Gyeyangsan Mountain (桂陽山)
Clean, beautiful, & accessible mountain in Incheon

gyeyangsan-mountainGyeyangsan's main trail to the summit

gyeyangsan mountain

Gyeyangsan Mountain is a beautiful and famous mountain peak in Incheon City, South Korea. It represents Incheon’s mountain peaks due to its height and popularity among locals.

Gyeyangsan has an elevation of 395 meters (1,296 feet). It is the second highest mountain in the Incheon area and second to Manisan which is located on Ganghwa Island.

When you are on the summit of Gyeyangsan, you can see Gimpo Airport and the sight of Seoul on the east, the islands of Ganghwa and Yeongjong on the West, Goyang on the north, Songdo Island, Incheon Bridge, and a full view of Incheon on the south.

Reaching Gyeyangsan Mountain is easy as it is very accessible by public transports.

Contents of this article…

  • Brief historical background
  • What to Do and See at Gyeyang Mountain
  • Recent Development and Projects
  • Getting to Gyeyang Mountain
  • Restaurants & surrounding facilities
gyeyangsan-stone-stepsStone steps of Gyeyangsan near the main entrance

Brief Historical Background

Gyeyangsan Mountain changed its names in various periods. It issued to be called Mount Annam during the Goryeo Dynasty period. At other periods, it is called Anamsan and as Gyeongmyungsan Mountain.

The sides of Gyeyangsan Mountain is believed to be home of many cedar trees and hwayang trees. However, during the Joseon Period and the Japanese occupation, many trees got destroyed during the war.

After the Second World War and peacetime period in the Peninsula, the government ordered that the reforestation in many places including the once forested mountains destroyed by fires, heavy artillery, and weapons of destruction.

As the reforestation activities were successful, most mountains destroyed during the Korean War turned green and alive again! Gyeyangsan Mountain is one of those that recovered its verdant environment.

Gyeyangsan became the first urban natural park (Gyeyang Park) on January 8, 1988. It is also the first park designated by the city of Incheon.

gyeyangsan-summit-pavilionNewly-built pavilion at the summit of Gyeyangsan
gyeyangsan-summitAt the summit of Gyeyangsan

What to Do and See at Gyeyang Mountain

Relaxing & Picnicking

One of the advantages of going to Gyeyangsan Mountain is its accessibility to people of various ages and groups. A family with little children and a group of friends or colleagues can enjoy a relaxing time without doing any strenuous activity in the mountain.

You can bring a basket of food and beverages to any point at the lower level of the mountain after ascending a 30-meter climb from its main entrance.

The steps from the foot of the mountain up to the level ground makes it easier for any member of your little family members or friends who are not mountain hikers.

You can bring as well mats and necessary facilities for your day’s outing. Even at that level, you can already see lovely views of Gyeyanggu District and other panoramic vistas.

gyeyanggu-district-incheonView of Gyeyanggu District's busy area from the top of Gyeyangsan

Hiking Activity

Gyeyangsan Mountain has many trails. It is recommended to hike from your point of departure up towards the summit and then return to your original point of departure. That will take more or less 3 hours to complete.

That is a healthy amount of time for an exercise, and you will have already seen enough.

However, if you feel like wanting to hike more, then continue upon reaching the top (after taking a break with refreshing drink or snacks). Just start your descend towards any direction you wish to reach.

What I did last time was reaching the rose garden area of the other side of the mountain where the main road (leading towards Incheon Airport) can be found. Then I walked downward to reach Gyesan Subway Station.

(I will soon include hiking trails of this mountain in this part).

useful Exercise Tools

Most mountains in Korea have facilities for stretching one’s muscles. They are located at some points convenient for mountain-goers.

The exercise facilities are basic but quite useful for all non-disabled hikers. Such facilities include walkers with handles, body swingers, push-up and set-up tools, parallel bars, etc. (Honestly, I’m not so sure how they call each tool in the English language :)).

Anyhow, if you have experienced hiking some Korean mountains, you know what I am talking about, right?

Games Facilities: Indoor Badminton, Basketball, Volleyball, etc.
For sure, there is a space for ball games (except for soccer) within Gyeyangsan Mountain. It is located near Imhak Subway Station. This space belongs to Imhak Park.

The concrete and painted ground is equipped with two basketball rings. There is also enough space to play other ballgames such as volleyball and soccer (for kid’s practice).

I believe that other games can be done here including badminton, skipping rope, among others. Yes, there is also an indoor facility for badminton players. It is located a few meters up the park and along the trail.

gyeyangsan-mountain-fortressTrail at Gyeyangsan leading to its mountain fortress (wall)

Nature Exploration

Gyeyangsan is supporting various flora and fauna. Various kinds of tree species and animal species are living in its bio-diverse ecosystem.

You can enjoy exploring the mountains to watch or observe birds, butterflies, and insects that are dependent on the mountain’s rich biology.

The mountain is public and under the management of the local government. All things, living and non-living things in the mountain are protected and prohibited from being abused or removed from the mountain.

But all visitors are free to watch and enjoy everything the moves, colorful, and relaxing to hear (rustling sound of leaves or singing birds).

However, please note that there are areas not allowed for hikers for some reasons. One would be that the area is under recovery and conservation period, among others.

photogenic shots

Yes, doing photography, or selfie is a good activity you can do in this mountain. In fact, I have taken many photos every time I hike from the base to the summit.

One of my best shots was when I happen to witness a minor mountain fire. The helicopter was coming, and it just poured out inflammable powder toward the source of fire. I guess it was just an experience that I will never have again in my whole life.

From the Gyeyangsan Mountain’s summit, you have a fantastic view of the surrounding districts in Incheon. New facilities on the summit...

gazebo, protective railings, and telescopes are available for observing the surrounding sights in Incheon.

Gyeyangsan Mountain Walls Museum

A museum dedicated for the mountain fortress of Gyeyangsan has been newly built (as of this writing, the building is still under construction).

This new project is in tandem with the archaeological activity going on for the reconstruction of Gyeyang’s mountain fortress.

One can already see the beautiful changes in the mountain, such as the new trails, trimmed grass, sitting areas, markers and mountain trail descriptions.

Facilities & Venues

Just like in most Korean mountains with hiking trails, Gyeyangsan Mountain is also equipped with those basic and useful facilities.

These facilities include washrooms, exercise tools, ballgame court, mountain shoes dust remover, gazebo, setting area, benches, steps, public stage, etc.

gyeyangsan-pavilionAn elevated pavilion at Gyeyangsan

Restaurants & surrounding facilities

Being a popular hiking destination in Incheon, at least, Gyeyangsan Mountain is surrounded by traditional Korean restaurants.

It is very convenient among hikers to go straight into nearby restaurants to replenish their energy with delicious noodles, bulgogi (meat on fire dish), samgyeopsal, and paired with traditional drinks or beer.

Nearby the mountain and close to Gyesan Station, you can find Gyesan Library, soccer field, walking lane (around the soccer field), exercise facilities, small children’s game park, basketball court, push ball game (for elderly), and sitting areas and a gazebo.

A parking area is also available beside the Gyesan sports complex facility building.

Getting to Gyeyangsan Mountain

You can easily get to the area by taking any public transport depending on your point of origin and departure.

By subway, take the Incheon Line 1 and then get off at Gyesan Subway Station or Imhak Subway Station. Between the two stations, Gyesan Station is the closest, which takes only five to ten minutes to reach the main entrance.

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