Seoul Grand Park Botanic Garden

seoul-grand-park-botanic-gardenA view at Seoul Grand Park's colorful Spring

Seoul Grand Park Botanic Garden

Seoul Grand Park Botanic Garden belongs to the largest amusement park for families and all guests within Seoul City, South Korea. Seoul Grand Park is great to explore and spend time just for leisure and relaxation.

The Park has various amusement facilities, including theme parks, gardens, games and sports facilities, relaxation spaces, arts, events, and entertainment, among many services.

You can visit its zoo and botanical garden to learn more or connect with nature.

Let me describe briefly the amusement resources you can find at Seoul Grand Park below.

Features of Facilities

As a 'grand' park, Seoul Grand Park offers various entertainment and relaxing services and facilities amidst the daily toils of busy people in Seoul and neighboring areas.

The Zoo
This Seoul Zoo aims to provide a livable place and environment for animals from around the world of various species.

The Seoul Zoo does not only do it for a show but also to conserve and research the rare and endangered animals and help educate the public about them.

Theme Garden
Theme Garden is one of the most exciting parts of the Park. It is most attractive during the Spring and Summer seasons. You will see a myriad of roses at its Rose Garden.

Besides the Rose Garden and seasonal plants and flowers, children can also have fun at a Children's Zoo nearby. You can take part in any special events during the warmer seasons of the year.

Healing Site
This healing place is a forested area located at the foot of Cheonggyesan Mountain. The verdant mountain cloaked with pine and other tree species envelops that border of Seoul Grand Park.

The Healing Site offers 'healing' gardens and zones, including the Forest Pathway, Water, Wind and Sunshine Zone, Barefoot Road, Aroma Garden, and Forest Plaza.

seoul-grand-park-forestSeoul Grand Park Forest Walkway

Forest Walkway
The Forest Walkway is a strolling pathway lined with beautiful trees of various species.

The trees compose the lush forest that is home to all living creatures that roam within, including squirrels, raccoons, birds, bats, rabbits, wild boars, and more.

The Forest Walkway stretches around 8 kilometers and is composed of 4 sections. The shortest section takes 30 minutes to accomplish while the full one needs 3 hours to complete (it could be faster if you walk quicker, though!)

Camping Ground
Seoul Grand Park has a friendly space for campers. You can enjoy camping, picnicking, and have fun with your friends or family through any activity you want to hold.

The Park opens its camping ground from March to November except for days with bad weather. You can enjoy its facilities at this campsite, including the volleyball court, basketball court, washroom and shower facilities, snack food shop, among others.

Above all, as this article is more on the Park's Botanical Garden, let me describe some of its features.

Seoul Grand Park Botanic Garden

Seoul Grand Park's Botanical Garden was inaugurated in 1985. It is located in the lush forest of Cheonggyesan Mountain's foothills.

Seoul Grand Park Botanical Garden is composed of...

  • a greenhouse,
  • display facilities, and
  • theme gardens.

The Seoul Grand Park Botanic Garden boasts its collection of over 41 thousand plants of over a thousand different species.

The Garden's greenhouse conserves tropical plants and subtropical plants that are not from South Korea's natural world.

Aside from the exhibitions of plant collections, Seoul Botanical Garden offers services through activities that let people directly experience and learn about plants and forests.

You have to see for yourself should you want to appreciate and enjoy Seoul Grand Park, including its botanical garden.

Need to Know Information

Please, check out the information below as they are useful if you decide to explore the Park.

Seoul Grand Park Botanic Garden
is open to all guests, for a fee, all-year-round. The schedule is as follows...

Operation Hours
Seoul Zoo & Theme Gardens...
9-7:00 PM (March to October)
9-6:00 PM (November to February)

Camping Ground is available at...
9-7:00 PM (for a Day-use only)
1-11:00 AM the following day (for overnight camping)

Theme Garden schedules...
9-7:00 PM (March to October)
9-6:00 PM (November to February)

A parking facility is also available in the Park. It has over six thousand spaces for cars.

For parking space details, you may inquire through this phone: +82-2-502-7632.

Admission Fee Rates

Depending on the age bracket and groups, the entrance fee varies. Here we gooo...

Seoul Zoo & Botanical Garden
Individuals: Adult 5,000 Won, Teen 3,000 Won, Child 2,000 Won
Groups: Adult 3,500 Won, Teen 2,100 Won, Child 1,400 Won

Theme Gardens
Individuals: Adult 2,000 Won, Teen 1,500 Won, Child 1,000 Won
Groups: Adult 1,400 Won, Teen 1,100 Won, Child 700 Won

Camping Ground
Adult: 2,000 Won; Teen: 1,500 Won; Child/Senior: 1,000 Won

Lift Service
Adult: 6,000 Won; Teen: 4,500 Won; Child: 4,000 Won

Elephant Train
Adult: 1,000 Won; Teen: 800 Won; Child: 700 Won
* Inquiries: +82-2-3418-0998

Please, note the following definition of terms for an Adult, Teen, Child, and Senior Citizen:

Adults (ages 19-64); Teenagers (ages 13-18); Children (ages 6-12); Senior citizens (ages 65 & older).

Last, please note that rates for admission fees can change over time or without any advance notice. So, be flexible with your budget. Check the website to see if there are new changes in rates.

Restrooms are also accessible in many parts of the whole Park's area.

Getting to Seoul Grand Park Botanic Garden

The quickest way to get there is through the Seoul Subway Line. Wherever you are in the country, you need to get to Seoul Grand Park Station to reach Seoul Grand Park.

Take the Seoul Subway Line 4 and get off at Seoul Grand Park Station, then come out from Exit 2.

Have fun!

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