Dong Seoul Bus Terminal

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Dong Seoul Bus Terminal (동서울종합버스터미널)

Dong Seoul Bus Terminal is in Seoul that manages buses operating throughout South Korea including buses traveling to Gyeonggi-do, Gangwon-do, Gyeongsang-do, Chungcheong-do, and Jeollanamdo (provinces). It is located in front of Gangbyeon Station, Subway Line 2, Exit 4.

You can reserve bus tickets through their official website or your mobile app. Alternately, purchase your ticket right at the Ticket Window at the bus terminal.

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Mobile App: (download)
Maps: NaverMap & KakaoMap

You may download any of the two map apps for you to conveniently navigate your direction.

You can visit Play Google to download any of those maps for your guide travel to Dong Seoul Bus Terminal. Of course, you can definitely use the maps to navigate all corners in Korea using the fastest routes including directions to hot restaurants, attractive sites, and more!

You may purchase a bus ticket using a Credit Card or Cash.
Location: Gangbyeon Station (Seoul Subway Line 2), Exit 4.

Dong Seoul Bus Terminal is operated by Dong Seoul Terminal Operations Corp which is owned by Hanjin Company. The terminal was built in 1987 but started operating in 1990.

Soldiers use this terminal for their trips to Gangwon Province which is coded 032 including Jeolla Province; which buses going to Chungcheong, and Gyeongsang Provinces are coded 031. This terminal was established to serve the newly-constructed Jungbu Expressway.

TIP:  Bus is cheaper but could take longer to reach your destination. The train is half than the bus time travel but double the bus fare. (Yes, I’m sure you know, but just in case!! )

Bus Fare & Time Travel Estimates

Since the following are estimates, please ensure that you have available time and resources in case you need to be at your destination at a specific time.

  • Seoul to Gyeonggi: Bus: 28,000 KRW (2 hrs 17 mins); Subway Line 1: 2,979-3,233 KRW (1 hr 2 min); Taxi: 34,000-41,000 KRW (32 mins)
  • Seoul to Gangwon-do: Bus TxBus: 8,297-8,900 KRW (2 hrs 9 mins); Bus Ko Bus: 8,000-12,000 KRW (1 hr 30 mins); Train: 13,000-26,000 KRW (1 hr 4 mins)
  • Seoul to Gyeongsangbuk-do: Bus: 29,000-38,000 KRW (3 hrs 40 mins); Train: 56,659-88,000 KRW (2 hrs 30 mins)
  • Seoul to Gyeongsangnam-do: Bus: 22,700-31,643 KRW (6 hrs); Train: 49,000-70,000 KRW (3 hrs 24 mins)
  • Chungcheongnam-do: Bus: 6,500 KRW (1 hr); Train: 5-16,000 KRW (1 hr 10 mins); Subway: 3,929-4,733 KRW (2 hrs 4 mins)
  • Chungcheongbuk-do: Bus: 9,100 KRW (1 hr 40 mins)

For more details and other destinations, please feel FREE to explore this useful website for destinations and fare rates:

handy Places Nearby the Terminal

While waiting for your travel schedule, you can spend some time at two places nearby the terminal.

Happy Day (해피데이스파)
This property is a hot spring, bath house, spa, and jjimjilbal where you can relax. It is actually a sports club and hot bath/spa complex which is situated in Gwangjin-gu close to the terminal. In particular, Happy Day offers a fitness club, golf facilities, a sauna, and hot bath facilities.

Riverside Spa Land (강변스파랜드)
Riverside Spa Land is also located nearby Dong Seoul Bus Terminal. Similar to the one mentioned above, this is also a bathhouse. However, its services are more of a traditional Korean sauna. You can pamper yourself and enjoy Korea's best foot massage for free.

Now, in case you are looking for a room to stay for some reasons before or after your travel, you can avail hotels nearby. One of the hotels is below.

Dong Seoul Hotel
This is a boutique hotel located near to the terminal at Gangbyeon Station, Subway Line 2. You can make use of their themed guestrooms furnished with comfortable facilities. They have a restaurant, banquet room, theater, among other conveniences. The guestrooms available are Western-style, Korean-style, and suites. They have over a hundred rooms for you to choose from.

Hotel Details:

  • Room rates: 150,000 KRW (varies depending on the season, room type and facilities)
  • Meals: restaurant or coffee shop
  • Accepts credit cards
  • Telephone: +82-2-455-1100

Address: 38, Guuigangbyeon-ro, Gwangjin-gu, Seoul, 서울특별시 광진구 구의강변로 38 (구의동)
Inquiries: 1330 Travel Hotline: +82-2-1330 (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)
For more info: +82-2-455-1100

If you want to buy gifts or anything for your travel, you can conveniently shop at many places nearby. A couple of them are the following…

Techno Mart - Gangbyeon Branch (테크노마트 [강변점])
Techno Mart is a shopping mall where you can purchase most of the items you can think of. Among them, you can shop any electronic item or appliance of the estimated 2,000 items. These items can be found from the 2nd to the 8th Floor. If you cannot find what you are looking for, you can just cross to another shopping centers which are linked with Techno Mart itself.

The second shopping center is…

Lotte Mart - Gangbyeon Branch (롯데마트[강변점])
Lotte Mart is considered a discount shop which also sells various products include food and drinks. It is said the Lotte Mart of Gangbyeon is the first Lotte Mart supermarket built in the country. You can easily find it inside Techno Mart itself. Movie houses and other entertainment facilities are inside Techno Mart.

For your Inquiries: 1330 Travel Hotline: +82-2-1330 (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)
For more info: +82-1688-5979, +82-1588-6900

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Hope you have an enjoyable and safe travel.

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