Hangdong Blue Arboretum

hangdong-blue-arboretumHangdong Blue Arboretum or Pureun Arboretum

Hangdong Blue Arboretum

Hangdong Blue Arboretum (Pureun Arboretum) is considered the first municipal Arboretum in the Seoul area. It is sitting at the end of Guro District on the southwestern side of Seoul, South Korea.

It is meant to be the "eco-island" center for educational ecology and other eco-friendly management and activities.

That is what makes it different from a park or an amusement park.

This municipal Arboretum aims to be a valuable resource of cultural heritage on ecology. All citizens should care and protect and be handed down from the present to the next and future generations.

Seoul City planned a green arboretum creation project to respond to Seoul's citizens' opinion to highlight the importance of plants and the meaning of life as a cultural asset and convert it into an ecological city.

The basic plan presented a vision for a complex operation of collecting, increasing, preserving, and managing plant genetic resources, and conducting exhibition planning, educational programs, and research projects.

The plan, which began as one of the creations of Green Seoul, is a plan to create a new attraction in Seoul theme gardens with four seasons, education centers with year-round education, and an arboretum with a community where citizens participate.

In the end, this project is meant to transform the lives of urban residents into a new and better form.

hangdong-blue-arboretumBlue Lilies

Hangdong Blue Arboretum's Features

Hangdong Pureun Arboretum occupies over 100,000 square meters of land and water in the Hangdong area of Guru District.

It is cultivating around 2,100 species of plants on its various attractive gardens, including the...

  • lawn gardens,
  • fragrance gardens,
  • rock gardens, and
  • children's gardens.

Using its resources, the Arboretum educates people at their education centers by including gardening, ecological learning, and hands-on experience to practice theories and knowledge into practical daily life.

Main Facilities at Hangdong Arboretum

Yes, we mentioned above that fundamentally, Hangdong Blue Arboretum is an ecological education center. However, it is more than just a green center and an attraction, as you might have guessed already.

When you visit the place, you will find various facilities that could make your day worth your time, while at the same time learning something about plants and nature in general.

So, here are the main facilities...

  • Visitor Information Center
  • Forest Education Center (Glass Greenhouse)
  • Book Cafe
  • Garden Cafe
  • Twenty-Five Theme Gardens
  • Hangdong Reservoir Blue Arboretum, and others.

Functional Arboretum is not just a place to show colorful plants, but a place where various species, plant exhibitions, and education are held.

Plants are the most basic of the natural ecosystem, and animals cannot survive without them.

Green Arboretum is a clean arboretum that maintains various ecosystems through eco-friendly cultivation management.

More Facilities Descriptions

Book Cafe
The 'Book Cafe' is a small library with books related to plants and gardens and books donated by citizens.

This is a place that is used by all ages and genders visiting the Arboretum.

The Book Cafe Keeper organizes books, mediates big and small fuss, and informs you of the rules when using them.

The cafe also lends a stroller and wheelchair for users to use and guides the baby to the nursing room so that mothers can breastfeed comfortably.

Address: 240 Yeondong-ro, Guro-gu, Seoul
Phone: 02-2686-3200
Entrance Fee: Admission and parking are temporarily free
Operation Hours: 5 am to 10 pm (open all-year-round)

Arboretum guardian
Pureun Arboretum guardians are working on gardening in the Arboretum by people who have completed garden-related classes such as city gardeners and citizen gardeners.

The most practical and actual activities taking place in the garden include planting and transplanting, cutting, pruning, harvesting, seeding, and weed removal.

Getting to Hangdong Blue Arboretum

You can quickly get to Hangdong Arboretum by taking public transportation. Here's how...

By Subway +Bus
Take any Seoul Subway train that will bring you to Onsu Subway Station (Line 1). Then come out from Exit 3 and take a village bus (maeul bus) Guro 07.

Alternatively, head to Exit 2 of Line 7 and get off at the Hangdong Arboretum Reservoir's back gate, the 5th stop.

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