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cheongju-zooEntrance gate area of the zoo

Cheongju Zoo

The Cheongju Zoo in Cheongju City was inaugurated in 1997. This wild animal facility is initially used as a mountain training center.

The training center was for observing the ecology of various wild animals such as Siberian tigers. The facility was extended in 2000 to accommodate animals with a healthy environment to live.

Future expansions will include an Eco-friendly zoo, such as the Bird Theme Park. More extensions will consist of educational facilities through experiential viewing.

The educational facilities will come with various relaxing and convenient facilities that accommodate locals and interested guests.

Entrance Fees
Near the main gate of Cheongju Zoo, you will find a small structure with a window that issues tickets to get inside the facility.

Each age bracket has to pay according to the designated age rate. There will be fees for a child, teenager, soldier, and an adult.

Children: 400 Won per group (*of 20 or more)
Youth: 500 Won per group
Military: 800 Won (Individual); 600 Won (Group)
Adult: 1,000 Won (Individual), 800 Won (Group)

Business Hours
Opens in the morning and closes in the evening as below...
09:00 AM ~ 06:00 PM

Cheongju Zoo Land is open to the public six days a week, and weekends, except on Mondays.

Also, the facility is closed on a few special holidays each year, such as on the 1st of January (New Year), and Chuseok Holidays (Harvest Holidays).

Getting to Cheongju Zoo

You can get to the facility either by private vehicle or public transports--taxi and bus.

By Taxi
Tell the taxi driver (mostly 'Ajussi'--Korean men) to bring you to Cheongju Land, where Cheongju Zoo is a part of the whole facility. Say "Cheongju Dongmulwon" at "Cheongju Land (or 랜드 Rendeo)" or ask somebody to write it in Korean for you (assuming you don't know how to read or write the language).

From Cheongju Downtown, it will take around 10 to 15 minutes only.

By Bus
From Cheongju Downtown, you can search the following bus numbers at a bus stop. Ask someone to give you the right direction. Here are the numbers...
832-1, 862-2, 863-1, 863-2.

Or, take a bus from Yaksu Terminal Route numbers: 861 ~ 864. The bus stops right at the Bus Stop of Cheongju Zoo.

By Private Car
You may use the following guide, which I sourced from the Korean website...

Cheongju IC → Chungbuk National University → Sangdang Park → Metropolitan Government → Myeongam Mineral Spring → Uam Children's Hall

Ochang IC → St. Mary's Hospital → Dongbu Bypass → Uam Children's Hall

Seocheongju IC → Heungdeok Bridge → Cheongju University → Sangdang Park → Samil Park → Uam Children's Hall

Aside from Cheongju Land, you can also explore Cheongju National Museum, which is located about a hundred meters from Cheongju Land.

Also, from Cheongju Zoo, you can take a bus from its Bus Stop for Sangdang Mountain Fortress, a famous old wall that used to protect locals from foreign invaders. It is excellent for light hiking and offers fantastic views of Cheongju City and surrounding areas of the province.

I hope this serves your search. Please, let me know should you have further questions or clarifications.

Enjoy your travels!

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