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samcheok-beachSamcheok Beach as seen from the main road

Explore Samcheok Travel Attractions

Samcheok Travel Attractions page introduces you to the best and exciting places to see, explore and experience in this provincial destination.

Samcheok City is one of the top destinations in Gangwondo Province, South Korea. It boasts its natural environment, especially its pristine blue ocean and amazing beaches

Of course, the welcoming locals, culture, and fresh seafood products are its most fantastic attractions.

Let me show you some hints and tips on the attractions and destinations in Samcheok City, especially its famous sites, bucolic areas, travel activities and facilities, and pristine seasides and beaches.

samcheok-catholic-cathedralA view of an old Catholic church in Samcheok City

Beaches in Samcheok

Samcheok City is one of those places in Gangwondo Province that offers the best places to enjoy the beach and the sea. Below are some of the famous beaches you can explore...

Samcheok Beach
Samcheok Beach is famous for its 1.5 kilometers long stretch of white sandy beach area that extends about 100-meter wide. The pine trees that lined its shores all the more added its beauty, thus, attracting guests from all places.

Galnam-ri Beach
Galnam-ri Beach is a cute beach located about 30-40 minutes from Samcheok City proper. You will enjoy its peaceful and natural environment, such as the rock formations, fine sand, Instagrammable surrounding views, clean environment, and sea or beach activities.

galnam-ri-beach-samcheokA great view of Galnam-ri Beach, Samcheok City

Maengbang Beach
Maebang Beach is about a 5-kilometer stretch of white sandy beach located about 30 minutes by car from Samcheok City proper. You will enjoy its views, seawater, peaceful surrounding, nature, and blue sea.

(At present, environmental activists are protesting against a coal power construction in the area. I really hope that the construction will stop as it destroys nature and any living creature around aside from the pollution it will produce).

Exciting Activities & Sites

If you came with a friend, love ones, or family members, you could enjoy exciting rides, places, parks, and natural Samcheok travel attractions. Check them out below...

Sea Train
This Sea Train is not really on the sea, but it gives you relaxing and fantastic sea views. They claim that it is the closes train to the coastline in the world.

People enjoy the Pacific Ocean's view during their ride on this train. The scenery by the seaside is impressive, and the surrounding is non-polluted.

The train is not long and is specially built for enjoyment. It is available for a limited number of trips in a day. You can buy a ticket for the ride at this fancy-looking train that has a route only in the area.

Jangho Port
Jangho Port is famous for its circular coastline shape. Some people call it the "Naples" of South Korea. The port area and its beach area are pristine. You can enjoy its white sandy beach areas and be amazed by the entertaining rock formations and charming views around.

Jangho Port is fecund with seafood that anyone can enjoy them. Local food stalls and shops are around serving fresh dishes, including abalones, sea cucumbers, squirts, seaweeds, shells, fishes, seafood soups, among various dishes you can find.

Fishing using a hook and sinker could be your most exciting activity during the day in the area. You can easily catch any fish species, such as scorpion fish, while relishing the sound of the sea waves, seagulls, or the wind caressing against your face.

Hwanseongul Cave
Hwanseongul Cave is an exciting place among trekkers and adventurers. It has a vast dome featuring stalactites and stalagmites. It is incredible to explore the rock formations, shapes of stalactites/stalagmites formed through hundreds if not, thousands of years.

The way to Hwanseongul Cave is a bit challenging. Trekkers would enjoy the difficulty level, but some places have railings, handrails to make you feel safer.

It would be advisable to wear hiking boots and carry trekking sticks if you prefer. Of course, snacks and liquid supply for your trek is a must.

Jukseoru Pavilion
Jukseoru Pavilion is an ancient structure (renovated) you need to see during your Samcheok travel attractions explorations. It is believed to be built in 1266. It is named 'Jukseoru' probably because of the bamboo groves nearby, which still exist today. You can have lovely views surrounding it.

