wonju rocking bridge
offers an exhilarating crossing over from one cliff to the cliff of Seogeumsan Mountain

wonju-rocking-bridgeThe rocking bridge showing off its beautiful and sturdy side view

wonju rocking bridge

Wonju Rocking Bridge is an exciting hanging bridge located in Wonju, Gangwon Province, South Korea. It is 'Wonju Chulleong Dari' is Korean.

One can quickly get there by bus, car or taxi from Wonju City. It is strategically located in a spacious area of Ganhyeon where many relaxing vacation facilities, sights, centers, and places are accessible by the public.

Of course, I don’t compare it with those world-famous high-hanging bridges. But it was fun! I enjoyed the surrounding mountains and views underneath the bridge.

Entrance Fee: 2,500 KRW (almost 3 USD).

is it safe?

Very safe!

Wonju Rocking Bridge is new. And I think it is very safe--other travelers have tried it and crossed it. 

It looked very new. Its cables, wires, railings, flooring materials look sturdy and safe to me. That is why I did feel any bit of ‘fear’ of falling down with it. I only started to worry a bit when the throng of high school and excited (and rowdy!) students started rocking it all together! OMG!

The bridge rocked a bit, but there was no sign that it was giving up. Yes, I can assure you that it is very strong and safe.

원주-출렁-다리Wonju Chulleong Dari
wonju-rocking-bridgeWonju Rocking Bridge's lefthand sideview

who can cross the bridge?


When I reached the bridge area, only a handful of hikers were crossing then, including those who were hiking with me. It was around 9:30am. Most of them are middle-aged, some younger and older hikers.

Who can cross? I think anybody who has no extreme fear of heights or acrophobia.
If you have babies or small kids, please make sure they are properly guided and watched by adults.

I don’t know if dogs or other pets are allowed--if you ask me. I didn’t see any sign regarding pets.

I think it is possible for one who is using scratches or wheelchair to cross it. However, the problem would be climbing the stairs (or steps) from the entrance of the ticketing area to the bridge’s entrance area.

I am guessing that there are a hundred steps from the entrance (ticketing office) to the bridge area. Why? Because the one end of Ganhyeong Rocking Bridge is on the top of a mountain cliff with the other end on the cliff of Seogeumsan Mountain area.

I would not recommend people (or really old folks) who have problems climbing stairs or steps to get there. There is no problem with kids with adult supervision, on the other hand.

wonju-rocking-bridgeRight-hand side view of Wonju Chulleong Dari
wonju-rocking-bridgeThe other end of the bridge at Seogeumsan Mountain cliff

how to get there?

Quite easy!

Once you are in Wonju City, you can take a bus or taxi to Ganhyeon Amusement Park. I took a taxi because I wanted to save time (around 30 mins. for 20 USD).

As you arrived at the parking area where the management office is located, proceed to the river (lake area). The area is well-marked, and so you won’t get lost.

Before arriving at the Ticket Office located near the main entrance, you will cross two bridges with beautiful views on both sides. Sparkling stream water, flying black wild ducks, birds, cliffs, among others are the sights that will greet you.

what to do or see?

Entrance Gate
Right before you enter the gate, there is a resting area. The bar code in your armlet ticket will be scanned by the machine before you can enter the area. At this point, you can already see the hanging bridge or take photos.

You can also return from your crossing adventure and come out from the Exit area, again with a bar code scanning machine.

wonju-sogeumsan-rocking-bridgeEntrance area of Wonju Seogeumsan Rocking Bridge

Flat Resting Area
In this flat area with wooden floor, you will see the name of the attraction where you can pose for photos--selfie or groupie!

Just on the right-hand side and beyond that photozone (area), you can see the overhanging structure. You can go there and be excited or thrilled by the views and for being on it--overhanging the side of the cliff. What a feeling!

At this flat resting area, you will see another platform with stairs leading to the main entrance of Ganhyeong's Wonju Rocking Bridge. There are two signs which say: Entrance and Exit.

Sitting area with a few benches is also available.

Elevated Bridge Platform
Yes, you will have a beautiful view of the bridge from here. Also, you have an amazing spectacle of Seogeumsan Mountain, the flowing river below, surrounding spiky mountains, lovely trees, and more.

wonju-rocking-bridgeView of the river and mountains from the bridge

When on the bridge
When you are halfway and somewhere in the middle of the bridge, you will have more amazing feelings and have more better views of the whole area. The sights underneath your feet (feeling a bit scared), is incredible!

On your right-hand side, you will see lower cliffs, tops of the trees… On your left-hand side, you will be mesmerized by the sight of the slowly-moving river, an old bridge, some structures (houses), the Seogeumsan Mountain cliffs, mountains beyond, among others.

wonju-rocking-bridgeViews from Wonju Seogeumsan Rocking Bridge of the river and old bridge below

available facilities?

I don’t recall the presence of washrooms at the entrance or on the platform resting area. So, better visit the restroom below the mountain--where the ticketing office is located.

Nothing is for sale in the bridge platform area. Therefore, buy anything you need down below the mountain.

At the other end of the bridge, on Seogeumsan Mountain, you cannot find any washroom or anything to buy either. You can only cross the bar code scanner and go out to start hiking to Seogeumsan Peak.

The other end of Wonju Rocking Bridge has a small platform compared to the main entrance of the other end. From there, you can decide whether to continue hiking or return to the main entrance and back to Ganhyeon Amusement Park area.

wonju-sogeumsan-rocking-bridgeSpacious platform at the main resting area. Picture-taking is recommended here
wonju-rocking-bridgeOverhanging skywalk at Wonju Seogeumsan Rocking Bridge
wonju-sogeumsan-rocking-bridgeShort skywalk at Wonju Seogeumsan Rocking Bridge with students enjoying the thrilling views

getting to wonju rocking bridge

You may take any public bus from your point of departure. For example, in Seoul, you can take an express bus or an intercity bus terminal for Wonju City.

When in Wonju City, you can take a couple of buses to Ganhyeong Leisure Park in more of than an hour.

From the city, it will take less than 30 minutes to get there for around 10-20 USD (depending on your departure point in Wonju City).

Where I stayed (Gamyeong), I paid 18 USD to get there by taxi.


I really enjoyed Wonju Rocking Bridge in Ganhyeon-myeon. It was my first time to experience crossing a hanging bridge like this.

Although the bridge is not very long, the views, the area, the spectacles when crossing, and the feelings while doing it were incredible. Unforgettable!

I would do it again!

Thanks for your time. Wishing you too have a memorable travel. Enjoy!

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