Busan City Jangsan Mountain

jangsan-mountainA beautiful sight of the waterfall and its environment at Jangsan Mountain

Jangsan Mountain

Jangsan Mountain (장산) is a very popular mountain among hikers in Haeundae-gu (district), Busan City, South Korea. From its peak, it gives you a different beautiful view of Busan's surroundings and blue sea.

It has an elevation of 634 meters above sea level. Located in Haeundae District, the area known for the top-rated Haeundae Beach, Jangsan offers you lots of fantastic travel sites.

Signs posted indicate that an active land minefield is situated on the mountain.

It is a 9.2-mile loop and could take around 5 hours to climb up and return. As a legacy of the Korean War, you can still observe its remnants when you see signposts of landmines in some marked parts of the mountain.

A popular weekend area with hikers from all over the peninsula, 634-meter-high Jangsan boasts a range of well-maintained routes that are divvied up according to the difficulty level.

Pick one to the top (which takes about 2 hours to reach) or the midpoint, depending on your physical fitness level.

In addition to using spectacular ocean views, the mountain's expansive silver turf fields, which are their most lovely in October to mid-November, is a sight to be seen. Reflecting the sun, the turf develops a silver wave effect that reaches out as far as the horizon.

Jangsan Mountain in Haeundae-gu is the very best location to enjoy and admire fields of stunning silver grass.

Jangsan Mountain commands a view of not only downtown Busan but also of the nearby ocean adorned with bridges linking with small islands and districts.

jangsan-mountain-silver-grassA field of Silver Grass in Jangsan is one of the best sights and popular sights when hiking this mountain

It is a top-rated trekking destination much of the year. Lovely sights such as a revitalizing waterfall bring individuals out in the summer season.

Start from Daecheon Stream Park and head toward the mountain. Breathe in the crisp mountain air while walking through the forest course and forest park.

Silvery waves through the flame lawn field against the blue sky are a precious gift offered just around this time of year.

The site is thought about among the 12 most gorgeous sights in Haeundae, according to the Haeundae government office.

Take a pause and discover assurance surrounded by the beauty of nature. Climb another 15 minutes from the flame lawn field to reach the mountaintop and take in extra excellent views of the city below.

jangsan-mountainGwangan Bridge's mesmerizing view as seen from Jangsan

Getting to Jangsan Mountain

You can easily get to Busan City from Seoul or Incheon International Airport via train or express bus.

Alternatively, if it is possible, you can fly to Gimhae International Airport, which is established much closer to Busan City.

If and when you are already in the city, take the subway Line 2 and then get off at Jangsan Station.

Then come out from Exit 12 and walk straight to the entrance area of Daecheon Park. Walking from the station to the park takes around twenty minutes.

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