Yulbom Arboretum & Garden

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Yulbom Arboretum

Yulbom Arboretum is like a farm and a park with varied, exciting activities for families and adults. It is a great place to relax and feel invigorated by its facilities.

As a private business, its exciting offers are not free but not expensive either. They accept big groups of visitors, including school children, middle and high school students who want to learn and experience farm works.

Of course, adults, couples at the various status in relationships can also enjoy its green surroundings, trees, flowers, and artistically designed plants that are fantastic for photography.

Interesting Activities and Facilities

Let me describe the facilities and activities you can enjoy during your visit to this site. Here we gooo...

  • Sightseeing at artistically designed plants- branches and leaves
  • Colorful flower gardens
  • Relaxation spaces, benches, etc.
  • Slides with rails similar to a railway for kids and adults
  • Strolling and pathways amidst well-trimmed gardens and bushes
  • Feedings of animals: goats, rabbits, etc.
  • Garden with traditional Korean pots and flowers
  • Flower gardens with heart designs for photography
  • Picking of strawberries during picking season
  • Picnic areas, and more.

More Useful Information

Operation Hours
Since Yulbom Arboretum is an outdoor facility and garden, it is open almost all year round except during the Winter season.

Admission Hours:
9 AM to 6 PM

If you come as a group, you are highly advised to register in advance to accommodate your space and needs.

Admission Fees:
Adults: 5,000 Won
Students: 4,000 Won
Children: 3,000 Won

Eligible for discounts are groups of 30 persons or more, Gyeonggi Gwangju citizens, and people age 65 and above with IDs.

If you want an 'experience' for any activity, you need to pay for it separately.

Reminders and Precautions

First, collecting or damaging plants in the botanical garden is not allowed.

Second, all spaces in the botanical garden are non-smoking areas. Watch out for wildfires!

Third, it is not possible to enter with pets.

Fourth, any sports equipment (ball, kickboard, bicycle, etc.) is not allowed.

Fifth, cooking in the botanical garden is prohibited.

Sixth, please take back the trash you brought back for nature conservation.

Seventh, refunds are not available after admission.

How to fully enjoy Yulbom

To enjoy the beauty of Yulbom Arboretum, you have to come with a heart ready to enjoy the place.

While you can get excited while coming alone and be left aside to contemplate the site's life and beauty, some suggested that you can enjoy with a partner, friends, or family.

Besides, you will enjoy it better if you have the following...

  • Bring your own mats and other ground covers. Pitching a shade or tent is not allowed.
  • Prepare your lunch box and other food supplies. But cooking is not allowed.
  • You can purchase coffee at its facility.
  • Wear sneakers and such footwear as most of Yulbom Arboretum's grounds are not paved but green lawns.

During the harvest season, you can enjoy pick strawberries and other farm products.

At Yulbom Arboretum, you can leave your stress and negative energies behind and go home refreshed and ready to face the daily toils again.

Nature can help anyone relieve stress by breathing more oxygen, looking at green leaves, enjoying the colorful flowers, sunbathing, and looking at the blue skies and white clouds above.

If you want to, you can walk barefoot at Yulbom's lawns. It gives you a natural massage to your feet.

Getting to Yulbom Arboretum

You can either take your car or rented vehicle or take public transportation to Gwangju City in Gyeonggi Province.

By Car
Please, use the navigation address and guide as follows...

102-3 Domari, Toechon-myeon, Gwangju-si, Gyeonggi-do
(267-54, Taeheojeong-ro, Toechon-myeon, Gwangju-si, Gyeonggi-do)

Jungbu Expressway
Turn right through Gwangju IC in Gyeonggi-Turn right toward Tianjinam and Toechon-Go straight 50m toward Paldang at Doma Intersection Left.

Paldang Dam
88 Expressway-Go straight toward Misari-Right in front of Doma Intersection 50m

By Bus
Take a bus No.13-2 that stops in front of Techno Mart at Gangbyeon Station. Then get off at Doma Intersection and walk for about 7 minutes to find the Arboretum.

Alternatively, you can take Bus 13-2 in front of Lotteria, located near Cheonho Subway Station Exit 2.

Then get off at Doma Intersection and walk towards the Arboretum within 7 minutes.

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