Cheongju Land Fun Facilities

cheonju-landEntrance Area of the facility


Cheongju Land is an entertainment facility for children and family.  It has a wide range of attractions, such as amusement rides, water park, mini-golf course, and more. Its various activities offer fun for all ages.

Furthermore, the facility is equipped with ample parking space and food court to cater to guests’ needs. The park is open everyday from 10am to 7pm, so come and visit us for a day of fun! 

With the variety of activities and attractions, Cheongju Land is sure to be an unforgettable experience for everyone who visits.  So come for an exciting day of fun!

Cheongju Land

Cheongju Land is a project and facility complex specially designed to educate children through exciting and interactive means.

While on our way to Cheongju National Museum, the eye-catching domes that caught me from my taxi window. I realized that there is something on that side that needs investigation.

Fortunately, it is located just about a hundred meters from the Museum, just a couple of minutes after passing by it.

I decided not to visit Cheongju Land that day as I didn't have enough time to investigate the facilities--knowing that it is bigger and needed at least a couple of hours to explore.

For the sake of completing this introduction to Cheongju Land, after I visited the Cheongju City's national Museum, I headed to search my hotel and decided that I visit Cheongju Land the following day, which I did.

cheongju-landFun Electric Facilities

Now, let me continue with my original topic...

The dome I was talking about above, was actually the building called Kids Experience Center. I guess that it was the latest addition to the structures built in the facility.

It seems that the Kids Experience Center is one that attracts the most visitors, especially children, every year. According to Cheongju Land's website, the number of visitors has doubled. By the thousands, every year since the facility was opened.

Most visiting children are from primary levels, such as kindergarten and elementary children. It seems that visiting Cheongju Land is part of their curriculum.

Children visit the facility with their teachers who teach various subjects, including science, English, among others.

Centers & Facilities

Cheongju Land has been exerting efforts to establish various experiential facilities for its expected guests. The main facilities include...

  • Climate Change Edu-Center,
  • Energia (new and renewable energy experience Center),
  • Kids Experience Center,
  • Digital Experience Room,
  • Exhibition Hall for Dinosaurs, and
  • planetarium.

Another facility that is typically attractive to children (and to adults like me ^^) is the zoo. Everybody loves animals. Definitely, children love zoos. However, not all adults love zoos due to some ethical and conservation issues!

The zoo is too apparent as you can already spot it in the distance. You can see the long neck and head of the Stegosaurus sticking out from among the structures in the area. No problem in finding the place! It is also where, nearby, you can get off from a bus or taxi.

cheongju-land-kids-experience-centerChildren's Experience Center
cheongju-landRecreation area

The dedicated authority is trying to improve the facilities and projects by adding more extensions and facilities, including the observation deck at the zoo area.

It also remodeled the education centers, bear houses, and has installed the geothermal heat air conditioning and heating facilities.

Also, Cheongju Land has plans and implemented more experiential facilities and activities, including...

  • family experience Hanmadang for families,
  • Nature Ecology School,
  • Astronomy Universe Exploration,
  • Animal Ecology Education, and
  • Zoo Drawing Contest.
cheongju-land-zooZoo at Cheongju Land's facility

Cheongju Land administration has been working hard to improve the facilities further and make it more relevant and educational to all visitors, including children, and for adults as well.

It was snowing when I visited the place, and it seemed that not all facilities were opened. It was the beginning of Coronavirus spread.

Just like the small children, I thought I still have the child-like excitement to see animals. But unfortunately, I couldn't go because it was close at that time. Next time!

However, I love my visit to one of its centers--The Climate Change Center. I got very interested to see and explore the facility. I was feeling encouraged to work harder for climate change issues and didn't think that Cheongju would establish such an information center.

cheongju-land-climate-change-centerClimate Change Center
cheongju-landFossils on display at Climate Change Center in Cheongju Land

I would say that the Climate Change Center has great presentations, descriptions, examples, and advice on how people should behave and do to lessen the global problem of the effects of climate change.

The Center presented the issues very well, and it was also exciting and convincing. There is so much to see when you visit the place. Besides, it is like shooting two to three birds with one stone...

You can explore Cheongju National Museum (really worth visiting) and Sangdang Mountain Fortress from Cheongju Land (also a must-visit historical site).

Getting to Cheongju Land

You may use the following information to help you get to Cheongju Land.

Address: 171 Myeongam-ro, Myeongam-dong, Sangdang-gu, Cheongju-si, Chungcheongbuk-do, South Korea (충청북도 청주시 상당구 명암동 명암로 171)
MG2F+QC Cheongju-si, Chungcheongbuk-do, South Korea
Inquiry: +82 43-201-4869
Business Hours: Open from 9 AM to 8 PM

You can get to the facility either by bus or taxi from Cheongju City. By taxi, simply tell the driver to bring you to the place as they know it quite well.

By Bus
Take a bus from Bungmunno2(i)-ga to Munha-dong with number 862-2. This bus stops around Cheongju Land and also goes to Sangdang Mountain Fortress. Travel time is around 30 minutes from the city center.

On Foot
I did walk from Cheongju National Museum (a few meters from Cheongju Land) to my hotel. It took me about two hours. I did it because I wanted to see more about the area. And it was my purpose of coming to Cheongju City. It was a great experience. I saw lots of things around.

Now, if you are thinking of visiting Cheongju City, I can assure you that visiting Cheongju Land (maybe except this one if you're not interested), Cheongju National Museum, and Sangdang Mountain Fortress is worth your time and resources.

It's worth keeping in your life's memory.

In conclusion, Cheongju Land could be a great place for your kids who want to enjoy their free days.  It has multiple attractions such as the amusement park, waterpark and animal zoo.

The staff also provides a friendly and safe environment for everyone. Plus, there are several great restaurants in the area that serve delicious local delicacies and international cuisine.

With so much to do and see, Cheongju Land is a great destination for your kids! 

Thanks, and enjoy your travels.

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