Three Lantern Islands

sebitseom-floating-lantern-islandsSebitseom Lantern Islands

Three lantern islands

The three lantern islands or the "sebit dungdungseom" are exciting structures, which are floating on the Han River in Seoul. The islands are supposed to symbolize light through three structures mimicking the stages of a blooming flower.  

Aside from the public spaces by the Han River's riverside, only these three structures exist and with attractive features.

Just like most structures or islands, Sebitseom looks fantastic during evening or night time when the colorful lights are turned on. Besides the lights per structure, more decorative lights (and series lights) are installed outside with varying designs depending on the season and events.

Sebitseom Floating Islands offers...

  • stunning evening scenes
  • unique on the water banquet and weddings
  • premium buffet restaurant

Sebitseom was finished in 2011 and has since been attracting visitors both domestically and internationally.

Han River

The Han River, from which the expression "the Han River miracle" for South Korea's economic development achieved for a short period, has also been playing its role.

The River divides the densely populated Seoul metropolitan. Although it is evident that this River gives beauty to the highly-urbanized capital city, it is left generally untouched or preserved.

It is without any artificial structures within it except for the crisscrossing bridges that allow people to cross quickly without even noticing its existence if one doesn't look outside to the transport's window.

Aside from the bridges, some of which are decorated with rainbow series lights that entertain during the night, you can see a couple of ship-like restaurants, a river cruise boat, and a fountain. This fountain is only operated on a particular season or special events.

han-riverEvening sight of the Han River

Han River Rising

The Seoul Government has been rejuvenating rivers (e.g., Cheonggyecheon Stream), restoring ruined palaces and memorials, planting trees and flowers, excavating buried structures, among many forms of writing more or rewriting (parts of) its history.

The plan to establish the 'three lights islands' or the Seobitseom is one of Seoul's Han River renaissance activities. This three-island structure is to help beautify waterscape.

Sebitseom Functions
The Sebitseom does not only beautify or decorate the River but is intended to do more.

The three islands are intended to promote varied activities and programs to various visitors of various purposes.

Fundamentally, they have cultural features, educational resources about Seoul, and anything about the country has to offer.

Finally, of course, Sebitseom functions as recreational space for all. You will find various entertaining and game facilities inside for both children and adults.

Also, it is a venue for some special events that require this facility and atmosphere.

Sebitseom's Designs

As you have already noticed, the Sebitseom floating islands are designed to imitate the opening stages of a flower: a seed, a bud, and a blooming flower.

Each stage takes the shape of each island structure. It might be not very easy to notice clearly during night time, but you will learn that each of them is made of steel (and other metals), glass, wood, and other materials that would evoke the beauty of a living plant.

I believe you will see more of its beauty when darkness comes, and they emanate colorful lights. Usually, you will also see a series of lights and more decorative lights surrounding each structure.

sebitseom-floating-islandsThe "Seed" is one of three lantern islands

The Seed
The 'seed' stage is the smallest among the three structures. It is named as Island Terra. It functions a the base for water and leisure activities.

You will find a roof garden here. It has a clubhouse. And as a watersports base, you see water slides.

The Blooming Flower (Bud)
The bud is called the Island Viva. You will find in here performances, entertaining events, and exhibitions.

As an entertainment space, you can enjoy facilities like the IT and 3-dimension bar and a dancing floor just outside the structure.

The blooming bud is being expressed by the structure using aluminum panel shells.

sebitseom-lantern-islandsThe "Bud" is one of the three lantern islands

The Blossom
The Island Vista structure expresses this sight. It is the most massive structure among the three. Attached to its solid frames are the layers of glass petals that liken to blooming petals of a flower.

This huge human-made structure flower can entertain around 700 guests on various sorts of events (such as concerts, plays, performances, etc.)

If you want to dine, Island Vista has a special restaurant.
More so, you will also enjoy great views from its firefly garden, observation deck.

Depending on the event being accommodated, Island Vista's glass facade functions as a palette and changes its colors and LED functions.

The Sebitseom Floating Islands, to sum up, the three are safely supported by floating systems, which are also attached to the river bed so as not to be carried downstream during the monsoon season.

sebitseom-three-floating-lantern-islandsThe "Blossom" is one of the three floating lantern islands in the Han River in Seoul

Getting to Sebitseom Islands

You can take any of the following buses at the Express Bus Terminal.

Red Bus: 9408, 9500, 9501, 9510, 9800, 9802
Blue Bus: 142, 148, 360, 362, 462, 540, 640, 642, 643
Green Bus: 3414, 3422, 4212, 4318, 5413, 6411
Airport Shuttle: 6000, 6020
The southern end of Banpo Bridge:143, 401, 406
Banpo Hangang Park: 405, 740

By Car, you can use this address: 2085-14, Olympic-daero, Seocho-gu (Banpo-dong)

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