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Jun 06, 2023

Exciting Daejeon Expo Park


Daejeon Expo Park is an exciting place for friends and families to explore and enjoy old expo items, learn art crafts, eat and drink local menu, and more.

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Jun 05, 2023

Daejeon Arts Center | Dunsan Park


Daejeon Arts Center is the main performance center for culture and arts. It is at the heart Daejeon City where all other attractions can be easily reached.

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Jun 03, 2023

Donggureung Royal Tombs in Guri


Donggureung Royal Tombs article describes the green and historical burial area of kings & queens of Joseon Dynasty. Exploring & hiking around is great here.

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Jun 03, 2023

The Baekje Kingdom


The Baekje Kingdom article briefly features the achievements of this significant power that composed Korea's famous Three Kingdoms. See the photos and stories.

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Jun 03, 2023

Daejeon Travel Attractions and Destinations

gyeryongsan mountain park view peaks

Daejeon Travel Attractions article show the best and popular travel sites, mountains, trails, museums, and exciting destinations in Daejeon area.

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Jun 03, 2023

Daejeo Ecological Park


Daejeo Ecological Park is an amazing place to be especially when various flowers bloom during the Spring season. Enjoy the park's refreshing sights.

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Jun 03, 2023

Lively Daehangno Street


Daehangno Street

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Jun 02, 2023

Samcheok City: A Journey Through Time, Nature, and Cultural Heritage


Samcheok City page briefly describes this east sea small but amazing city. You can explore and enjoy its beautiful land and sea spectacles.

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Jun 01, 2023

Wonderful Wondaeri Birch Forest

birch tree

Wondaeri Birch Forest is a beautiful forest park planted with white birch trees. It is most amazing when visited during the Winter or when everything is white..

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Jun 01, 2023

Gangneung Gyeongpo Beach

gyeongpo beach waves

Popular Gyeongpo Beach offers a long stretch of soft sandy beach area, shallow waters, and amazing sceneries around. Holiday facilities are accessible nearby.

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Jun 01, 2023

Isabu Lion Park

isabu park steps

Isabu Lion Park is a fantastic theme park for all ages. Located on top of a hill in Gangwon Province, it offers beautiful views of the beaches & sea.

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May 31, 2023

Busan Dadaepo Beach


Dadaepo Beach is a beautiful beach area located around 8 kilometers from Busan City's downtown center. You can watch migratory birds by the river nearby.

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May 31, 2023

Best Cycling Routes in Korea


The cycling routes in Korea are not only numerous but also diverse and exciting. You can hit the roads by the mountainsides, farming villages, or seasides.

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May 31, 2023

Bugaksan Mountain and Fortress Wall

bugaksan mountain wall uphill

Bugaksan Mountain and its fortress wall is best place to be on the mountain in Seoul. It offers beautiful city views throughout the year and good for hiking.

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May 30, 2023

Chiaksan National Park

wonju chiaksan birobong peak stone marker and me

Chiaksan National Park of South Korea is a grandiose and famous mountain in Wonju. The park has amazing peaks, scenic slopes, valleys, streams and waterfalls.

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