Bosu-dong Book Street

bosu-dong-book-streetBosu-dong Book Street (image: koreatimes)

Bosu-dong Book Street

Bosu-dong Book Street has a unique background. It was formed after the independence of Korea on the 15th of August 1953 as a residential area in the empty place where the previous Gukje Market was demolished.

The Bosu book stores began opening one-by-one, and soon the street became known as Bosu-dong Book Street.

The street is famous amongst book-lovers for their used books as well as new books. And amongst travelers for the street's unique atmosphere. Many young adults also frequent the street because there are many specialty shops for comic books.

Every year, the Bosu-dong Culture Festival occurs, and visitors can participate in events such as make-your-own book cover, make-your-own book, and so on. The festival not only allows learning about the history of Bosu-dong Book Street but also to have a great time.

Cultural Events

Bosu-dong Book Street is not only a place to purchase books, comics, and other printed materials. But you can also enjoy some events at centers organized by people who manage the area.

Here are the places you can explore...

Cultural Hall
This hall has a permanent exhibition hall and a planned exhibition hall.
One can also do a tour along the alleys of Bosu-dong Street.

The Culture Hall is open from Mondays to Sundays, except on Mondays.

You can watch their varied cultural presentations and educational programs which are being offered every month.

Bosu-dong Book Street Business Hours
The Cultural Hall of Bosu-dong Book Street is open to visitors from 10 AM down to 6 PM only.

Each bookstore in the alley has its own business hours, so the opening and closing hours differ.

Popular Attractions Nearby

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Busan Democracy Park was created to commemorate and continue the spirit of Busan residents who significantly devoted their lives to develop modern Korean history.

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Where Guests Stay

GNB Hotel
GNB is a business hotel with 100 guest rooms available. It is located close to Busan Station for your convenience.

Hound Hotel
Hound is only 5 minutes away on foot from Jagalchi Station and famous Jagalchi Seafood Market. It is a newly-built hotel that proudly promotes as a hotel with a healing atmosphere.

Busan Tourist Hotel
It is a hotel famous for serving guests for over 40 years now. It is located close to the famous Yongdusan Park, Gukje Market, and other tourist attractions nearby.

Central Park Hotel
This hotel is located right at the heart of Jungang Station and Nampo Station of Busan Subway Line 1. Central Park is a 15-story building with over 60 guest rooms available.

yongdusan-parkYongdusan Park and Busan Tower

Getting to Bosu-dong Book Street

It will be quicker to get there if you take the Busan Subway from various points of origin. Below are examples of ways to get there.

Toseong Station
Take Subway Line 1 and get off at Toseong Station. Proceed to Exit 1, then take a right turn at the corner of Busan Bank, then continue until you reach Bosu 4-way intersection (or Sageori). On the left is the book street.

Jagalchi Station
Alternatively, you can take Subway Line and then get off at Jagalchi Station. Proceed to Exit 3 and then take a right turn then walk straight ahead for over 600 meters.

Then cross the main road (Daecehong-ro), and you'll find the book street ahead.

Please, enjoy reading and safe travels!

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