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Jeju Island Geumsan Park

Geumsan Park is a forest in the middle of Nabeup-ri, Aewol-eup, Jeju City. The Park is full of evergreen trees, making the woods denser than ever, and you can feel the charm of the old primeval forest.

Lovers of nature, hikers, and even the curious travelers come to explore and enjoy the rejuvenating and refreshing air of the Park.

Like in most popular parks and mountain trails, Geumsan Gongwon Park has steps to help hikers make the adventure or the day's exploration more friendly than strenuous, especially to children.

Geumsan Park's Story

It is told that Geumsan Park is genuinely ancient, and its trees are untouched. The story says that a king gave orders to prevent cutting trees in the area. That's why you can feel the atmosphere of the old primeval forest.

Due to many old trees in this area, the government has designated it as a protected area and a National Monument.

The walking path facility in harmony with the natural forest that is likely to be centuries old, and the people walking comfortably is in balance.

Ecological Geumsan Park

Geumsan Park covers an area of ​​33,000 square meters. It is a sample area showing what natural forests are and is highly valuable as an academic resource.

There is also a sense of harmony with the surrounding stone walls. Geumsan Park is home to evergreen trees and more than 60 species of vegetation.

To protect the forest, any activity that damages nature, such as cutting trees, harvesting plants, or catching wild animals, is prohibited.

In the vegetation, thick-wood, raw-wood, and thorny trees form the upper layer, and in the lower layer, the upper part of the tree is covered with pine and the line of the pine tree.

Naeup-ri Village Festival

Inside the Geumsan Park is the Pojedan (Poje Altar), where the Nabeup-ri Village Festival is held.

Nabeup-ri village festival is also designated as a cultural property. Their festivities include offering food and various harvested produce to the gods.

There are three gods in Poje Altar: Poshin, Toshin, and Seoshin. (The word 'shin' means god in the Korean language).

Foshin is the god that oversees and protects people from personal disasters and harms.

Toshin is the guardian deity of the village and protects everyone and everything belonging to it.

Seoshin is the god of the protects people from the measles sickness.

Every year, the locals perform rituals to protect the people born in the village, protect the whole village, and protect them from the most feared measles sickness.

Useful Information
You may use the following links and contact details to obtain further information before you visit the site.

Website: (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese, Malay)
Phone Numbers: • 1330 Travel Hotline: +82-2-1330
(Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)
Jeju Travel Hotline: +82-64-740-6000

Accessible Facilities
Basically, Geumsan Gongwon Park is for nature-lovers and hikers alike. So, you cannot expect to find any sort of entertaining and fancy facilities around or onsite.

  • Walking Path or trails
  • Nature Observation Center
  • Restrooms or Lavatory
  • Parking facilities (may not be available)

Getting to Geumsan Gongwon Park

It would be much quicker if you get there through either a taxi or a rented car.

By Taxi
From Jeju International Airport, get a taxi from the Taxi Stop areas, which are also along with the bus stops.

It takes around 30 minutes to get to the Park from the airport.

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