At present, you can find signboards inscribed with poems at this pavilion. Some of them include "Jukseorugi" written by Governor Heo Mok, "Jukseoru Jungsugi" by Dangseong Hong Baek-ryeon, "Haeseon-yuhi-jiso," "Jukseoruchaun" by Iljun Kim Chung-Hyeon, and King Jeongjo's "Eohjaesi (King's Poem)."

It offers free entrance to all guests. It is very accessible by public transports and located nearby the market.

Chuam Chotdaebawi Rock
Chuam Chotdaebawi Rock (or Chuam Candlestick Rock) formation is an exciting place and view in the Samcheok area. It is very accessible and easy to find. It offers a relaxing environment and a refreshing breeze from the sea.

Many guests would recommend this place to couples for holidays as it offers a romantic and lovely atmosphere. But, of course, it is excellent for friends and a family-friendly site.

Jeongdongjin Railway Station
Jeongdongjin Railway Station is a small but most accessible station when you decide to get to the area. Some say that it is one of the stations in the world located closest to the sea.

It gained popularity when a TV drama series "Hourglass" used the area as its film setting.

More Samcheok Travel Attractions

You may discover more Samcheok travel attractions including sites, museums, beach areas, nature, parks, and more holiday destinations during your visit. Check out some below...

  • Daegeumgul Cave
  • Haesindang Park
  • Expo Town: Cave Mystery Hall, Cave Exploration Hall, Solar Energy Hall, Samcheok Municipal Museum
  • Cheokjudonghaebi Monument (Mt. Yukyangsan Park)
  • Samcheok Port (Jeongna Port)
  • Saecheonnyeon Coastal Road
  • Isabu Lion Park

Samcheok Festivals & Events

Aside from sites, beaches, and places that you see will and enjoy during your Samcheok travel attractions exploration, you can also witness exciting festivals or even join at some of them.

  • Jukseoru Traditional Coming-of-Age Ceremony
  • Samcheok Mayor's Cup National Saltwater Fishing Competition
  • Lee Seung-hyu Jaewangungi Cultural Festival
  • Lifelong Learning Festival
  • Samcheok Isabu and Dokdo Festival
  • Jangho Fishing Village Experience Festival
  • Samcheok Beach Summer Festival
  • Samcheok Rose Festival
  • Maengbang Canola Flower Festival
  • Samcheok Jeongwol Daeboreum Festival
  • Sunrise Festival
  • Hwang Yeong-jo International Marathon Competition

Parks At Nearby Places

  • Hourglass Park
  • Haslla Art World
  • Tongil Park (Unification Park)
  • Jeongdongjin Sunrise Park
  • Aranaby Beach Playground
  • Jeongdongjin Sculpture Park

This Samcheok travel attractions guide grows as we keep updating it and adding more exciting sites and recommendations for your holiday and travel destinations.

Getting to Samcheok City

Let me describe briefly how to get to Samcheok City via public and private transports below...

By Train
By train, you can take: Taebaek Station → Donghae Station → Local Bus headed to Samcheok → Samcheok High School Bus Stop

By train from Seoul, you can take the train from Seoul Station or Cheongryangni Station and get off at Donghae Station. Then, transfer to a bus for Samcheok City, or take a taxi at the station.

By Bus
You can take an express bus from any major city in the country to Samcheok City. The bus arrives in the city directly compared to taking a train which needs you to transfer to a local bus or a taxi.

Private Vehicle (car or hired taxi)
Yeongdong Expressway and Donghae Expressway: Seoul → Gangneung → Donghae → Samcheok
National Highway No. 7: Busan → Uljin → Samcheok
National Highway No. 38: Pyeongtaek → Jecheon → Taebaek → Samcheok
National Highway No. 42: Ansan → Wonju → Jeongseon → Donghae → Samcheok (source:

I hope you enjoy your stay and travel in Samcheok City and its surrounding areas. Let me know if you need other information.

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