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jeju-spirited-gardenJeju Spirited Garden

jeju Spirited Garden

Jeju Spirited Garden is a beautiful place created as a result of hard, laborious efforts. The garden has over 400 planted trees on display. The trees and bonsai trees can be found in all small seven gardens.

By the way, the Spirited Garden is just amazing for both exploring and dining services. You can enjoy its cuisine of all sorts at its gardens.

Guests can see various features, including stone walls, stone towers stacked using the volcanic stones, artificial falls, and colorful freshwater carps below the waterfalls.

Background of Spirited Garden

Seong Beom-Yeong, the garden's creator, started this once wasteland covered with black volcanic rocks of the island. His hard labor to transform the ground began in 1963 and turned into an international attraction.

When he successfully transformed the wasteland into this present paradise, he called it the Bunjae Arpia, which was renamed the Spirited Garden in 2007.

During the 15th anniversary, the garden was renewed and turned into an international garden, recognizing the foreign visitor's high appreciation of his efforts.

It became famous that celebrities and leaders from other countries come to see it, hold meetings, and enjoy dinners.

The international figures who enjoyed the place include Jiang Zemin and Hu Jintao of China, Yasuhiro Nakasone of Japan, ambassadors, and mayors from other cities and nations.

Other social gatherings are also welcome here, such as various celebrations. Also, multiple events, such as beauty pageants and the same suits to this atmosphere, are filled with magic and beauty.

Now, let me introduce the gardens where the fantastic meal services are being offered.

jeju-gardenA beautiful garden on Jeju Island

Various Gardens & Events

Gardens for Events
There are various types of gardens and services, including...

Secret Garden
The Secret Garden accepts and serves various events, including corporate meetings, conferences, events, and banquets of all sorts. The atmosphere suits for an amicable and positive relationship building with the participants and guests

Garden Party
You can arrange a grand party for your special event or corporate and political parties.

Cocktail Party
You can also enjoy a sumptuous dinner while socializing with all guests to share stories or offer business propositions in a beautiful garden.

Dinner Service
The dinner service is luxurious in an indoor banquet, a spacious room with a serene view of the garden. You will be sitting around the tables comfortably while being served by its hospitable staff serving with the best cuisines on the island.

Wines & Food Service
The wines available at Jeju Spirited Garden are spirits from the usual famous countries that export wines--France, Chile, Australia, Italia, etc.

The food and cuisines from various cultural backgrounds are being prepared with fresh products from local and international sources. The chefs ensure that guests would find their dining experience and an unforgettable one.

Other services could also be attractive to guests and groups who wish to experience the ambiance, surrounding, services, and facilities of Spirited Garden, such as tours, photography, and wedding services.

Open to Public

The Spirited Garden welcomes individuals and groups as guests prepared to do any activity they wish to do, aside from enjoying the bonsais and other plants and flowers and artworks.

Lunch Buffet
The garden offers a lunch buffet with the following menu: tropical fruits, fish, seafood, Chinese cuisine, and Korean side dishes.

Playing with the Tree
This activity includes tree storytelling, tree observation activity, tree healing song and dance, and pot-making.

Other activities include garden tours, writing poems, painting, learning kimchi's history, and more exciting activities for both adults and children alike.

Entrance Fees
Adult: 12,000 KRW; Teenager/Senior Citizen: 10,000 KRW; Child: 5,000KRW
Groups (from 20 and over): Adult: 10,000 KRW; Teenager/Senior Citizen: 8,000 KRW; Child: 5,000 KRW

Adult (19 years and over), Teenager (middle/high school), child (from 3 years and elementary); Senior Citizen (65 years and over)

Restrooms and parking areas are available onsite.

Also, ensure that you know there are other attractions nearby Jeju Spirited Garden, below...

More Attractions Nearby

Jeoji Oreum (Dakmol Oreum, Sae Oreum)
Jeoji Oreum is a mountain, a parasitic cone, which rises almost 240 meters above sea level. It is located in Hangyeong-myeon in Jeju City. It has fantastic views of the surroundings.

Jeju Glass Castle
Jeju Glass Castle is a parking facility where one can feel a magical atmosphere. The castle is made of glass art featuring an exhibition hall, gardens, and other relaxing facilities.

Seogwang Tea Garden (제주 서광다원)
This tea garden is located in Seogwipo City, where one can explore a green tea plantation. The facility will let you try the fresh tea within this largest plantation in the country.

Jeju Aerospace Museum (제주항공우주박물관)
Jeju Aerospace Museum is thought to be the biggest one in Asia. Besides the aeronautic information and exhibitions of places and space crafts, you can also learn something about astronomy.

Getting to Jeju Spirited Garden

You can quickly get to the Spirited Garden by taking a taxi or bus. Here's how.

By Taxi
From Jeju International Airport, take a taxi that will bring you there in 40 minutes or less. If you decide to rent a car and drive around Jeju Island, that's also a fantastic option.

By Bus
From Jeju City, you can take bus 750 or 755 until you reach Donggwang. Then transfer to bus 900 or take a taxi to reach Spirited Garden.

I hope this helps and share with us your experience then. Thanks for reading!

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