Seoul Iris Garden

seoul-iris-gardenA view of Seoul Iris Garden (서울 창포원) with Dobongsan Mountain at the background
seoul-iris-gardenThe Garden's pond surrounding plants
서울창포원서울 창포원

seoul iris garden

Seoul Iris Garden is specially dedicated to Iris flowers as a public park. This relaxing flower garden and space settles between Dobongsan Mountain and Suraksan Mountain at the end of Gangbuk, Seoul.

This Garden is pretty accessible to Seoul Subway line and open to the public most of the time.

The Irises, considered one of the four most beautiful flowers in the world, occupies a total land area of 50 thousand square meters.

The Garden is divided into twelve thematic gardens including Iris garden, medicinal plant garden, marsh garden area, and other types of ecologically sustainable setups.

Interesting Garden Features

The Garden sustains around 130 Iris species with about over 300 thousand flowers (shaped like a 'brush').

Some of the twelve themed gardens include...

  • Iris Garden
  • Medicinal Botanical Garden
  • Wetland or Marshland
  • Riverside Botanical Garden
  • Among others.

At the Medicinal Botanical Garden, you can find the plants that are being used as sources of the medicine being produced in Korea.

On the Wetland Garden area, you can stay on the observatory deck and observe numerous types of aquatic plants and living animals and organisms making their home.

In the flower garden area, you can find attractive flowers such as Lilies, Tulips, and other seasonal flowering plants.

seoul-iris-gardenFoot bridge in the middle of Lily & Iris Pond
seoul-iris-gardenLily & Iris Pond
seoul-iris-gardenA pond of lilies
pink-mugunghwa-flowerMugunghwa Flowers (Rose of Sharon)
seoul-iris-gardenViolet flowers by the pond
seoul-iris-gardenMan-made stream in the Garden
서울-창포원서울 창포원, 도봉산역, 도봉구, 서울

Some of the 130 species of Iris flowers include...

  • Yellow Iris
  • Iris Setosa
  • Iris Lactea
  • Beachhead Iris
  • Milky Iris
  • Leopard Iris
  • Russian Iris
  • Iris Domestica, etc.
seoul-iris-gardenConjuration Bearded Iris
seoul-iris-gardenHold My Hand Bearded Iris
seoul-iris-gardenImperial Reign Bearded Iris
seoul-iris-gardenThe Iris Garden is sitting between Dobongsan and Surak Mountains

Plants in Seoul Iris Garden

As you already know, Iris flowers are not the only plants you can enjoy here. Some trees, bushes, and other plant species are also observable.

As of this writing, there are almost 40 species of trees, including Bola Cypress, Zelkova Tree, White Pine Tree, among the notable and representative tree species.

There are eighteen bush species of over fifty thousand units including Pussy Willow Cattails, Winged Euonymus, Caragana Root, Evergreen Euonymus, and other bushes.

Over forty species of flowering plants were planted here. There are over 300 thousand of these flowering plants, including Siberian Chrysanthemum, Common Reed, Meadow Sweet, Phragmites Japonica, and more.

seoul-iris-gardenWetland Garden and stone pathway
seoul-iris-gardenNature's way in the middle of Dobongsan's urban life

Getting to Seoul Iris Garden

You can get there quickly by taking any public transport. The cheapest way is by taking a subway.

Seoul Subway
Take the Seoul Subway Line 1 or Line 7 and get off at Dobongsan Station. Proceed to Exit 2 and walk for about a minute or so.

Seoul Iris Garden, 916, Madeul-ro, Dobong-gu, Seoul
Open: 05:00-22:00

There is no parking lot in the Garden. If you are driving or renting, you can park your vehicle in the parking lot (paid service) opposite to Dobongsan Station.

I hope this helps. Thanks for scanning this article and let me know should you need further information.

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