Gyeyang District Public Library

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Gyeyang District Public Library

The Gyeyang District Public Library, inaugurated on July 1, 2013, stands as a beacon of knowledge and learning in the Gyeyang District, Gyesan-dong, nearby Gyeyang Mountain or Gyeyangsan [계양산]. 

It is a repository of over 213,000 books, thoughtfully categorized into sections like general, children's, teenager, reference, large print, Braille, and multicultural to cater to a diverse readership.

Its non-book collection, exceeding 28,000 items, encompasses a variety of media, including DVDs, ebooks, audiobooks, and CDs, covering a wide array of subjects from philosophy to technology.

Occupying approximately 5,500 square meters, the library's infrastructure is expansive, featuring a reference room segmented into distinct zones for comprehensive data, children's resources, digital access, and general reading.

The Lifelong Learning Room is a highlight, consisting of multifunctional spaces like learning rooms, an Information Education Center, Cassia Tree Hall, and Geuloreum School, fostering continuous education and community engagement.

The library's core mission revolves around cultivating a rich reading culture within the community. This includes organizing reading clubs and author schools and relaying humanities lectures in collaboration with local educational institutions.

The library also strongly emphasizes digital literacy, offering a range of programs that span from basic digital skills to advanced ICT and artificial intelligence coding education.

gyeyang mountain pavilion district viewGyeyang District Public Library is a few meters from Gyeyang Mountain, the most popular mountain in Incheon.

Accessibility is a crucial consideration, with the library being easily reachable by public transport, and it even features a specially designed route for electronic wheelchairs.

The library's commitment to inclusivity and education makes it a vital resource and a hub of cultural activity in the Gyeyang District.

Data Status:
General books: have a total of over 130 000;
Children's books: over 80,000.
Total number of books is over 213, 000.
The books cover guns, philosophy, religion, social science, natural sciences, technology science, art, language, literature, and history.
These books are divided into common books, teenager, reference, large letters, Braille, and multicultural.

Non-book Materials:
There are 28,000 materials, including DVDs, ebooks, audiobooks, CDs, etc., about guns, philosophy, religion, social science, natural sciences, technology, art, language studies, literature, and history.

Total Data
Gyeyang Public Library has a total of over 240,000 materials.
It holds over 200,000 books on the subjects mentioned above.
It holds over 28,000 non-book materials on the subjects mentioned above.

gyeyang-district-public-library-solar-eneryGyeyang District Public Library operates a solar energy system to support its energy consumption and for green development.

Facility Status

Gyeyang Public Library has a total of 5,500 square meters of land. The building is about 6059.18 square meters.

It has a reference room and a lifelong learning room and has 1,413 seats in total. The Reference Room is divided into Comprehensive Data Room, Children's Data Room, Digital Data Room, and General Reading Room.

The Lifelong Learning Room has four rooms, including two learning rooms: the Information Education Center, Cassia Tree Hall, and Geuloreum School.

Floor Information

Floors Information
Division: Basement (First Floor) Floor is composed of Cassia Tree hall, Resting Area, Electric Room, Air Conditioning/ Machine Room, Overnight work room (cleaner lounge), Female employee lounger, archives, preservation library, and others (hall, restrooms, etc.)

First Floor: It comprises a digital data room, computer room, information education center, geoloreum school, children's resource center, Children's room, hall, restrooms, etc.

Second Floor: It has a comprehensive data room, enema room, information data department, management department, two learning rooms, book cafe sharing, restrooms, etc., and an environmental love learning center.

Third Floor: It has three reading rooms (study halls), a reading culture department, a hall, restrooms, etc.


  • The rest area has seats and spaces for relaxing.
  • Bicycle Storage/Rack for bicycle 
  • Storage for library maintenance 
  • Has small gardens.

Gyeyang Public Library has a total of 1,413 seats.

gyeyang-district-public-library-front-viewA view from the road and main entrance of Gyeyang District Public Library, Incheon.

Main Business Information

Developing a reading culture movement linked to the region:
Spreading the culture of reading, walking, and writing, which are the basics of humanity.

Business information:
Reading one book a semester: Support for intensive reading linked to the subject and operation of a reading program

Reading clubs and reading clubs: adult reading clubs, children's reading clubs, parent reading coaching, reading club operations:

  • Citizen Author School: Providing author experience by operating a writing competency enhancement program and publishing books
  • Humanities Lecture Relay: Eight Incheon Metropolitan Office of Education libraries hold humanities lectures in a monthly relay format.
  • Community network project: Support reading, walking, and writing programs in cooperation with village educational institutions such as small libraries, local bookstores, and local children's centers.

