Inviting Features of
Incheon  Grand Park (인천대공원)

incheon-grand-park-cherry-blossom-pinkish-flowers-viewIncheon Grand Park shows its tunnel of cherry blossom trees with delicate pinkish and white flowers in spring.

Features of Incheon Grand Park

Incheon Grand Park is a vast and beautiful park in the South Korean city of Incheon. With over 727 acres of land, the park offers many attractions for visitors of all ages and interests.

The features of Incheon Grand Park has something for everyone, from the Children's Zoo to the Botanical Gardens, from mountains to ponds, from soccer fields to sculpture parks.

Whether you are looking for a peaceful escape from the city or a fun day out with your family, this park is the perfect destination to explore.

In this article, we'll take a closer look at some of the main features of Incheon Grand Park and what makes it such a special place.

Check out the following great features of Incheon Grand Park...

Children's Zoo


The zoo is created in a more naturalistic setting that offers entertainment and education. They showcase the importance of wildlife conservation, focusing on educating visitors about the need for conservation efforts.

At Incheon Grand Park Children's Zoo, you'll see many animal species, including birds, reptiles, mammals, and fish. Visitors can observe these animals in their natural habitats, learning about their behaviors and characteristics.


The zoo also offers interactive exhibits, allowing visitors to get closer to the animals and understand their lives. In short, the zoo in Incheon Grand Park is a must-visit destination for any children or anyone interested in wildlife conservation and animal welfare.

incheon grand park autumn leaves An autumn sight of Incheon Grand Park
incheon-grand-park-cherry-blossom-evening-white-flowers-viewAn evening sight of Incheon Grand Park when the cherry blossom trees bloom!

Arboretum Garden

arboretum building backsideArboretum Building

Another exciting feature of Incheon Grand Park is the arboretum or the botanical gardens.

The park's Botanical Gardens are a true paradise for those passionate about flora. The gardens offer a mesmerizing experience where visitors can submerge themselves in the beauty and variety of plant life.

These gardens are a true haven of peace, perfect for those interested in botany, horticulture, or simply seeking a quiet escape amidst the wonders of nature.

The tranquil environment and lush greenery make it an ideal place to unwind and appreciate the natural world. You may spend a serene and relaxing time amidst the gardens, and you will forget the difficulties and challenges in your daily life. It could heal your body and soul!

jangsu-dong Lake

incheon-grand-park-jangsu-dong-lake0viewIncheon Grand Park - Jangsu-dong Lake taken in early Spring.

The pacifying sight of this body of water will soothe your weary mind and soul. It is so calm and dreamy that you would think you see heaven through its reflection.

Jangsu-dong sits amidst trees, most of them changing their colors to adapt to the changes that each season brings. You will feel different as if you are blooming during Spring, growing, and becoming mature during the colorful Fall season. So on and so forth!

You can watch the flowers, trees, water creatures, and lilies that beg your appreciation for their beauty.

jangsu-dong Gingko Tree

Ginkgo trees are not my favorite trees because of their fruit's strong odor once they are ripe and fall on the ground. Nevertheless, I adore their leaves, which change from green to vibrant yellow during the Fall season - it's such a unique sight!

Anyway, you will see an old Gingko Tree at Jangsu-dong. Most of these trees that survived the war should be at least 100 years old. Around this tree, you will have the time to appreciate its beauty while sitting on the bench near it.

Gwanmusan (mountain)

Gwanmusan is a charming mountain located inside the beautiful Incheon Grand Park. Despite being small, it offers a delightful hiking experience that rewards you with breathtaking views of the surrounding nature from its peak.

From the top, you can see the vast greenery of the park, the sparkling flowing streams, and the distant city skyline.

The trail is relatively easy and will take a little of your time, so even if you're a beginner hiker, and you can still enjoy the refreshing outdoors without feeling exhausted.

The best part is that you don't need to leave the park to experience this little slice of heaven.

Sang-asan (Mountain)

Sang-Asan is a beautiful mountain within the park, offering yet another opportunity for hiking and exploring the natural surroundings.

The trails are well-maintained, providing visitors with a comfortable and safe hiking experience. While hiking, you can take a break and enjoy your snack or lunch amidst the stunning views.

However, it is important to remember that leaving trash behind is not allowed, and visitors are expected to dispose of their waste correctly.

Additionally, smoking is strictly prohibited in all parks across Korea, so please be mindful of this rule and refrain from smoking while in the park.

The Rose Garden

Rose-Jardin-de-france-pinkish-small-bunchRose Jardin

The Rose Garden, located in the park, is undoubtedly one of the most picturesque and captivating spots. It offers a wide range of beautifully diverse species of roses, which bloom during the summer and early fall seasons and create a kaleidoscope of colors, from soft pastels to bold vibrant hues.

Besides admiring the charming roses, visitors can take advantage of the various amenities provided in the garden.

Plenty of benches offer a comfortable seating area where you can sit back, relax, and take in the stunning scenery around you.

There are also designated photo zones, which provide the perfect backdrop for capturing memorable photos with your loved ones. And if you need to take a break and catch your breath, plenty of resting areas are available for free.

Overall, the Rose Garden is a must-visit spot in the park, especially during the summer and early fall seasons. It's a delightful place to spend some quality time with family and friends while appreciating the natural beauty around you.

Jukakwon - Sculpture Park

If you're interested in art and creativity, you must visit Jukakwon! It is a Korean sculpture park with a diverse collection of artistic masterpieces.

