Gyeonggi Province Attractions

gyeonggi-province-attractionsA fantastic sight from Namhansanseong Fortress in Gyeoggi Province

Gyeonggi Province Attractions

Gyeonggi Province Attractions offers tourism destinations available in this province. This area is very accessible due to its proximity to Seoul and Incheon International Airport.

Gyeonggi Province is one of the largest and most prosperous (and populous) provinces in South Korea.

Literally, "Gyeonggi" means "the area surrounding the capital," which is Seoul. Gyeonggi's capital is Suwon.

Not only does Gyeonggi is a vast and populous province, but it is also popular and dotted with exciting travel and tourism sites.

You may explore and enjoy various sorts of tourism attractions in Gyeonggi Province. Some of the major destinations are the following...

Chungnyeongsan Natural Recreation Forest
Your visit here will be a heartwarming and memorable. The view of the surrounding changes every time you visit. Its verdant forest features crystal clear streams, ancient pine trees, and fecund plant varieties.

You can witness a colorful festival of Royal Azalea in May, such as in Cheungnyeongsan and Seorisan (mountains). You can see more here.

namhansanseong-fortress-mangwolsaFiery sight behind Mangwolsa Temple at Namhansanseong Fortress, Gyeonggi Province

Namhansanseong Fortress
Namhansanseong Mountain Fortress is a beautiful fortified mountain. Visitors come to see and hike its courses any season of the year.

Namhansanseong was designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2014. You can see not only the fantastic environment but also the century-old cultural heritage, including Haenggung, Jisudang, Yeogmugwan, Sungyeoljeon, and Cheongryangdang (structures).

Icheon Termeden
This is the first German-style spa resort in South Korea. You can visit here to experience an indoor bathing pool, outdoor spa pool, and sauna.

More, you can avail of its therapy center, ecological pond, and delicious menu at its food court. See

Donggureung (Royal Tombs)
Donggureung Royal Tombs is designated as historic site number 193 in South Korea. It is where nine royal tombs of nine kings were buried. This beautiful tomb area is also where some queens of the Joseon Dynasty have been enshrined.

Everland (Theme Park)
Everland is one of the most popular theme parks in the country. You can experience various exciting and hair-raising rides at this largest park.

Aside from the roller coasters, you can also see wild beasts and other animals you dreamt of seeing when you were a child. A dream come true!

Jaraseom Island
Jaraseom Island is famous for its annual international jazz festival. It happens every autumn.

More, you will enjoy the serene environment of Jaraseom. It is an eco-friendly island and is perfect for auto camping. You will enjoy the beautiful scenery of Bukhansan Mountain, Jandigwangjang (plaza), and its Eco-Cultural Park.

The Garden of Morning Calm
This garden park is filled with over 5,000 plants of various species. About 300 of them are wild plants from the famous Baekdusan (or Baekdu Mountain).

At this paradise garden, you can explore the 20 gardens and two exhibition rooms. The movie "Letters" boosted this garden's popularity.

Ipobo (Jeong Yak-yong)
Jeong Yak-yong was a leading scholar of the Joseon Dynasty on ethical matters. Jeong was born here and was also buried here.

Jeong Yak-yong's memorial hall and monument was built to honor his works. Besides honoring him, you can also stroll along the calm Namhan River's riverbank and see the historic site in Dasan.

Hwaseong Fossilized Dinosaur Eggs Site
Star Field Hanam
Hantangang Tourist Site
The Green Botanical Garden Cafe
Pocheon SpringFall
Sanjeong Lake
Island Castle
Semiwon (Garden)
Soyosan Mountain Tourist Site
Herb Island
Yongmunsan Mountain Tourist Site
Gapyeong Petite France
Seoul Grand Park
Korean Folk Village
Woongjin Playdoci
Goyang One Mount
Mulhyanggi Arboretum
Suwon Hwaseong Fortress
Uiwang Rail Bike
Imjingak Pavilion / Pyeonghwa Nuri Park
Samseongsan Traditional Temple
Surisan Provincial Park
Heyri Art Village
Oido (Island)
Gwangmyeong Cave
Sihwa Lake Tidal Power Plant
Gwangmyeong Velodrome
Bukhansan National Park
Chang Ucchin Art Museum

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