Cute Gapyeong Petite France

gapyeong-petite-franceAerial view of Petite France in Gapyeong Village

Gapyeong Petite France

Gapyeong Petite France is located in the middle of the Gapyeong Mountains. It is best for a detour from Nami Island, a very famous tourism destination by both local and international travelers.

Its European-esque structures and vibrant yet charming environments will, for a moment, make you forget you're still in South Korea. Every corner in this lovely small town is perfectly valuable for social media enthusiasts such as IG or FB.

Due to the highly-popularized Korean soap operas as part of the Korean Hallyu wave, many Asian fans have been flocking at Gapyeong Petite France in its surrounding areas.

These fans (or 'fanatics') come to do various things such as selfies (or groupies), mini-video making, Youtubing, and photo-taking for their social media outlets, blogs, or websites.

While others take images or purchase adorable mementos to bear in mind the locations they've been to, the individual behind Petite France decided to exceed the norms.

The person must have fallen deeply inlove with France that he chose to develop a replica of among its towns.

Here you'll find pictures of Little Prince scattered all over. Most of the attractions in the town are related to Antoine de Saint-Exupery's top-selling book.

They even have a memorial hall devoted to the author himself. In addition to Little Prince, the village takes pride in its lively homes and antique galleries.

They even have street performances like puppet shows and Orgel presentations to finish the French atmosphere.

The following are the places where you can take the time to explore and enjoy the details and features...

  • Saint-Exupery Memorial Hall
  • Orgel House
  • European Doll House
  • Gallery Cote d'Azur
  • Marionette House
  •     Beethoven Virus Filming Site
  •     Traditional French House
  •     Antiques Gallery
  •     Theatre de l'etoile
  •     Petite Event Hall
  •     Petite Terrace
  •     Pond de Fabre
  •     Butterfly Park
  •     Fountain Square
  •     Gallery Quatre Saisons
  •     Salle de Séjour, European Style Living Room
  •     Exhibition of Antique Porcelain
  •     Etoile Park
  •     Maison de Marie
  •     Maison de Jean

Meet Saint Exupery, the French writer, and pilot famous for the fantastic and poetic novels "The Little Prince" and "Night Flight".

Meet the life, literary world, autographed manuscripts, and illustrations of Saint Exupery, the writer loved by people worldwide.

gapyeong-petite-franceScenic features surroungding this Petite France add more attractions to this travel destination

Filmed Korean Soap Operas

Many famous Korean soap operas were filmed because of their attractive features and suitability for screen views.

Undoubtedly, the entertainment industry will continue doing what they do best as long as the attraction still provides what they need--attractive atmosphere and suitability of environment.

The famous soap operas filmed at Gapyeong Petite France include...
"Beethoven Virus" and "Personal Taste",
"My Love from the Star", "Secret Garden",
"Great Friend Note – Girls Generation Episode" and "Running Man"

Aside from the soap operas mentioned, many other films and television commercials were already produced at this attraction.

Business Hours
Gapyeong Petite France is open for most days throughout the year, except when a no-business day is announced online or if the weather is not suitable for sightseeing.

It is open from 9 AM to 6 PM only.

Entrance Fee
Please, note that the rates included below will change in time or without any advance notice. So, consider it as a guide and not a fixed price. Here we go...

Adults: 10,000 KRW (Korean Won)
Youth: 8,000 KRW (Middle and High school students)
Children : 6,000 KRW (ages 36 months to elementary level)

Location (Address)
616-2 Gosung-Ri Gapyeong-Gun, Kyunggi-do
* For easy search, enter "616" on Navigation.

For further details, you may call: 031-584-8200

Parking Area Access
Fortunately, the parking space at Petite France is available to all guests free of charge.

You may park your vehicle at its parking area located rear to the Entrance. You can get there through the Main Gate of the attraction.

Note that the rear Entrance area of the parking lot is only accessible on Saturdays and Sundays only.

Getting to Gapyeong Petite France

You can quickly get there using the efficient transportation system in South Korea. The Gyeongchun Subway, Bus, and ITX are at your service. Here are the directions...

Take the Gyeongchun Subway Line and then get off at Cheongpyeong Station or Gapyeong Station.

The second choice would be to take the Gyeongchun Subway Line and then get off at Cheongpyeong Station and to Cheongpyeong Terminal, which is a walking distance (10 minutes). Then take a bus to Goseong-ri.

Take a bus from Dong Seoul Terminal or Sangbong Terminal to Cheongpyeong Terminal. At Cheongpyeong Terminal, you need to transfer to an intercity bus to Goseong-ri.

ITX (Train)
Take the Gyeongchun Subway Line and then get off at Cheongpyeong Station/Gapyeong Station. Then transfer to a shuttle bus for Gapyeong Tourist Attraction, where you can find Gapyeong Petite France village.

I hope you'll enjoy your travel there!

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