Operating a program to spread reading culture:

  • Creating a 'book-reading Incheon' by developing a reading promotion project to encourage citizens to read and use libraries.
  • Library Day (April 12), Library Week (April 12~18), Reading Month (September): Various events such as meetings with authors, various reading and experience programs, etc.
  • Reading one book in one city: Gyeyang-gu Book of the Year (hosted by Gyeyang-gu Office), Michuhol Book (hosted by Michuhol Library) exhibition and loan of selected books

Lifelong learning program operation

Gyeyang District Public Library provides diverse and innovative lifelong learning programs to create a lifelong learning society open to residents and provide cultural and cultural events to improve residents' quality of life.

Business information:
-Regular lifelong learning programs such as reading, education, culture and arts, and liberal arts;
-Library village school during vacation, including reading culture experience;
-Community harmony program for underprivileged groups such as the disabled and multicultural groups.

Elementary school literacy education "Geuloreum School":
- When: March to December
- Target: Adults over 18 years of age without an elementary school education
- Training period and content (1 year course per stage)

Village education community that communicates with the village:
- Operation of village education revitalization project to spread community values

Business Information:

  • Gyeyangsan Forest Ecological Archiving: Collect data to archive Gyeyangsan Mountain ecological resources and publish data digitally
  • Forest walk in every corner of Gyeyangsan Mountain: commentary on Gyeyangsan Mountain's ecological resources (trees, insects, birds, etc.) and walking along the trail
  • Support for village education human resource activities: resource circulation & ecological environment village teacher maintenance training
  • Operation of resource circulation and ecological environment classes: Operate resource circulation and ecological environment programs by dispatching resource circulation and ecological environment village teachers to daycare centers and kindergartens in the district.

Strengthening Digital Literacy Education

Operation Details:

  • Operates digital competency training to foster healthy digital citizens who respect and interact with others on digital platforms
  • Operate digital ICT experience training to increase creative thinking
  • (Response to the digital era) Maker ICT education program

Digital basics and ICT (information and communication technology) utilization training:

  • Period: March to December
  • Target: Incheon citizens (students, adults, seniors)
  • Contents: Smartphone, beginner computer, Hangul & Excel, PowerPoint, etc.

Application software and artificial intelligence coding education:

  • Period: March to December
  • Target: Incheon citizens (students, adults, seniors)
  • Contents: AI artificial intelligence coding, 3D printing, Chat GPT, Metaverse, etc.

Digital ICT fairy tale Experience education program
Fairy Tale Storytelling Experience Center Operation』 utilizing 3D virtual space
Period: April to December
Target: Children aged 5 to 7 at kindergartens and daycare centers in Gyeyang-gu
Contents: Fairy tale experience and book play in 3D virtual space

general Directions

Coming from any point of departure, find the following bus numbers to get to Gyeyang District Public Library...

By Bus (get off at Gyesan Station):

  1. Main Buses: 24-1, 30, 79, 80 
  2. Ordinary Buses: 81, 88 Seat 111, 111B, 302, 302B 
  3. Wide area: 1500, 9500 Intercity 3000, 3030, 5000 
  4. Village Bus (maeul bus): 583, 584-1, 587, 588

Special Service Buses:

  • Low-floor bus operation: 24-1, 583, 584-1 - 
  • Low-floor bus text message notification service: Incheon Metropolitan City Bus Information System ( Bus search > Detailed route > Select stop > Click bus reservation button

By Subway (Incheon Line 1)

Come out of Exit 6 of Gyesan Station on Incheon Line 1, go straight 100m toward Gyeyangsan Mountain, and pass Gyesan Sports Park on the right. It takes 10 minutes on foot to get there.

By Car

From the intersection of Gyesan Station, go straight toward Gyeyangsan Mountain, turn right at the first alley, turn left around Gyesan Sports Park, and go about 50m. The Gyeyang Library parking lot is on the left.

Gyeyang Library Address: 18 Gyeyangsan-ro 134beon-gil, Gyeyang-gu, Incheon

Getting There on Electric Wheelchair

After getting off at Gyesan Station, use the elevator to move to the ground. Take the route toward Gyesan National Sports Park

Recommended route: Take Exit 6, go straight up toward Gyeyangsan Mountain, pass the public restroom on the right, and use the side road to Gyesan National Sports Park (use the sidewalk blocks and deck path).

Main street route: Take Exit 6 and go up towards Gyeyangsan Mountain, turn right at the first alley (Restaurant, Namwon Chueotang), and follow the road (the walk is narrow and there is much traffic, so it is congested).

When getting inside the library area, enter through the wheelchair ramp at the main entrance of Gyeyang District Public Library.

It takes five minutes to get there.

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