Daejeo Ecological Park

daejeo-ecological-parkYellowish Rapeseed Flowers brightly blooming during the Spring season attracting visitors from all over

Daejeo Ecological Park

Daejeo Ecological Park is located along the riverbanks of the Nakdonggang River beside Gimhae Airport. The park is a habitat for migratory birds, designated Natural Memorial No. 179.

The park is made up of numerous marshes and waterways, grasses and flowers, and workout facilities. These features made this park one of the attractions to both local and foreign visitors, especially during the Spring time when various species of flowers bloom brightly!

The workout tools are located at both ends of the park, making it easy to use before and after exploring the different strolling paths through the park. The park is also the place of the yearly Nakdong Canola Festival that takes place in April.

March has regularly comes with warm breeze and lots of blossoms to behold. Daejeo Ecological Park, on the outskirts of Busan, is one of the city's most ideal places to explore in Spring.

Situated in Gangseo-gu (district), the park extends 7.6 kilometers along the Nakdonggang River. It is home to wetlands, lotus, birds, and various flower species, making it perfect for observing nature.

When you have the opportunity, make sure that you find the ideal place for a picnic and feel the beauty of cherry blossoms and yellow Canola flowers around you.

Sunflowers start to bloom at Daejeo Ecological Park in Gangseo-gu. Sunflower fields at are a yearly tourist attraction in the area. While exploring the beautiful sunflowers, you can enjoy engage in some flower festivals including the Yuchae (canola) Flower Festival.

daejeo-ecological-parkYoung people enjoy their Spring breaks exploring and camping around the area

Cherry Blossom Festival
The Cherryblossom flower blooms blanket every corner of Busan City. See them from the houses to the beaches, and the mountain routes and all over starting mid-March till the end of the month.

Do not miss out on the 2,500 cherry blossom trees, forming a 12-kilometer blossom tunnel along the edge of the Nakdonggang River. It is one of the most popular sights in Spring.

Delight in a much quieter walk in the park than in any other location closer to the town hall. The Cherry Blossom events are being held annually particularly by the end of March and early April.

This annual Spring event includes a walkathon, singing contest, and live performances. While relishing the season, you can catch the falling petals on a romantic walk under the white clouds and the blue sky.

March usually comes gently with warm breeze and crisp air. This makes the Daejeo Ecological Park, on the outskirts of Busan, among the city's most ideal places to enjoy the Spring season.

The very best time to check out Daejeo Ecological Park is from Spring to Fall seasons.

Facility for Rent
You can rent a bicycle to easily and quickly explore all the park's best offers.

The rental fee depends on the size and length of time usage. You can use the bike from 9 AM to 6 PM (until 5 PM in November and February).

You can explore and enjoy the park from 6 AM until 9 PM only during regular days.

Location: Daejeo 1-dong, Gangseo-gu, Busan.

Getting to Daejeo Ecological Park

You can get there quickly via various public transport choices, including the subway, bus, and taxi.

You can take Metro Line 3 and get off at Gangseo-gu Office Station. As you come out from Exit 1 or 3, just walk for about ten minutes toward the riverside to find Daejeo Ecological Park.

For further information, you can call +82-51-971-6011, which is available in English, Chinese, and Korean languages.

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