Chollipo Arboretum


Chollipo Arboretum

Chollipo Arboretum (or Cheonripo Arboretum) is a beautiful cultivated site with varied plant species covering the Taean Peninsula's tip on the West coast.

It is where you can see the islands and sea with their best views beyond the Arboretum.

Chollipo Arboretum is home to both native Korean plants and various species of special plants from other countries.


When Carl Ferris Miller, who was naturalized in the United States, it was when he bought the land in 1962 that Chollipo came into being.

The early 1970s
Carl Ferris Miller devoted much of his efforts through almost half a lifetime on the barren Cheonripo Beach.

In 2000
The International Dendrology Society (IDS) selected Cheonripo Arboretum as the "World's Beautiful Arboretum," which matches the west coast's beautiful seaside scenery.

In particular, the intensive collection of magnolia, holly, camellia, maple, and hibiscus is known worldwide.

A vast plant family of 16,000 taxa is living on the beach of Cheonripo. Cheonripo Arboretum turned into a global plant conservation strategy (GSPC: Global Strategy for Plant Conservation) through various roles due to this achievement.

Chollipo now serves as a forest life resource management agency, biodiversity management agency, forest education expert training agency, arboretum expert training institute, and forest education center.

Through such expertise on plants, Chollipo is making every effort to conserve plant diversity and cultivate related experts.

Life Symbols Through Colors

Chollipo Arboretum is employing three primary colors in its pursuit of conserving plant and life in general.

It uses three primary colors: yellow, green, and blue. Each color and meaning are interlinked so that yellow could be felt for people, green for Earth, and blue for the sky.

Colors with less saturation than the primary colors are also used, giving a soft, Korean feel.

Access to Chollipo Arboretum

The Arboretum is open all-year-round. It has been serving and welcoming all guests since 2009.

It takes around one hour and a half to quickly explore the area but should be longer if you want to thoroughly enjoy the plants and the environment.

Admissions & Fees
For the disabled and babies under 36 months are allowed to enter for free. Special discounts are being offered to senior citizens (65 and older), people of national merit, people with minor disabilities, and caretakers of people with severe disabilities.

Taean residents can get 50% off from the original admission fee rates. A group of 30 and more people can also get discounted tickets.

Reminders to Visitors
There are reminders and prohibited acts when entering the Arboretum.

The animals, plants, Earth, and stones are forbidden to be collected as souvenirs or for any other purpose. Fines will be imposed for any violation.

You can also not bring in food, mats, games, tools, and sports equipment in the Arboretum.

Chollipo also prohibits smoking inside, and it is a non-smoking site.

Only a guide dog is allowed inside but not pets.

Min Byeong-gal Memorial Hall
This memorial Hall was designed and constructed in 1994 by Song Jin-soo, the late founder's foster son.

The Hall has a traditional thatched roof style, reflecting the founder's love for the disappearing Korean tradition.

Chollipo uses the Memorial Hall as a space for an anniversary celebration and other events, such as the 10th anniversary of the founder's death in 2012.

Donggwan, the former office, now displays items and artifacts that let you pick at the biography of the founder's love for plants, the past and the present of Chollipo Arboretum.


Getting to Chollipo Arboretum

All public transportations in Korea, including the bus and train, can finally bring you close to this Arboretum.

By Bus
Nambu Bus Terminal
Central City Terminal
Dong Seoul Intercity Bus Terminal

Take any bus from one of those terminals in Seoul and other major terminals for Taean Terminal.

Taean Terminal
Take a bus from Taean Terminal to reach Chollipo Arboretum. It takes about 2 hours and 20 minutes to reach the destination.

Then get off at Manlipo Intercity Bus Stop and walk for around 20 minutes to arrive at Chollipo Arboretum site.

Alternatively, get off at the Manlipo Intercity Bus Stop and walk for 20 minutes to arrive at Chollipo Arboretum

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