odaesan national park

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odaesan national park

Odaesan National Park (Korean: 오대산국립공원, Hanja: 五臺山國立公園) is a mountain park designated in 1975. Odaesan Mountain, from which the park is named after, is located in Gangwon Province of South Korea.

The over 1,500-meter-high mountain literally means “Five Plains Mountain.” Its name owes from the five plains within and surrounding the five major mountain peaks consisting the park.

The other mountain peaks being Horyeongbong, Sangwangbong, Dongdaesan, Durobong, and Birobong. The last one, Birobong Peak, is the highest peak with over 1,500 meters above sea level.

As a park fecund with diverse biological life, researchers say the park houses over 3,000 flora and fauna species.

You can find diverse animal species such as deer, boar, turtledoves, woodpeckers, among many wild animals. (However, the park is generally safe for hiking).

Although many places are NOT open to the public due to some reasons (such as preservation period, etc.), you can explore other beautiful trails and cultural heritage sites.

trails Open for Hiking

The following hiking trails are accessible to all hikers. You can decide which trail you want to explore...

Sangwonsa Temple ->2km-> Jeokmyeolbogung
Sangwonsa Temple - >1.3km-> Jungdae
Sogeumgang River ->2.5km-> Guryong Falls
Woljeongsa hoesageori ->8.1km-> Dongpigol -> Sangwonsa Temple

Available for Hiking Courses
Durobong Peak Course (10km / 4hr 40min ~ 5hr)
Duroryeong Pass - Durobong Peak - Dongdaesan Mountain - Jingogae

Dongdaesan Mountain Course (4.4km / 2hr 10min ~ 2hr 30min)
Jingogae - Dongdaesan Mountain - Dongpigol

Sangwangbong Peak Course (14km / 5hr 20min ~6hr)
Sangwonsa Temple - Birobong Peak - Sangwangbong Peak - Dudoryeong Pass

Sogeumgang River Course (13.3km / 7hr ~ 8hr)
Jingogae - Noinbong Peak - Sogeumgang (Mureunggye)

Birobong Peak Course (7km / 3hr 10min ~ 3hr & 30min)
Sangwonsa Temple - Jeokmyeolbogung - Birobong Peak

Seonjae-gil Course (10km / 3hr 30min)
Haetalgyo Bridge - Hoesageori - Dongpigol - Sangwonsa Temple

Gyebangsan Mountain Course 1 (8.9km / 6hr)
Unduryeong Pass - Observatory - Gyebangsan Summit - Jumok Habitat - Nodong Valley - Gyebangsan Mountain Auto Campground

Gyebangsan Mountain Course 2 (8.9km / 6hr)
Unduryeong Pass - Observatory - Gyebangsan Summit - Park Boundary - Gyebangsan Mountain Parking Lot

Source: www.visitkorea.or.kr

Odaesan National Park Facilities

If you have noticed, most Korean national parks have facilities that cater to the basic needs of visitors and hikers. The same goes for this fantastic mountain park area.

Parking Area
You can park any of your vehicle at the parking area close to the park.

The fee all depends on the size of your vehicle and the season you are traveling. (Peak season means more visitors and less available space for parking. The higher fees mean you are encouraged to take public transport to come).

Fee Rates: 1-7,500 Won (KRW)

Park / Entrance Fees
Entering the park is for Free!
However, you will be charged to enter some exclusive sites or cultural heritage assets such as the Woljeongsa Temple.

Campers’ Facilities
Yes, there are designated areas for visitors or campers who wish to spend more time or days to enjoy nature and the beauty of the park.

The facilities available include:  campground, auto campground, visitor's center.

Restrooms (or washrooms) are available for free just like in all public spaces in South Korea.

Getting to Odaesan National Park

The following transport guide will serve you as your travel map.

Please, take note that some changes could happen, and so you are encouraged to double-check the information. Thanks for understanding.

By Train
Cheongnyangni Station - Jinbu Station - Odaesan Park
Take any subway to Cheongnyangri Station (Blue Line) then take the KTX Seoul/Gangneung direction (takes around 11 hours) and then get off at Jinbu Station.

From Jinbu Station, you can take a taxi to Odaesan National Park (30 minutes).

The total travel time from Seoul to Odaesan is around 3 hours in total.
Approximate Expenses: 40-50,000 Won (KRW)

By Taxi from Seoul Express Bus Terminal to Odaesan
It takes 2 hours and a half for a taxi to reach the park for a fee from 160-200,000 Won.

Drive from Seoul Express Bus Terminal to Odaesan
It also takes around 2 hours and 30 minutes and spends gas/petrol costing approximately 40,000 Won.

Source: https://www.rome2rio.com/map/Seoul/Odaesan-National-Park

By Express/Intercity Bus
Take a bus from Dong Seoul Bus Terminal to Jinbu.

Bus from Jinbu Bus Terminal
From Jinbu Bus Terminal, take a local bus bound for Woljeongsa Temple or Sangwonsa Temple. Both are located in the park.


NOTE: This page will be updated with my personal travel experiences to the park to confirm the researched information above. So, please keep in touch!


Thanks so much for reading through this article. If this is useful, please share it with friends or family! ^^

Enjoy your travels.

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