Best Gyeongsangnamdo Travel Attractions

gyeongsangnamdo-travel-attractionsHaedong Yonggungsa Temple is one of Gyeongsangnamdo's top travel attractions

Gyeongsangnamdo Travel Attractions

Gyeongsangnamdo (or Gyeongsangnam-do) is the South Gyeongsang Province of South Korea. This province is well-known for its varied travel attractions with rustic, serene, as well as electrifying places.

You can enjoy its verdant mountains covered with ancient and new trees where birds and some wild animals make their home.

Or, hike the mountain peaks and discern the spectacles of the surrounding valleys and everything around.

You can walk along the gorgeous beaches and watch the sky-blue sea, or dive in and feel...

You can also become more mindful of yourself if you visit the serene and mystical Buddhist temples initially built centuries ago.

Of course, wherever to set foot in any of Gyeongsangnamdo's cities, you can explore and enjoy their vibrant and invigorating activities.

Haedong Yonggungsa
Haedong Yonggungsa (temple) is a beautiful temple area facing the beautiful sea and seaside views.

The whole area is very unique as part of the temple area is somehow flat area while the temples are on the rocks by the hillsides.

Being a popular religious travel destination, please know that it could be crowded during weekends. Only those who can climb up/down steps are allowed to visit. Please, see my article here.

haedong-yonggungsa-templeGranite steps and lanterns at Haedong Yonggungsa Temple, Busan

Beomeo-sa Temple
Beomeosa Temple is a beautiful religious sight and travel destination in Busan. Its surroundings are also full of historical sites, including the old mountain fortress built against foreign invaders in the past.

You can find old relics at their museum, including structures such as the single pillar gate.

Almost anyone can come as the facilities (such as steps and paths towards the temple area) are very much accessible. My article is here.

beomeosa-templeAncient gate with parallel columns supporting its roof at Beomeosa Temple, Busan City, Gyeongsangnamdo

Jagalchi Fish & Seafood Market
I wanted to try their fresh seafood as they are so tempting, but decided to come again with a partner or friend!

They sell all sorts of seafood products as it is considered the largest market in the country. You may see my article here.

Gamcheon Culture Village
This village used to be a place where locals stay like a 'ghetto.' However, the residents were able to change that stigma by turning it into a village of art.

The local artist started painting their walls, setting up statues, colorful lights, carvings, etc. You can read more here.

busan-gamcheon-villageGamcheon Culture Village

Haeundae Beach
Haeundae Beach has the best sand and most charming views among the beaches in South Korea. Its features make it the most popular beach in the country.

If you want to see its full beauty, don't come when the throng of crowd and parasols blanket the beach during peak season (August).

Among other exciting activities, you can explore its sand sculptures during summertime. You can see more about Haeundae Beach here.

haeundae-beach-busanHaeundae Beach in Busan City

Ssanggye-sa (Temple)
Spectacular temple area by the mountainside

Take a ferry to this island topped with rugged ridges with ropes and ladders exciting enough for enthusiasts

Ancient Temple first built in AD 544 and rebuilt in 1636--surrounded by Jirisan National Park's natural beauty.

Mijo in Namhaedo
Mijo is an old fishing village where you walk along the rustic port area, alleyways and try the rural cuisine.

Busan Tower
If you wish to get a much more extensive and exciting view of Busan City and its surroundings, get to the top. Enjoy the city lights in the evening.

Nurimaru APEC House
It looks fantastic from the outside, but I've not been inside because it was closed. Drop by here when you visit the famous Dongbaekseom Island Park.

nurimaru-apec-houseNurimaru APEC House offers mesmerizing lights views of the bridge in the evening time

Naewon-sa (Temple)
Located in Jirisan National Park, Naewonsa's great feature include the Silla pagoda and a statue of Cheonwangbonsalnim.

Chilbul-sa (Temple)
This small Buddhist Temple was first built in AD560. Located seven kilometers from Ssangggye Temple, Chilbulsa was burnt to ashes during the Korean War but was rebuilt in 1984.

Geumjeong Fortress
It is excellent to hike Geumjeong Mountain, but you won't see the fortress anymore. It has four gates and stone walls that surround the area.

Jinju National Museum
Learn about its history and see the collections of the wartime of the Imjin War.

Hakdong Mongdol Beach, Geojedo (Island)
Hakdong Beach is known for its beach covered with black pebbles. Fantastic for a family picnic and romantic getaways.

Busan Modern History Museum
See historical records and photos of Busan port, Japanese influences, and Korean war images.

Yongdu-san Park and Busan Tower
After your shopping spree at Nampodong, you can take the escalator from the bottom to Yongdusan Park where Busan Tower also lies with its imposing height overlooking the city of Busan.

Come on a clear day, and you will enjoy the sights of Busan City and its surroundings-mountains and seas from the top of Busan Tower (118 meters high).

Jungang Live Fish Market
Explore and buy fresh fish, fruits, and vegetables here.

Busan Museum of Art
Exhibits are mostly from local artists and some international arts.

Millennium Statue in Busan City
Enjoy the lights in its surroundings, especially during Christmas time.

Geumgang Park in Busan
It is a park and cable car nearby

Buril Pokpo
It is an excellent 3-hour hike from Ssanggye Temple to this small falls in Jirisan National Park.

Jinyangho Lake Park, Jinju
Lakeside park with some hotels, views, cafes, and an amusement park.

German Village, Namhaedo
A village where you can find Germans who settled down here a long time ago.

Undersea Tunnel
A tunnel built undersea in the 1930s.

Mountain Fortress and Gates in Busan
West Gate (Geumjeongsan Mountain Gate)
North Gate (Near Beomeosa Temple)
South Gate (Near Songdo Marine Cable Car station)

Mountain Fortresses in Jinju
East Gate (close restaurants)
North Gate (northern entrance to the fortress)

Many thanks for reading down to this part. I hope this is useful for your travel search.

Have fun and safe travels always!

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