Ansan Botanical Garden

ansan-botanical-gardenDiamond-shaped roof of Ansan Botanical Garden (photo: AnbyG)

Ansan Botanical Garden

Ansan Botanical Garden is one of the treasured leisure, educational, and cultural places in Ansan City, Gyeonggi Province, South Korea. Visitors do not only cherish and appreciate the plants inside the Garden, but also locals learn about horticulture, including children and students.

Ansan City lies southwest of Seoul, the capital of South Korea. Being part of the Seoul National Capital Area, Ansan is accessible to Seoul by the Seoul subway (line 4).

Besides the landmark botanic garden, you can also enjoy the Yellow Sea coast and some islands nearby. Also, you can explore more parks and natural landmarks in Ansan as part of your travel...

Ansan Lake Park
Ansan is home to several parks, including:
Ansan Lake Park
Daebu Island
Hwarang Public Garden
Lake Sihwaho
Mt. Gwangdeoksan
Mt. Surisan
Nojeok Bong Park
Seongho Park
Seongpo Arts Square
Sihwaho Lake Reed Marsh Park
Marronniergongwon Park

Right, let me continue with Ansan Botanic Garden...

The Garden is sitting in Eunseong Lake Park and provides quick access to the natural ecosystem of Ansan's beautiful urban environment.

Besides the themed gardens (such as the tropical Garden, subtropical Garden, etc.), visitors also love to explore Seongho Memorial Hall, the sculpture park, and the waterfall called Nojeokbong Falls (a human-made one!).

You will certainly enjoy and be amazed by the number and kinds of plants they are housing.

You will discover the tropical plants, fruit trees, and palms at the Tropical Garden. You will enjoy the Korean wildflowers in the Middle Region Hall, including the Jingyeongsansu and Iris flowers.

In the Southern Region Hall, you will discover a wetland that is home to various species of marshland plants, including some edible species.

palm-treesSimilar palms as shown here (Seoul Botanic Park) are found in Ansan Garden

More Detailed Features

In some detail, let me describe the plants, their numbers, and some interesting information you will find as starters.
Tropical Region Garden
This Garden has over 3,000 kinds of tropical plants. You will enjoy the scene will cactus, palm trees, herbaceous flowering plants, and more.

As a tropical garden, it houses rare tropical plants and fascinating insects (such as beetles) and fish, which would really capture the attention of small children and families.

Middle Region Garden
The middle region garden houses wildflowers that can be found only in the central part of Korea.

You will enjoy watching and observing the dormant plants waiting for the Spring season during the Winter.

Such flowers include the fragrant Jingyeongsansu, Fragrant Thyme, Web Baisul, Siberian Chrysanthemum, and T. Caespitosa.

water-liliesWater Lilies

Southern Region Garden
You will enjoy watching the wildflowers that only grow in the Southern part of Korea at the Southern Region Garden. You will find the hibernating 16,000 kinds of plants sleeping during the Winter.

Much more, you will find a lake that is home to water lilies, trees, marshland plants, including some edible plants.

Useful Information

Before you visit, the following details could help you prepare what you need to do in advance...

Address: (I-dong) 113, Seongho-ro, Sangnok-gu, Ansan-si     
Local Phone Number:  031-481-3168

Operation Hours:
10 AM to 5 PM during the Winter
10 AM to 7 PM during the Summer
Entrance Fee: Free

Please, check out the information in the next sub-topic for your transportation.

Getting to Ansan Botanical Garden

You have choices of public transports when you travel to Ansan Garden. Via public carriers, you can take a bus, taxi, or a subway to get near to the place.

By Bus
You can take a City Bus among one of the following numbers:
11, 11-2, 66, 76, 99-1, 125, 511.

By Subway (from Seoul)
If you come from Seoul, take the Seoul Subway Line 4 to get to Ansan City. From the City, you can take a bus or a taxi to get to the Botanic Garden.

By Car
Your destination should be going to...
City hall → Star plaza → Bus terminal → Left at the Agricultural & fisheries wholesale market → Il-dong → Botanical garden

Also, you can drive at No. 42 road toward Suwon → Enter Ildong IC and turn left -> Botanical Garden

Alternately, take No. 42 road toward Incheon → Jeil C.C → Bugok Middle school → Botanical garden. Thanks for reading this article!

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