Children’s Park (Busan), Geumo Land (Gumi), Tongdo Fantasia (Yangsan), Miwoldeu (Busan), KidZania Seoul, and Spavalley (Daegu).

central-park-songdo-islandCentral Park, Songdo Island, Incheon

backpacking travel

Backpacking either a group or solo is great in South Korea. You will discover various exciting and at the same time challenging places and situations.

You can easily move around in South Korea because it has a very efficient transportation system. Yes, hiking is your thing, and that is very possible. South Korea is very safe for a solo traveler.

For a cheaper backpacking adventure, you can do the following in your South Korea travel info as a backpacker…

  • Stay in hostels, not hotels
  • Buy a T-Money Card
  • Buy food at the streets or local markets (convenience store food is okay)
  • Take buses and subways
  • Avoid expensive products at tourism spots (go to Namdaemun Market for souvenirs)
  • Learn the very basics of Korean language

Plan your travel and explore anywhere. Click the tips for a cheap backpacking.

As an introductory suggestion, you can backpack to these special places: Jeonju, Muju Country, Mungyeong-eup, Busan, Incheon, Andong, Seoul Area, Gapyeong County, and more.

camping & glamping out

Backpacking and camping are great in South Korean travel as well. It is ideal to do it during the warmer seasons especially spring, summer, and autumn. Definitely not advisable on the winter season.

Camping is quite popular in public areas. However, if you want to have a bit of adventure, do camping in the forest and mountain areas. Ask first if it is allowed in the area.

So, here are the suggested and popular camping sites…

gosapo-beachGosapo Beach in Buan, Byeonsanbando National Park

cycling & biking adventures

Serving as your South Korea travel info, it is my pleasure to let you know, if you haven't yet, that Korea has excellent, if not, the best trails for cycling or biking. You can bike either on smooth paths or off beaten paths, such as mountain trails.

In Korea, you can cycle from the airport (Incheon International Airport) to anywhere in the country, literally. It means that they have great paths and safe ways to ride your bike.

There are mountain biking clubs in Korea. However, you can do solo or with friends and family members as well.

All right, without further chattering, here are some best trails…

  • Han River (Seoul)
  • Nakdong River
  • Geum River (Daejeon, Gongju)
  • Yeongsan River (Cholla Province)
  • Jeju Fantasy Bike Path (Jeju Island)
han-river-cherry-blossomsHan River Cherry Blossom Festival, Yeouido

dmz tours & hikes

DMZ stands for the Demilitarized Zone between South Korea and North Korea which served as a buffer zone. The heavily mined border was built on July 27, 1953, when the Armistice Agreement was signed during the Korean War.

As a historical site, the DMZ captures that attention of the world and attracts tourists from various parts of the world. This expansive demilitarized zone includes seven different cities and counties in South Korea.

The most visited counties include Paju, Yeoncheon, Cheorwon, Hwacheon, Yanggu, Inje, and Goseong. When you plan your trip, make sure to pick a place to make use of your time well for your short visit.

Here are the favorite sites at the DMZ:
Gyeonggi-do area…

  • Imjingak Resort (Nuri Peace Park)
  • The Third Tunnel
  • Dorasan Station
  • Panmunjeom (Joint Security Area)
  • Unification Hill (Odusan Unification Observatory)
  • Yeolseo Observatory

Tourist destinations in Gangwon-do include…

  • The Second Tunnel (Cheorwon)
  • Cheorwon Peace Observatory
  • Woljeong-ri Station
  • Cheorwon Korean Workers’ party headquarters
  • Yanggu Unification Hall
  • The Fourth Tunnel
  • Yanggu War Memorial Museum
  • Eulji Observatory
  • Peace Dam
  • DMZ Museum
  • Goseong Unification Observatory
  • Hwajinpo History and Security Museum

Find out more about your South Korea travel info on the DMZ tours through this link:

cheorwon-bridgeCheorwon Bridge is an idle railway that is turned into a tourist site

arts & entertainments

Yes, you can get any form of entertainment you like in Korea. They have everything you could imagine.

For the types of entertainments, you can choose from the following…
Live music, theaters, performing arts, cinema, traditional music, games (baseball, soccer, etc), jazz, stadium, bars, hot spots, and more.

Samples of entertainments include:

  • Seoul Racecourse, Nanta Theatre Jung-gu, Mudaeruk (live music), National Theater of Korea, National Gugak Center, Club Evans, Jeongdong Theater, Seoul

Educational & business tours

For your South Korea travel info regarding educational tours, there are lots of organized programmes available. You can either go solo or with your group, such as students.

The following are some of the usual and popular educational destinations in South Korea…

haeinsa-templeStone Pagoda at Haeinsa Temple in Gayasan National Park

health & beauty (h&b)

South Korea is gaining much popularity not only on technology but also about health and beauty services and products.

South Koreans, especially women are very concerned and serious about beauty and health. To support this thinking and practice, the country’s research and technology companies are making much advancement in this field.

If you want instant products, you can directly head to H&B stores (health and beauty). Since the H&B products are becoming daily products by many, there are more aggressive expansions of retail stores by major Korean companies.

The secret of Korean beauty and health comes in many ways…

  • Healthy food
  • Regular exercise
  • Proper diet
  • Supplemental vitamins
  • Special operations

For this last item, although some men are doing it, more women are doing it. Recently, there are more ‘unusual’ means in trying to enhance their beauty. Some of these means include using (or undergoing an operation)…

  • Placenta products, smiling lifting (lip corner lifting), salmon eggs (part of skin care), rib resection (rib cage shaving), snail slime, nose squeezing (nose squeezer apparatus), face plunging (into a sink with cool water for 30 seconds), scalp routine (use the ten-step skin care routine to the skin of head), animal fats (e.g. horse oil, lanolin from sheep), and eye smiles (baby eye fat).
bukhansan-mountain-fall-seasonBukhansan Mountain during fall season

hiking & mountain climbing

Hiking and mountain activities are one of South Koreans’ best-kept secrets regarding health and longevity.

You can easily hike or climb mountains in South Korea. No need to go far because they are even located in the major cities including Seoul. Some of the popular mountains in Korea include…

For more South Korea travel info on mountains, please see here:

island travels

Korea is dotted with over three thousand (approximately 3,358 islands) most of them are uninhabited but great for exploration.

The following islands are the bigger ones with inhabitants. These are the popular destinations especially during holidays such as summer time…

  • Seonjaedo
  • Sinuido
  • Hongdo
  • Cheongsando
  • Ulleungdo
  • Deokjeokdo
  • Uido
  • Ganghwado
  • Wando, Jukdo, Geojedo, Oedo, Somaemuldo, Udo, etc.

Leisure and sports
Shopping spree

More details and links in this page will be added soon.

Thanks for reading. Please, share or like if this South Korea travel info is helpful.

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