Gimhae Lotte Waterpark

gimhae-lotte-waterparkZiplining at Gimhae Lotte Waterpark

Gimhae Lotte Waterpark

Gimhae Lotte Waterpark is one of the top summer destinations to enjoy water activities to beat the summer's heat. Lotter Group inaugurated this largest Waterpark in South Korea with the Group's long theme park know-how.

The Waterpark boasts its "Polynesian" themed facilities and style with all sorts of water ride activities that will give you a lasting fantastic summer holiday memory.

They say that the second-largest Waterpark in South Korea is the Vivaldi Park Ocean World, which is established in Hongcheon Country in Gangwon Province.

Aside from the "extreme" water rides, Gimhae Lotte also offers soccer fields which could attract this sport soccer athletes and enthusiasts alike in Busan.

Below, let me describe the exciting features and the possible choices you can enjoy when you decide to visit this fantastic Waterpark.

Gimhae Lotte Waterpark Features

Strategically located in Gimhae, South Gyeongsang Province, Lotte Waterpark offers its guests the largest and most exciting water activities you can experience in the country.

Sources say that South Korea's water parks have similar features as most of them are designed by the same water park creator based in Canada. I think it is proof that the designer is successful in creating and making waterpark enthusiasts get thrilled and excited!

Water Slides
Lotte Waterpark has one water slide that makes you fall from over 18-meter high (or over 60-foot high) tower. It is only for the adrenaline-addict young enthusiasts but not for the faint-hearted, yeah!

Another activity features a gigantic bucket that can hold over 6 tonnes of water to be poured down into excited and thrilled guests over 17 meters.

I guess you should make sure that you are strong enough to resist the water's intense pressure!

gimhae-lotter-waterparkphoto source: vivaldi water park

Exploring Waterparks
If you are working or living near Busan, you can get to Gimhae Waterpark quickly. However, if you come from the Seoul area, you should expect to travel longer, which is around five hours by car.

Fortunately, the Waterpark offers free shuttle rides to visitors from Seoul to attract more people to enjoy the park's features. You can avail of the shuttle buses at any significant area in Seoul and Gyeonggi Province.

Since the ride is free, you can save your travel fee, which is around 60 thousand Korean Won on transportation.

More Exciting Waterparks

The Caribbean Bay Waterpark is the oldest and classic water park located in Yongin, Gyeonggi Province, near Seoul.

From the Seoul area, it only takes about an hour to get to Caribbean Bay. It means that it is the nearest Waterpark you can access from Central Seoul or nearby places.

Everland is the most popular theme park and zoo in the country. If you decide to enjoy the Caribbean Bay and proceed to Everland, that would be very practical. That's because Everland is located close to the Caribbean Bay.

During the peak season, exciting events are available annually at various theme parks. For example, the Caribbean Bay holds annual music concerts.

At this theme park, the performers (such as famous local rappers, singers, DJs, and bands including the Black Eyed Peas' Will.I.Am) do their things at the main swimming pool area.

It means that you can enjoy yourself soaking in the water while watching performers on the stage.

caribbean-bay-waterparkPhoto Source: Caribbean Bay Waterpark

As of this writing, South Korea's four waterparks are on the top 20 waterparks in the world. The ranking of the top waterparks is based on the number of visitors a year.

These parks are Vivaldi Park Ocean World, Caribbean Bay, Resom Spa Castle (Yesan County), and Woongjin Playdoci in Bucheon City.

Useful Information

The Waterpark is open to all visitors all-year-round. But it is closed in March.  Please, call for further information the following (international) phone number: +82-1661-2000

Business Hours: opens from 10 AM to 5 PM, but the schedule may vary according to season. So, please check or inquire for the updated information.

The maximum number of visitors who can be present at one time is around 13 thousand people.

Entrance Fees
There are various rates for fees and varies according to age, privileges, discounts, and other offers that a visitor is entitled to. However, generally, the below information provides basic admission fee rates...

Adults: 45,000KRW
Teenagers & Children: 36,000 KRW

The above rates are for those who start their activities in the morning. In the afternoon, the rate offer is lower...

Adults: 38,000 KRW
Teenagers & Children: 30,000 KRW

Now, since the water facilities are not explicitly mentioned above, let us check out the various water facilities you can enjoy below.

Outdoor Water Facilities
You can enjoy the following outdoor water facilities...

  • Giant Wave, Tornado Slide, Double Swing Slide, Giant Aqua Flex, Tiki Pool, Outdoor Play Pool, Kids Pool

Indoor Water Facilities
Compared with the outdoor facilities, the indoor ones are somewhat milder and safer...

  • Tiki Wave, Tiki Aqua Flex, Swing Slide, Tube Slide, Body Slide, Tiki River, Healing Spa Pool, Indoor Play Pool, Toddler Pool

For those who love spas and massage facilities, here they are...
Sauna, Jjimjilbang, Poonggyeongmaru, Oahu Café, Doctor Fish, Phytoncide, Massaging chair

Useful Facilities

As a massive Waterpark, it offers various facilities that will make your day more enjoyable and memorable.

Inside Gimhae Lotte Waterpark, you can access the following facilities. Some of them are free, while some are not...

Restaurants and cafés, Gift shops, dispensaries, etc.

Information desk, nurse's office, lockers, cell phone charging station, smoking area, lost & found center, and many more.

Restrooms are available at many locations in the Waterpark.

Parking lots are for free for all its guests, which can accommodate around three thousand vehicles.

Attractions Nearby

If you want to explore the surrounding attractions near the Waterpark further, it is your chance to check them out below...

Jangyu Daecheonggyegok Valley
This 6-kilometer long valley is sitting at the foot of Bulmosan Mountain. YOu can explore the fresh flowing water into the valley as the primary sources of water downstream.

Archaeological Site in Bonghwang-dong, Gimhae
Located in Gimhae, this archaeological site was the first one to be excavated in South Korea. Most of its finds are from the ancient Gaya Kingdom.

Daeseong-dong Tombs Museum (대성동고분박물관)
This tombs museum exhibits interesting artifacts excavated from the four excavation sites in Daeseongdong Tumuli tombs.

Sureungwon Garden (수릉원)
Sureongwon is an ecological park that expands to almost 40 thousand square meters. The park is themed as "The Meeting of King Suro and his wide Queen Heo'. Sureungwon Garden links to the royal tomb of Kung Suro.

Getting to Gimhae Lotte Water park

You can easily take public transportation with inexpensive fares to get to Gimhae Lotter Waterpark. Here are your choices...

Light Rail
Take the Busan-Gimhae Light Rail from Busan City, then get off at Buwon Station. Proceed to Exit 2 and take the left turn at Gyeongwongyo Bridge and continue until you reach the Gimhae Office of Education Bus Stop.

At this bus stop, take the local bus #3 and get off at Lotte Outlet Bus Stop.  From the bus stop, walk the main road to find Gimhae Lotte Waterpark's main entrance area.

From Busan City, you can either hire a taxi or rent a car to get there quickly.

Thanks, and please enjoy your water activities!

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