The park is beside the beautiful Incheon Grand Park, making it easily accessible. You'll surely be mesmerized by the beauty and intricacy of the displayed sculptures.

So, make sure to visit Jukakwon and let your artistic senses come alive!

Water Lily Pond Rest Stop

As you take a moment to relax in the designated resting area, you'll be delighted by the tranquil water lily pond nearby.

You'll be surrounded by a stunning array of pinkish, reddish, and white lilies and lotus flowers floating gracefully on the surface of the pond.

As you savor your choice of a rich and creamy Cappuccino or a bold and robust black coffee, you'll be able to soak in the peaceful sights and sounds of the serene water garden.

Parking Lot

Free or not free! There are three parking lots, so there's no need to worry about finding a space for your vehicle.

Baekbeom Gwangjang (Square)

incheon-grand-park-baek-beom-kim-koo-square-entranceBaek Beom (Kim Koo) Square in Incheon Grand Park

Baekbeom is a revered figure in Korean history, known for his unwavering bravery and resistance against the Japanese imperial army during the early 20th century.

The area dedicated to him serves as a tribute to his legacy, with various monuments and memorials erected in his honor.

It is a symbol of the Korean people's fight for independence and a reminder of the sacrifices made by those who fought for their country's freedom.

Eunnuri Picnic Park

Another feature of Incheon Grand Park is Eunnuri Picnic Park. It is a beautiful and spacious recreational area designated for outdoor outings and picnicking activities.

It is an ideal spot for nature lovers, families, and friends to come together and enjoy the serene surroundings while indulging in various outdoor activities.

The park features lush green lawns, shaded picnic areas, and well-maintained walking trails offering breathtaking countryside views.

It is also equipped with several amenities, such as barbecue grills, benches, and restrooms, making it a perfect location for a fun-filled and comfortable outdoor experience.

Whether you want to have a relaxing picnic, enjoy a game of frisbee, or take a stroll, Eunnuri Picnic Park is the perfect destination.

Healing Plants Park

Picture a serene green oasis, enveloped by an array of trees that burst into a vibrant display of flowers each Spring, including the delicate beauty of Cherry Blossoms and Camelia.

As you find your way through the park, you'll come across a meandering, artificial stream that offers a refreshing retreat for your feet to dip into, all while you relax on the smooth rocks or benches nearby.

The meandering pathways of this tranquil park are the highlight for visitors, who enjoy strolling and exploring the various pockets of natural beauty that exist within it.

Soccer Field

Soccer Field
This green soccer field is great for youth and adults to practice soccer or enjoy time with family kicking the ball.

Incheon Youth Center

incheon-grand-park-youth-center-frontIncheon Grand Park - Youth Center

This is where training and other youth development programs are being held, such as training, seminars, lectures, retreats, and related activities.

Beside this building, you can find other facilities, such as basketball court, soccer field, and other physical training structures.

Long Life Park

seoul-botanic-iris-793Iris Flowers in bloom.

It is a park adorned with trees, green plants, flowers, and ponds. Creatures like ducks, birds, bees, and squirrels live in this green zone.

There are pathways for guests to stroll. It is most colorful and vibrant during the Spring's flowering plants and trees - including Cherry Blossoms.

Of course, more flowers bloom as well during the summer season. They are great for family and friends' photography sessions.

Bicycle Parking Area
It is located beside the lake. You can safely keep your bicycle here and enjoy the whole area if you come from another area.

Colorful flowers and trees surround this area; it is great to know nothing is dull and bare.

Walking Paths

incheon-grand-park-pathway-sandIncheon Grand Park - Walking Pathway

Walking Paths
The park offers a plethora of walking paths that weave through the lush greenery, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in the natural beauty of the surroundings.

These paths are well-maintained and come in varying lengths and difficulties, catering to visitors of all ages and fitness levels.

Whether you're in the mood for a stroll, a brisk jog, or a contemplative walk, the walking paths in the park are perfect for you.

The peaceful and tranquil atmosphere of the park makes it an ideal place to unwind, de-stress, and connect with nature.

Educational Facilities
The ecological wonders of our region are on full display at the Educational Facilities, which include the captivating Ecology Hall and Nature Learning Center.

These facilities are dedicated to educating visitors about local ecosystems and the importance of environmental conservation.

Through interactive and immersive learning experiences, visitors of all ages can discover the fascinating world of nature and gain a deeper appreciation for our planet's delicate balance.

Photography Zones
The park boasts numerous photography points that are sure to leave you spellbound.

From the majestic windmill to the quaint salt storage area, every park corner is picture-perfect and offers an ideal spot for capturing memories that last a lifetime.

Whether you're a nature lover, a history buff, or simply someone who enjoys spending time outdoors, the park's photography points will surely leave you amazed.

The stunning backdrops and picturesque scenery make for a perfect photo session, and you'll be spoilt for choice when selecting the best spot to capture your favorite moments.

Rest Areas
The park is thoughtfully designed with strategically placed rest areas and benches that offer perfect spots for relaxation and contemplation.

These rest areas and benches are thoughtfully placed throughout the park to ensure that visitors can comfortably enjoy their time there, whether taking a break from walking or simply enjoying the scenic beauty around them.

These resting spots offer comfortable seating and allow visitors to rejuvenate and recharge before they continue their stroll through the park.

Incheon Grand Park, with its combination of natural beauty, educational opportunities, and recreational facilities, is an ideal destination for families, couples, nature enthusiasts, and anyone looking to connect with nature within the urban environment of Incheon.

Please visit the [official Incheon Grand Park website]( for more detailed information.

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