Aewol Handam Park Trail

aewol-handam-park-trailA beautiful sight of Aewol Handam Park Trail and the sea [photo: bslee]

Aewol Handam Park Trail

Aewol Handam Park Trail is a popular relaxation public area located in the northwest of Jeju Island. The park is also called Aewol Handam Coastal Trail since it is fantastic for walking along the coast.

If you love the sea views and sea breeze, you will undoubtedly find this area satisfying your wishes. One of Aewol Park's unique features is the contrasting colors between the blue seawater and the black rocks along the coast.

While riding your way to the park, you will be on the coastal road from the airport. On this site, you will be greeted by the azure sea to your right side.

This a great introduction for your Jeju Island trip to keep you excited about the things to come.

The awe-inspiring promenade by the blue coastal areas is worth your every minute and the sources you've been saving for this trip. Just like most Koreans say, "it is a healing" atmosphere. I guess this is a new and most popular buzz word nowadays.

Located along the ocean, Handam Park is all about well-maintained walking paths. It is a beach area where you can spend some relaxing time with your loved ones.

There is a small cafe on the premises if you want to enjoy a refreshing beverage. A tiny pavilion overlooking the ocean is an excellent place to sit and enjoy the views.

Some of the good things you can find during your trip to Aewol Handam Park are mostly about nature by the sea.

Lava Rocks Forms
As you strong at Aewol Park's path's by the sea, you will discover various forms of rocks. Some are specially named, including the 'Cat Rock.' You won't easily recognize its shape, and it might depend on one's eyes to see such forms.

Sitting and Viewing Area
As you are walking along the paths, you will also find sitting areas. One of these places is located on an elevated site where you have a more expansive view of the blue sea and surrounding panorama.

This sitting area has a 'Haenyo' rock sculpture. All other materials used in this facility are made from the black volcanic rocks of the island.

Take a stroll, catch the sunset, and take in the spectacular views when you are at Handam Park.

If you love the sea, you have no reason or whatsoever not to visit this place. Of course, you can stay at any accommodation available in the area.

There are restaurants, cafes, and other convenient shops that you can visit should you need something for your day's trip to the area.

Getting to Aewol Handam Park Trail

You can take public transport available anywhere on the island. Buses might not be so easy, but you can get them from Jeju City.

Address: 1359, Gwakji-ri, Aewol-eup, Jeju-si, Jeju-do

The quickest way to get there is by hopping into a taxi. Alternatively, you can rent a car or van (various sizes and capacities) and simply use the navigation to locate it quickly.

I hope that you will enjoy your hiking trip along the sea!

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